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Iatkos 1.0ir2, gibberish text at bootup and sound


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i recently got Iatkos 1.0ir2 running on a Compaq C751NR laptop perfectly fine, but i do have a issue with the active partition. Iatkos is the only OS installed on a single partitioned internal hard drive. I made sure the drive was set to active and repaired permissions after the installation. Without the DVD in the DVD drive, I get a blinking cursor after there are some garbled text, and nothing loads. No specfic Error messages....just 0000 and other numerical characters. The partition is active so i'm not sure what can fix this. I did select Darwin X86 bootloard on installation.


Should I have used the Darwin EFI bootloader? Anyone have a clue to this one?


I did try to install Vista, made a active secondary partition to install Iatkos on, but when I started up the installation DVD and tried to erase the OS X partition in Disk Utility, I cannot mount the partitions i created in WinVista (sadly I can't get XP loaded on this laptop for some reason).


On this note, as it related to my main goal of having a DVD-less OS X bootup. Anyone have any idea what I should do or the best way to go about this?



Lastly, has anyone gotten a conexant audio driver, or know where to retrieve one, hopefully to use the internal mic, and the headphone jacks?


Beyond that I'm pretty good on this one....so far.

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