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Found 5 results

  1. makondo

    Big problem with X3100 & Mac OS

    Hi guys. I need to install Mac OS (10.6 or later) on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525; Intel X3100; Core 2 Duo; 2GB RAM). Well, i tried to install Kalaway,iDened,iAtkos or whatever. I managed to install them but everywhere the same result. I mean that when my laptop is loading you can seen this {censored} (see attached photos). I have installed only those versions, where there were the drivers for Intel X3100. Any ideas? P.S. Options like "-x -v" don't help. P.S.S. I'm able to install Mac OS only from USB because DVD Rom is broken,unfortunately.
  2. Hello guys, New here, just joined. Have been reading about OSx86 and hackintoshes since quite some time, frequently read topics here but this is the first one I'm posting. I have a spare laptop, Lenovo R61, with specs nearly identical, if not completely, to the Late 2007 Macbook. Quite old, I know. Here are the specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.2 GHz 2GB DDR2 RAM 120GB HDD Intel X3100 with 384MB VRAM Now, on the wiki page I can see that highest possible version of OS X that the Macbook-equivalent of my laptop can run is Lion. So I think it's safe to presume that my laptop will too support it. But what would the performance be like? Can anyone suggest which version would be able to provide the smoothest user experience on my laptop? My laptop's touchpad doesn't support multi-touch, so gestures are out of question I guess. Also, what all features can I expect to work? Or which ones I can't? Any tips regarding installation or user experience are welcome too and I am grateful to everyone who tries to help. Kudos!
  3. vega_dj

    no video playback

    Hi everyone; I have Dell Vostro 1510 labtop and installed hackintosh on it. Lots of things seems to be working. But i can not watch videos. I re-downloaded vlc try mplayerx none of them work. Also can not watch youtube videos (flash is installed, there is sound.) I don't have a clue of what should i check, or what should i try. QE/CI seems to be working, Don't know the exact test them, but screen saver, and chess is working. Also after hibernate and wake up, the screen does not turns on. But everything else starts to work. I mean i can use play key to play song in iTunes, and it plays. But no screen signal. The only resolve is making a hard reset to get screen back. Don't know this issue is related with the video playback one. Gaphics Card : GMA 950 - X3100 System : Lion 10.7.5
  4. Hi there, I am new to the forums, but am extremely keen to get into running OSX on my pc. I have managed to follow enough instructions to get the OS installed but I must now face defeat as I come to you for help. I am trying/have successfully installed Snow Leopard on my Dell Inspiron 1520 albeit with difficulty. Specs: Intel Core2Duo T6600 2.2GHz 800mhz FSB 4GB DDR2 667Mhz dual channel Intel GMA x3100 80GB HDD set to AHCI (i have no spare since this is a spare computer I use to trial Linux or stuff) Now my problem is, I get a black screen on install, I believe it to be my graphics card. This happens after the first initial boot, I am unable to install kexts or even run the first time setup but I know it is running because I can hear the pop of the volume as i press the Up/Down Buttons. I tried installing different versions of OSX (Lion and some from my sisters cd's with the mac which I cannot touch not in 1000000 years) But i get a kernel panic about AHCI. The only version that actually works is IATKOS Snow Leopard. But this is what I get the black screen on. Uhmm oh yes, one time I heard "staying alive" playing with a black screen. and after 10-30 minutes of leaving the computer idle i pressed the power button thinking it had frozen but then the display started working, and I was able to get into the desktop. Silly me decided to shut down the computer. Since then, after ever install, I have had a black screen. Uhmm oh a few times I decided to hook up to my external monitor but on boot the apple logo froze. and the spinning wheel doesnt move. if i try switch back to the laptop screen, the screen bleeds from grey to white. Oh nearly forgot. I cannot install DSDT for my laptop unless theres a way to do it from i boot or before getting into the desktop which i cannot do. umm ah I have tried -x -v DSDT=No GraphicsEnabler both on and off and acpi=no? or 0 whichever one. I am really keen to get it running, Also I use chameleon bootloader but i dont install it to hard drive, when it says select disk i select disk0s2 but it says it cant find the disk. I guess the main thing id like to know is, can i install my dsdt from i boot or before the OS can initialize? I have a 1520 dsdt waiting. Thanks to all! I am willing to provide any information if needed.
  5. Hello everyone, i have just finished installing Mountain Lion GM onto my old laptop, works great, i have the system booting stably and nicely. a few hitches, i cannot find a working 64-bit GMA X3100 framebuffer driver for resolution, i am aware of a few from 10.6.2 but they led to some issues on my hardware. can anyone point me to a potential solution, all I am after is resolution, i am well aware that there will be no openGL (QE/CI) but it will have to do thanks in advance -Lachlan