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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Folks, Almost a year ago. I read a forum post on another website of of a guy named xxredxpandaxx modding an old apple XRAID. Essentially Gutting the unit and painstakingly soldering sata through the mother board to allows the caddies to hold SATA drives. It was a great idea and it got me thinking of undertaking such a task. I however have no soldering skills. And with say 14X 8TB I don't trust my soldering when data is at stake. Also nothing on the outside was functional. It was just a case mod, nothing more. Link provided https://forums.lime-technology.com/topic/29324-unraiding-an-apple-xserve-raid/ SO I had an idea, redesign boards for both the XRAID and the Caddies. So that at least the drive lights worked in front of the caddy. If you are having a hard time picturing this I will provide pictures. But basically my idea entailed making a Daughter card which would accept multple sata and power wires from a mother board and power supply and then transfer the leads through the XRAID style connectors (SCSI 80) into the Caddy and then back to a sata connector to use with sata drives inside the caddy. I wanted the lights to also be functional. Again I hit a road block I don't know much about making PCB boards. So I enlisted the help and expertise of another forum member, an electrical engineer. Not only was he able to make new caddy boards for SATA, and make the large daughter board to accept the sata from a pc motherboard. He also was able to get the caddy lights to be functional. So the caddies are done. We are now in the final stages of the large 17" daughter board. I will also have pictures of the progress. The third task which will be started soon is getting the throughput lights to work in the center of the machine. My hope is to have it register network bandwidth. Also rewiring of the power button from the back to the front is also on the list. The second part of this project is aesthetics and airflow. I again have no knowledge of how to cut aluminum or design mother board trays. So I enlisted help from someone in the UK. And let me tell you he designed the most beautiful pc tray and top. The tray will have holes for risers for mitx, or matx. and the top will have a cutout that will make it easy to swap cards out so you dont have to unscrew everything to get to them. I will have more pictures and will be editing this post to make it a little bit more linear. I think this will be the best looking NAS out there. Perfect for holding all your data and transcoding plex videos provided you buy enough horsepower under the hood.
  2. enjoyfebruary

    XServe Raid Conversion Kit

    I am considering developing a kit to convert the aging Xserve Raid rack into a useable enclosure. You can now routinely find these units on eBay for around $100, and considering the cost of typical rack unit (which aren't even as nice), I thought it would be about time to look at repurposing this beautifully made case into something builders could recycle. Basically this kit would include replacement PCBs for the drive sleds so that we can use standard SATA drives, while retaining both the power and activity lights. Secondly the kit would include a backplane PCB with standard molex and SAS connections. This would make the unit usable for homebuilt servers, NAS applications, or even just as a SAS expander. My target price for the entire kit would be around $200-250. I know this sounds like a lot but considering the quality of this case it is really comparable to other cases. Anyway, I put it to you guys to see if this would be something the community would be interested in. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks! Dan
  3. I updated this Xserve to 10.12.2 using the patcher tool, It worked successfully however the integrated graphics no longer work due to driver issues. I installed a low-profile Nvidia GT 210 and installed drivers for it and it works perfectly. The problem is the ATI x1300 which is integrated in the machine is acting as if the monitor is plugged into it so when I VNC or Screen share from my Macbook into it, it shows 2 screens and has major lag issues due to that. Is there anyway I can disable the ATI?? EDIT: I've found a solution for anyone looking. Either using SwitchRezX for a less permanent solution or removing the X1300 from just under the PCI-E slot where the mini DVI is found. Did the latter and it's working fine now, However if you plan on doing OS upgrades that require you to get into the boot menu you're going to have to put the old card back in and use Mini DVI.
  4. I got a couple of used XServes for super cheap on eBay. I am going to use one as a VMWare Server for remote employees. The other will be a simple file server since I can do both SMB and AFP as opposed to our Win SBS 2011 server which can only do SMB. The one that will be for virtual machines I felt that I would need a little more power to handle the out of office employees. I bought a pair of Xeon e5345 CPUs for $40.00 on eBay and they certainly did the trick. Here are the before and after Geekbench results Before - http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1814845 After - http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1533559 Quite an improvement in my opinion. Went from four total cores to eight. As temps go; idle temps are around 35-42c. I also used Arctic Silver 5. OSX System Profiler does not recognize the CPU name. It gets the number of cores and speed right but it lists "Unknown" as the name. However, Geekbench and the virtual machines both see the CPU speed and name correctly. For $40 this was a great upgrade.
  5. somehow all my text got deleted. I basically need a large amount of power to run renders for blender, compressor, final cut and motion. i can get an IBM Bladecenter with 14 HS20 blades cheaply, has anybody tried getting osx running on one of these or a similar system before? i have got osx running on a few pc's before, but never anything like this thing. thanks in advance iSteve384
  6. Salve a tutti, dal momento che sono entrato in possesso di un server DELL SC1425 ben carrozzato, volevo chiedere se qualcuno aveva già provato a montare su questa macchina una qualsiasi versione di OSX. Per chi non conoscesse la macchina, le caratteristiche sono disponibili su: http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/sc1425_specs.pdf Grazie a tutti per le cortesi risposte.