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Error Loading Operating System (First time install) Leo4All-v3


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DVD boots, Installs 100%, reboots, ERROR! :) "Error loading Operating System"

what could be missing here? some EFI loader?


Dell.Dimen.XPS.G5 P4 3.4ghz

250 SATA / 1 GB DDR2

Audigy 2 <-- I know it won't ever work :shock:

nVidia 6800

LAN Broadcom 57xx (will this work?)

USB scanner + printer (will surely work cauz supported natively :wacko: )


I also tried earlier release of 10.5.0 iKo**** something, crashed at bootup (many languages)

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ok lets all laugh on me for P4-3.4ghz but hey, its not my fault, I saw a system running 10.5.2 (screenshot) :shock: common guys, any chance EFI v8 will run on mine??? or anything else that can simply run the "oranges" if not "appel"



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I have a XPS G5 with iAtoks 10.5.4


Just make sure you select the AHCI mode in your BIOS for the ICH-7

and select Toh 9.2 Kernel and you're pretty much ready to go,


You can load Darwin Bootloader for GUID and it boot right after you update the kernel.



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