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24 cores and 48 gigs of rAm

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Hello check this site:


the guy built 24 core PC with 48Gigs of RAM


There is a part in the end of the article he says

"Done! I use the software Dr Queue as batch job dispatcher. All connected to a 8 port 3 com gigabit switch. Common storage using nfs to a FreeNAS server running on a Via C7 machine (that just need 20 W power .. another story :D Instead of power switch I used a simple cable to the "pwr" jumper on motherboard. (Wires tejped on right side)"


how do i do tht with two pc's?

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Pretty impressive!


The most amazing is that this machine just cost as a better standard PC, but has 24 cores that run each at 2.4 Ghz, a total of 48GB ram, and just need 400W of power!! This means that it hardly gets warm, and make less noise then my desktop pc.


Render jobs that took all night, now gets done in 10-12 min.


If only he wanted to build them in large quantities and sell them!

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That guy must have a ton of money...and a lot of time on his hands! Its definitely cool though ;)

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