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I have some serious ISSUES with windows update!

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Hey guys I recently had to do a recovery reinstall using my hp recovery disk to restore the computer to an out of factory state. Before I did this the pc updated just fine and sidebar worked fine too. now that I recovered sidebar wont work and windows update gives me error code 80073712. I have repeatedly tried to enable sidebar by using the run bar in the start menu and trying to enable it from control panel. Windows update, I have no clue what to do to get it updating my pc again. Can anyone help me?

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Do a fresh format and install and try this (I found it on a forum):




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Re: Error Code 80073712


I had the 80073712 error code and it is now fixed. I had to email MS for

the fix.


This is what they told me.


Run chkdsk c: /f



Copy Vista disk to to hard drive.

Run Vista Setup from the hard drive and choose update.


I was able to do the windows update after that.


Good luck





If that doesn't work I found another solution:


In the Start menu, find "Command Prompt". Right-click and choose "Run as


At the command prompt, type "regedit" and press enter. The Registry Editor

window will open.

Highlight the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS key, in the left-hand pane.

Go to the Edit menu and choose Find

In the Find dialogue, for "find what" enter storedirty

Under the Look at options, clear Keys and Data, and leave Values checked

Press the Find Next button

When the Find command locats a StoreDirty value, highlight it in the

right-hand pane of Regedit.

Right-click and select "Delete".

If you get an Access Denied, go to the Edit menu, and choose Permissions.

The Permissions dialogue for the Key will appear.

Examine the permissions for the Registry key, to see what permissions might

be missing.


But before you get that far, double-check that you are reallly running teh

REG command in the context of the Administrator user.


Hope it helps ....



Andrew McLaren

amclar (at) optusnet dot com dot au

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Do a fresh format and install and try this (I found it on a forum):


Don't reinstall, I had the same problem. Go into your BIOS and properly set the date and time. It makes a world of a difference, believe me it worked here!!!

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Really MoC? Dats pretty sweet, but I wonder how date and time affects how update and sidebar works...


Yeah, it makes my mind go nutty but hey, that's Vista for you. :shock:

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