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How to install Java 1.6 JDK on AMD mac?

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Hello! Atm im trying to install Java 1.6.0_05 JDK onto my fairly new AMD mac system. At this moment im running Leopard(SSE2/SSE3 Kalyway AMD) with the default jdk 1.5.0 but would like to use 1.6.0 for my java assignments for uni. I tried using the java install from apple development site but it said that it was only compatible with Intel 64-bit arch. So should i use the Linux binaries and port it over (please tell me how if thats the case) otherwise i would need to clean up my xp partion. I could use work arounds like Virtual Machines but native would make my life alittle easier since im bound to 1 cpu due to ethernet issues utilising both cores on my cpu.


Any suggestions?

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