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Can ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE dual booting, p5w dh


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hey guys i could really use some help here.

specs are below..

ive successfully installed osx and xp on separate drives. and i think ive succesfully got a boot loader running.. according to this guide.

only problem is, everytime i want to boot up on mac, i have to go into the mobo settings, and edit them:


Bios Settings:

-Go to IDE configuration and change the ide/sata mode to AHCI

-Enable “Execute Disable function”

-Turn off Speedstep Settings (unless you plan to use a hacked speedstep kernel)

-Change the Jmicron Controller to AHCI (only if you are using Jmicron,

otherwise, disable it)

-MicroCode Update: Enabled

-Max CPUID Limite: Enabled

-ACPI2 support : yes

-ACPI APIC: Enabled

-Suspend mode: S3


i have to do this everytime to start up mac, then if i want to go to xp i have to reset defaults..... every time

any suggestions of how to boot without editing everytime??


also i need some help with setting up wireless wifi in mac with the p5w dh



i finally got mac os x to boot up! everything runs like a charm, except the wireless internet. I found a driver for the built in wireless realtek, and under the available networks window it connected to my wireless internet.... but, when i open safari it doesnt load and says that im not connected to the internet.... not sure what to do, do i have to download another driver or something??



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