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Found 5 results

  1. This card is working OOB, but it has some graphical issues as per attachments. If someone has a solution please share.
  2. Hello everybody, I have recently installed iakatos ML2 on a Zotac Ion ITX A E board (graphic card nVidia GeForce 9400m 512MB) but I am not able to get graphic acceleration. After upgrading to 10.8.3 I had to delete the kext NVDA*.kext from S/L/E because they were blocking the boot. Using Champlist I can change the resolution but in System Information / Graphics Displays I get: Type: GPU Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 5MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x087d Revision ID: 0x00b1 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Resolution: 10280 x 1024 Pixel Depth 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes I tried several alternative kext but nothing... This is my first hachintosh and I'm not very expert. Can someone provide me with any suggestion, please?
  3. Estimados desde ya muchas gracias por cualquier aporte que puedan hacerme para intentar solucionar en este caso el AUDIO HDMI y si fuera posible las frontales de micrófono y auriculares. Tengo corriendo Mac OS Sierra 10.12 en una ZOTAC NANO ID61 y va muy bien en el desempeño general y los gráficos aunque el video algo ralentizado. La instalación inicialmente arrancó (siempre en SAFE MODE y hasta ahora mismo, de otra forma queda en la manzana eterna) sin red (el bluetooth funciona perfecto) y sin audio. Em el caso de la red pude hacer funcionar la ethernet con la kext RealtekRTL8111.kext pero no directamente sino a través del paquete HoRNDIS-rel8.pkg. Para el caso del wifi el DPCIManager me muestra Centrino Wireless-N 130 integrada que no he podido hacer funcionar pero no es prioridad ahora mismo puesto que tengo red. Los datos de manual y algo mas son: ZOTAC ZBOX nano ID61 Bios • American Megatrends - Core Versión - UEFI 2,1 Chipset • Intel HM65 Onboard CPU • Intel ® Celeron ® CPU 867 @1,30GHz Onboard graphics • Intel HD Graphics Family • HDMI & DP output Memory • 8 GB SO-DIMMs DDR3-1333 Storage • SATA 320 Gb Network • Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbps) LAN • IEEE 802.3 compatible WiFi/Bluetooth support • Compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n standard • High speed wireless connection up to 150 Mbps • Fully qualited Bluetooth v3.0 Audio • 2-channel high-definition audio • Jack-sensing compatible • Optical SPDIF Operating System support • 32-bit and 64-bit support IR receiver • Support carrier frequencies 36k Hz NOTA: En la Bios / Chipset /OnBoard Device Configuration, hay un item AZALIA con un sub item AZALIA INTERNAL HDMI CODEC que probé habilitado y desabilitado. Si lo desabilito desaparece en el DPCIManager. Habilitado aparece pero no el Codec ID. * Por otro lado hay un item de la Bios /Advanced que es Sandybridge PPM Configuration que por default esta todo habilitado. La guía que use en el intento de hacerlo funcionar: https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverHDMI/blob/master/README.md Al ejecutar audio_cloverALC-120.command La terminal muestra: Last login: Wed Aug 16 04:05:36 on ttys000 Mac-mini-de-umac:~ umac$ /Users/umac/Downloads/audio_cloverHDMI-120_v1.0d.command ; exit; Agreement The audio_cloverHDMI script is for personal use only. Do not distribute the patch, any or all of the files for any reason without permission. The audio_cloverHDMI script is provided as is and without any warranty. File: audio_cloverHDMI-120.command_v1.0d Release Mode EFI partition is mounted No audio codec detected No system files were changed To save a Copy of this Terminal session: Terminal/Shell/Export Text As ... logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. [Proceso completado] ------ Con MACIAsl agregue algunos repositorios de Toleda (audio hdmi hd 3000, zotac), pero no pude en ningun caso aplicar patches. No se si he sido extenso en la descripción o me falta algun dato importante, disculpas por ello. Adjunto: Reporte DarwinDumper config.plist DPCIManager (pantalla) DSDT.aml IORegistryExplorer (pantalla) Informe de Sistema (algunas pantallas) Saludos y gracias desde ya. config.plist.zipDarwinDumper_3.0.3_15.08_23.42.15_Macmini5,1_Clover_X64_4063_Sierra_16A323_umac.zipDSDT.aml.zip
  4. Bennage

    Zotac 9800GTX+ not working in Lion

    Hi all, I've recently put together a nice little beast with the following specs: Asus Rampage Extreme IV Intel i7 3820 3.6GHz Quad 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866 Quad RAM 240GB Force 3 SSD HD (Partitioned down the middle - half for Win 7, half for Lion) 2TB Seagate Sata3 7200 HD Corsair TX2 750W PSU Funky H30 Liquid cooling setup. This is the most I've spent on a puter since buying a G5 about 8 years ago (still works beautifully). I also have the following GFX cards: GTX285 Radeon 4850 **Zotac 9800GTX+** The 9800 is the card I've got plugged up and ready to go as I was informed that the GTX285 isn't actually supported under hackintosh conditions, despite it being supported by an actual Mac Pro. Shame, as it's really quite beefy. I've installed Lion using myHack, installed Chameleon and got it booting from the HD all fine and dandy and using a modified AppleIntelE1000e.kext, I've got the ethernet working also. However, I can't get the 9800 to work fully. When booting up with a plain ...boot....plist, I get the horrible resolution. If I add GraphicsEnabler=Yes, it will boot up to the point when the desktop usually appears but then the screen goes dead/no input. I have tried this with 10.7 and 10.7.3. Could anyone give me any advice on where to go next? Huge thanks in advance!
  5. Version 1.9.9f12


    working audio for zotac gf9300-k-e, 10.9.1, no DSDT! version