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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, I really need help on this as I've tried many things and cannot get it working. I have recently upgraded my hardware to what's in my signature. The order was, I updated my old computer to Mavericks, then switched out the motherboard, processor and video card. I got the boot working with Clover or with Chameleon from USB. The last thing I did was clone my hard drive to a new SSD (sped up boot from 1:30 to around 10 seconds). I have this weird issue where 70% of the time when I reboot, my wallpaper on my primary (which is hooked to displayport so it shows as the second monitor) monitor is reset. If I launch mission control (used to be expose), I see on the top that I have extra desktops. So instead of just my Primary being Desktop 1 and my Secondary being Desktop 2, my primary desktop will also have Desktop 3 Desktop 4 and so on. I get a new desktop when I reboot. Sometimes I don't and the wallpaper I picked 5 reboots ago worked! I have clover installed onto my EFI and is set for uEFI motherboards. I've changed tons of different settings in clover and nothing fixes it. I've even recreated the user account and it still isn't working. It did seem to work for about 3-4 reboots when I created a temp user. I never even logged in as this user, I just created it. It may have kept working, but when I saw that happening, after a few reboots I decided to recreate the user account. I have a self-made UUID in my config.plist for clover and I think everything else looks fine. I have a GTX 780, which seems to work fine with OS X drivers without doing anything special. Is there a chance that OS X is loading faster than it is detecting my monitor, so it loads a default desktop? I don't know, that sound crazy, but I'm desperate... I greatly appreciate any help as this and getting bluetooth to actually pair with my keyboard are my last 2 issues.
  2. Hello folks! I'm having some graphics glitches with my GTX 770 on OS X Mavericks 10.9. My boot args are -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 The glitch seems to happen mostly in graphical transitions. Instead of a smooth transition the graphics blink rapidly during transition animations then return to normal when there is no transition movement. Ive attempted to use pandora's box to patch the video kexts with no avail. Any ideas on how to go about resolving this issue and getting full graphics acceleration in 10.9? Relevant hardware: EVGA GTX 770 2gb (Read as the GK104 in 'About This Mac') Gigabyte z87-HD3 i7 4770k OSX Mavericks 10.9 (issue persists in both DP1 and DP2) Any help is much appreciated! thanks in advance!
  3. ciao, Non riesco a creare la usb bootabile per Sierra. Ho eseguito la guida generica di Clover di Gengik84, ho creato la chiavetta manualmente, perche' con lo script .command non funzionava, e non funzionava nemmeno il secondo metodo (createinstallmedia), forse perche' sto usando un hard disk da 60gb al posto di una usb? In ogni caso l'ho creata in modo manuale. ho installato Clover l'ultima versione (2.3k_r3899) , nell'installer ho impostato le prime due spunte (solo avvio EFI /installa nella ISP) e aggiunto OsxAptioFixDrv , poi ho piazzato il Fakesmc.kext slla cartella kext piu' altri kext che sto usando su yosemite, il Fakesmc l'ho preso dalla guida di Gengik, il config.plist ho usato quello che avevo che me l'aveva preparato "Jolly"per Sierra e anche il DSDT era "ready" per Sierra sempre by "Jolly". Fatto tutto faccio partire la chiavetta, la EFi viene vista , la chiavetta bootta ma mi si blocca praticamente subito (vedi foto). Non capisco dove sta l'errore. EFI.zip
  4. I stuck with my motherboard at a very strange point... The patched BIOS is installed and I took the Mavericks installer from this tutorial. And know I tried several Boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler, UID, npci. But the Boot just crashs or stuck at this point, also tried different USB ports. Iam booting from the GTX 470 with DVI. I would be so glad for some help with this problem. Thank you guys!
  5. Hello. I have problem with audio after upgrade system to Yosemite. I installed AppleHDA.kext (for alc892 desktop) and HDAEnabler (7 and 9 but not the same time) from this site http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298663-applehda-for-yosemite-dps/ but still not working. After that removed from Clover config information about Inject in Audio key (i had 12 now i removed this tags) without success for audio. I dont have idea what to do next. If you have the same mainboard or you know what the problem is please tell me. Thank you for advice.
  6. Hello At the beginning - I'm sorry if I wrote this topic in bad place. I want to try macOS on this PC: Asrock Z87 Extreme4 (Realtek ALC1150, Intel I217V) Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 XFX Radeon HD7970 Ballistix Crucial DDR3 1600MHz 16GB (2x8) WD Red 2TB SATA3 TP-Link TL-WN851ND My question is simple (I think... ) - is this possible to run macOS without so many problems (post-installation can be a big problem for me...) on this PC? And I have a request - please, write like for a child, real noob is here.
  7. First i downloaded OS X 10.9 Install USB.raw file then i write this to the usb with Windows ImageWriter as they said. My friend installed the mavericks seamlessly and quickly with MSİ Z77A G65 motherboard he changed nothing. any bios options. MSİ did pretty well this time. But when i try to install. my Z87 GD65 motherboard this codes appeared in the below . when i press the install buton. then system restarting.. Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this thing ? P Problem is fixed. Download this Mach_kernel and copy it into the installation usb with Transmac. İf it's work then copy it into the Mavericks disk change the old one.
  8. rothnic

    z87 Fan Control

    I can't find anyone that says they can or can't control their z87 fan speed. I have the newest hwmonitor installed, but the attached screenshot shows everything available. This is a Asus z87 Pro. This is the only thing that I notice every time I have to reboot to Windows, is the software that came with the motherboard for windows makes the machine a decent bit quieter. Has anyone had luck getting z87 fan control working?
  9. So, ive had a rough couple of months getting this thing to run mavericks. I have a asus z87 pro motherboard. I use my usb flashdrive to boot it up, which honestly i dont mind since i would also like the option to boot up windows every so often. But i the main thing i need is for the bluetooth to work on mavericks. I had it working 2 months ago for two weeks straight, then it stopped detecting devices. I really need to connect to my bluetooth headphones since i do a lot of music kind of projects and stuff. It would NOT connect to my iphone even on usb, which didnt really bother me. I have tried the kext files, bcm4352bt and bcm4352 kext. None of those seem to work. Right now, the bluetooth icon shows at the top right of my screen but detects no devices. Please help. I would really like this to work how it use to work. By the way, ethernet and audio work fantastic. I dont really care about wifi at the moment but would appreciate if anyone would know to fix this. Thank you so much.