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ASUS = hacintosh mobo favorite?

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I keep seeing a lot of people (a pretty clear majority) build with ASUS, but I've read other things about IDE recognition problems and RAM limits. I'm also reading a lot of articles on various publications (MacWorld, for example), where the author builds a hackintosh, and uses an ASUS board, particularly common is the ASUS PK-5E.


Now, lookin' at the board, it's a good board for the money, but it doesn't support 45nm chips, and its FSB is 1333/1066, instead of 1600/1333, as I've seen on some other boards that aren't a LOT more expensive, such as the one I'm considering for my project, the GIGABYTE GA-EX38-DS4 (which still uses DDR2, not 3, so that'll save some $$).


Now, does the P5K-E board just WORK? Because from what I've read on the compatability list, you only get stereo out, and I'm confused as to whether or not one can have more than 4 GB of RAM with it.


Now, if you still need to patch the audio to get more than 2 channels, and if you can't run more than 4 gigs ram, why aren't Mobo's like the Abit IP-35 more popular?


Nearly each time I select a motherboard that I think best meets my needs for the price, I look for threads regarding it, and find little to nothing... Are most people using intel hardware sticking with ASUS for some reason? If so, why?


Thanks much,


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Well just install leopard on the asus p5k and you be fine.

there are loads of how to / instructions. and you know what works.

ddr2 800 is just fine for any kind of board you dont nead dd3

800x2 =1600 mhz fsb and there are test that show dat ddr2 is faster then 3

just get a 4-4-4-12 it be fast enough


there is no 4 GB problem.

old computer oses are 32 bit max and cant adrees mem above 3gb

just set the memory manegement to 64bit in the bios, leo = 64 bits so everything wil work fine.


i have the Asus p5w deluxe bin running osx86 for years now and wel its oke... its not a real mac but gets the job done moost of the times, if i had a choice and the money o would get a real mac! it wil take some work on your behave befoor you get everything working right. and then its still watch out with every update.srewd my last install with the timachine update from apple.. :S wasnt safe to install. my work station is still running 10.4.9

it works so why upgrade , my dell note book is running leo but i still find bugs here and there.

good luck to you

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Hmm. It does seem that the P5k is the mobo of choice... but I've read a lot of reviews from people who had a lot of trouble with them. I also found out that the mem won't run at 800 if you fill all memory slots, it drops down to 667, at least if you're using 2GB ram chips.


One of the reasons I'm considering the Gigabyte one, is the newer generation X38 chipset. The how-to isn't what I was looking for, just opinions people have had about the different motherboards they've used.


I can tell you like your p5w, I'm glad it's worked out well for ya. I'm also concerned with only Stereo output from the p5k, what's the story with audio on your mobo?


ps, good note on the memory management change in the bios, I'll remember that if I end up with the p5k

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