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[HOW TO] Install Leopard 10.5.2 with Dual Boot for Vista

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I have rewritten this guide a little;


This is a guide for installing Mac Leopard on a Windows based computer.


I wrote this guide. So please always use quote marks when quoting from this article.

This is a guide for Kalyway 10.5.2

If you have a new or completely formatted hard-drive;

1. Boot from fdisk/gdisk/gparted or acronis disk directer (basically any partition manager/maker will do)

2. Make 2 primary partitions, for this guide I will be using a 100GB drive.

3. Make partition 1 50GB and format it into NTFS. Label it Vista.

4. Make partition 2 50GB and format it into FAT32. Label it Mac.

5. Boot from your Vista install DVD and install vista on partition 1.

6. Go back to your partition manager (or Disk Managment) and make partition 2 active.

7. Boot from your Mac installation disc.

8. Go tools-> Disk Utility

9. Format (erase) partition 2 (mac) into Mac (Journalled).

10. Install Mac Leopard on that drive (with drivers needed for your PC, accessible from customise before installation has begun, I chose NVInject 512, you choose all that you need for your hardware)

11. Boot back into Windows Vista (may involve having to repair vista from your installation dvd)

12. Install EasyBCD

13. Add a Mac entry for the mac partiton (label it: Mac OS X Leopard)

14. Restart your computer.

Everything should now work, and you should now be able to choose between mac & vista at boot up (from the vista boot manager).


This worked for me, so it should work for you!


Hope this has helped,





If Vista is already installed;

1. Start-> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management

2. Shrink Vista Partition to allow space for Mac Partition

3. Exit program

4. Install Acronis Disk Director 10 (or boot from GParted, but GParted didn't work for me so I used Acronis or use other partition tool)

5. Format space (at least 15GB) into no file format (Primary, Active)

NOTE: Make sure you press the flag

6. Restart computer and boot from DVD

7. Go Utilities-> Disk Utility

8. In disk utility find the 30GB partition

9. Format (erase) it to Mac (Journalled)

10. Close Disk Utility which will take you back to the setup

11. press next a few times

14. Select the drivers you need

14. Wait for installation to finish

15. Mac should now work ;)

16. Repair Vista from Vista DVD

17. You dual boot should now work!






Guide by Panarchy


NOTE: You may need to install other drivers depending on what model you are using. This worked straight away for me, both internet, sound and graphics (using NVInject 512) with the following specs;


8800GTS 512MB


SATA (Maxtor) 500GB Hard-Drive

USB Keyboard & Mouse

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