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Full 7.1/5.1 on ALC888 @ Abit IP35 Pro... Anyone?


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Anyone got full 8 channels sound on Abit IP35 Pro?

I'm with a 2.0 w/ Digital Input/Output only...


Used AppleHDAPatcher1.20 w ncx5 dump to get this results...

But I have 5.1 Speakers... It's really frustrating to have only 2 of them making noise....


If anyone could help me...



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I'm sure you already know, but just in case you didn't.

You only get stereo (fl, fr) on most of the things you play (e.g. music and etc).

Does your speakers support DD? If it does, you can try to play a dolby encoded movie on vlc, then you should get full surround.

Just make sure you set 'preferences -> Audio -> Use S/PDIF When available' to on via vlc.


If I'm totally off about your question, kindly disregard my post =)

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hai can u give the ncx5 dump file? or give me the download link for that file


here it is:


(I spent 2 days searching over the net to understand where it is this file of ncx5 alc888 linux dump)



AppleHDAPatcher v1.20 + ncx5 ALC888 dump


I will also attach the file here:


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