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Found 10 results

  1. Hello people from OSx86 I have this computer wich have Windows 8.1 installed on it, and I want to dual boot with OS X Mavericks, here is the specs: Intel Core i5 2400 MB Asus P8H67 8GB RAM 320 HDD 1TB HDD GeForce GTX 460 SC 1GB I've been looking around YouTube, Google and many other places for tutorials for dual booting those operating systems, but all of them say that I must install first the OS X, then Windows on it. But I have a lot of files and settings on my Windows partition, and I don't want to lose them. Is there a way to install OS X on my PC without formatting my Windows?
  2. https://vid.me/RAeO These are 2 different drives. One is purely Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 on the SSD, and the other is Windows 8.1 on a Hard Drive. Look at the 3 boot options there in Clover UEFI. Yes I installed Windows UEFI mode Also. SO heres my complaint. There are 3 extra options that don't work to boot into Windows. How Can I get rid of those? i just wanna keep the OS X Yosemite disk, the recovery partition for Yosemite and the last one on the right as that is the one that helps me boot into Windows. BTW can any one guide me through how to make a backup from my Hackintosh SSD to a hard drive partiton, on the same drive as windows? What I did to install windows on the HDD: Unplugged my SSD Plugged my HDD Put in the windows USB installer for Windows 8.1 clicked advanced setup, made sure drive was clean Let it install as usual Went through post install business such as updates and the drivers installation Plugged up my SSD for my Hackintosh, changed the boot to Timeout=2 in Clover Configurator Went to the clover bootloader screen and saw that.
  3. Gustavo Gonçalves

    Dual Boot Yosemite x Windows 8.1 (2 HDDs)

    Boa tarde. Minha Build contém 2 hds - 1 Windows 8.1 e o outro com Yosemite. Após fazer toda a instalação, ele apenas entra direto no windows. Para entrar no Yosemite, preciso ir pelo boot selection da BIOS. Qual a maneira mais correta de fazer esse dual boot? Agradeço pela ajuda, Gustavo
  4. Edit: this post can be deleted, internet lag created 2
  5. Hello This is my second Thread i have a working mac os x 10.9 mavericks on the wd 500gb hdd on the first partition ,second partition is for snow leopard but empty, third partition is ext4 ubuntu, fourth partition is ext4 debian, fifth partition is HFS+ for data only, sixth partition is EXT4 for data only , seventh is swap. i installed ubuntu and debian to their partitions but cant boot them ! i thought that they would be recognized by clover efi but they aren't recognized :/ Clover is working normally without and able to boot os x without any problem. System specs : CPU : Core i7 4770 non k ! MB : ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA RAM : kingston HyperX BEAST 2x8 16GB kit HDD : lots of stuff but i am using a western digital 500GB caviar green drive for testing , will be upgrading to intel series 320 160 GB SSD GPU : ASUS Nvidia GTX 650 TI BOOST OC (I know that this gnu is irrelevant with the rest of the specs this is my old gpu) SPU : the internal ALC1150 for now. WIFI+BLUETOOTH : included mpcie combo broadcom wifi and bt . What can i do to make this work ? Thanks
  6. Okay, so i've had a stable hackintosh going on Clover UEFI for about a month or two now. It dual boots windows 8.1 and OS X Yosemite 10.10.2. Now that the update for Yosemite has been released, I really wanna make a partition on my hard drive for backing up my current Installation of yosemite. I have Yosemite on a separate 120 GB SSD, and windows 8.1 installed on a 1TB hard drive. How would I accomplish this? Thank you.
  7. Hello, For the last couple weeks I have been trying to find the "perfect" guide to dual-boot. I came across with SO many methods (tonymac,niresh,myhack,iAtkos,and about 100 000 other methods) that I'm very confused. Here is my problem: I'd like to dual-boot windows and mavericks on the same drive, but from what I read during my researches, they mentioned multiple times reinstalling Windows. So I'd like to know if there is any way to do this without losing my data or if there's not and then I have to backup all my system. I have mavericks running smoothly in vmware workstation 10 if that's of any use. My computer specs are the following: OS name Microsoft Windows 8.1 Version 6.3.9600 Compilation 9600 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Model X55A x64-based PC SKU system ASUS-NotebookSKU Processor Intel® Pentium® CPU 2020M @ 2.40GHz, 2400 Mhz, 2 cores, 2 logic processors Date/Bios version American Megatrends Inc. X55A.415, 09/11/2012 SMBIOS 2.7 BIOS mode UEFI If you could me to a guide telling what to do after the USB creation, I would appreciate. Thanks in advance! ps: sorry if I'm on the wrong section and sorry for bad english :s 4gb ram
  8. This my video Yosemite.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOMyOi7News windows 8.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6h0sTTTeOI
  9. So like the title says, I successfully installed OSX 10.8 mountain lion onto my Asus K55VD laptop through the procedure listed here , but after that I have encountered problems. 1. I am unable to boot the OSX partition without the "myhack installer" USB that I have created. To solve this , I must install a bootloader , which I tried using the chameleon one , but it doesn't work. 2. My windows 8.1 installation that was previously installed is unbootable now due to a boot/bcd error(0xc0000225). I'm thinking of re installing windows if nothing can solve this issue as I have a Surface Pro 2 which I'm using as my main device. I think I need a EFI bootloader for this, but I dont think chamelon will suffice. I think the proper one is Clover? but not sure. 3. There is a partcular issue with the wifi kext for the Asus K55VD that I have no idea how to edit so that it works. I've used the "kext installer" but the OS does not recognize it. I used this kext for it. Anyone particularly know what to do with #1? I can pretty much solve #2 if it does not work out , since its just an easy reinstall of windows....but I have no idea what to do for #1. I also attached the startup sequence logged by the chameleon wizard...I don't know if it helps. chamelon info.rtf
  10. Hi there, I've recently set up a successful install of Mavericks 10.9.1 using a *certain* USB loader on my Lenovo IdeaPad Z500 Touch, with everything configured to work correctly bar the built-in WiFi, touchscreen and onboard nVidia GPU. However, while everything is running smoothly on the Mac side of things, my pre-installed copy of Windows 8.1 no longer boots from Chimera, notifying me that my boot configuration data is missing. I've pondered that the boot loader I'm using is pointing to the wrong boot partition (rather than the drive which stores Windows that Chimera has detected, along with my Lenovo recovery partition)... However, I'm guessing that my problems may boil down to UEFI, having changed my BIOS settings to Legacy prior to installing Mavericks. I also had to disable Secure Boot to avoid any further issues. Would it be worth reconfiguring my BCD file using Windows 8.1's advanced system recovery, or would that then lead to more problems? Additionally, is it too late to change my boot loader to Clover? I've read that Chimera doesn't support UEFI, but surely I wouldn't receive a BCD error if my Windows partition wasn't detected... Conversely, it may be why I cannot find my System Reserved partition. Obviously, any reinstallations to get my dual-boot config in working order would be my last resort, which is why I'm very hopeful that I'm not the only one to have fallen into this issue. It's taken a lot of time to perfect my Mavericks install! Many thanks for your help in advance. Feel free to ask for any screenshots or further info