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Found 8 results

  1. Sono riuscito proprio poche ore fa ad installare Mountain Lion sul mio computer in firma, solo che ora dovrei sistemare il boot, infatti per ora riesco ad accedere ai tre sistemi operativi in questa maniera: Windows e Linux: Tramite il bootloader realizzato con EasyBCD Mac: Tramite la pennetta USB formattata come MBR e con Chameleon installato. EasyBCD rileva il Mac, però se lo avvio da li mi carica Chameleon 2.0 (sinceramente non so da dove lo va a prendere visto che non l' ho mai installato durante le installazioni del Mac), infatti su quest' ultimo ho installato la versione 2.2 (quella che si trova dentro la pennetta per intenderci, e funziona) solo che non ce la faccio a farlo "pescare" direttamente da EasyBCD. Inoltre ho notato che dalla pennetta rilevo tutto tranne Linux. Lo so che è abbastanza contorta come cosa. Comunque ecco uno schema di come ho settato il mio hard disk: Partizioni primarie: Partizione di sistema Windows (350 MB) NTFS -Attivo- Windows 8.1 (200 GB) NTFS -Avvio- Archivio NTFS (300GB) NTFS Partizioni logiche: Swap Linux (2 GB) Swap Root di Linux (50 GB) EXT4 Mac (Snow Leopard) (30 GB) HFS+ Mac2 (Mountain Lion) (30 GB) HFS+ NB: Allora ho due partizioni per il Mac perchè Snow Leopard mi è servito per installare Mountain Lion. Più che altro vorrei sapere se come ho settato io le partizioni è possibile fare un boot triplo oppure mi conviene cambiare qualcosa. Grazie.
  2. I have a three-monitor hackintosh setup running on a GeForce GTX 660 video card. It's working just fine, and this problem is mostly just an aesthetics thing. I have a center monitor connected to HDMI and two side monitors on DVI. I was wondering if it was possible to force chameleon and OSX to boot onto the center monitor. Currently it's booting on the left DVI monitor.
  3. So my current set up is this: Dual Booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 on GPT. I have grub install on the root of the HDD so grub is my primary bootloader. I created a ML VirtualBox so I can use MacPwn with Vaniulla El Capitan. I have tried all kinds of bootloader on both MBR and GPT USB drives. The results are as follows: 1. Clover Legacy - Nothing. When I boot the USB Flash Drive it shows a single blinking underscore for a split second then it proceeds to boot Ubuntu. 2. Clover UEFI - Stuck at the underscore. Nothing happens. 3. Chameleon - Same as Clover Legacy. Shows an underscore for a split second then boots straight to Ubuntu. I have installed Hackintosh up to Yosemite successfully on my Lenovo V470 years ago a couple of time but that was when I was still using MBR for my HDD. Please let me know what I can do do proceed with the installation.
  4. gigibatt

    [Aiuto] Clover quad boot

    Ciao a tutti. Utilizzo Clover per avviare il sistema in firma con Mavericks e Yosemite, i due sistemi sono su due hd separati e tutto fila. Oggi ho installato Windows7 e Ubuntu su un terzo hd, partizionando il disco. Ubuntu mi ha installato un bootloader che mi permette di scegliere se utilizzare Win7 o Ubuntu. Vorrei sapere se è possibile operare la scelta del SO da lanciare direttamente da Clover per tutti e 4 i sistemi operativi, al momento Clover vede solo Win7 ma non riesce ad avviare. Ho guardato in rete ma non ho trovato guide che mi abbiano fatto capire cosa devo fare per rendere possibile quanto esposto sopra, devo installare dei driver su clover? devo cambiare dei parametri su ubuntu? qualcuno può aiutarmi? Allego il mio config.plist
  5. Well , I need help for multiboot. My situation is as follows : P0 : SSD with Mavericks - my main system - contains EFI partition from which to boot Clover P1 : Yosemite HD - my secondary system - the EFI on this record is blank , I start it with Clover which is installed SSD P2 : Hd divided into four partitions containing respectively Win7 - Win8 - Transfer exFAT - Ubuntu 14 of ext4 This latest HD is in hibrid as a guide from this link https://racerrehabman.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/guide-to-installing-windows-7-windows-8-mac-os-x-lion-and-ubuntu-multi-boot/ My problem is that I can not boot Windows nor Ubuntu from Clover , if I select the Legacy GUI Clover me appear various HD (Win7, Win8, Ubuntu) but the operating system does not start , or go to black screen or remains Win logo in black and white and you stop them. What options do I have to select on Clover , which drivers should I install ? I have a server board that supports EFI S5520HC but is not UEFI . If I boot to P2 from Bios i was able to boot Win7/8 using the Win8 bootloader. Win and Ubuntu systems were installed following the guidance of Rehabman . You help me ? Thanks !
  6. Math, Simple, Addictive. Playing with Math by swiping 3 figures horizontally, vertically or L shape. Level passed when sum of 3 figures reach the number in the white ball. Enjoy the game. Take a break, if needed. If you like it please rating for it. That helps us to create more and more awesome applications for you guys. And we really appreciated for sure. iTunes App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/crazy-triple/id898632943?ls=1&mt=8 Art & Creative Director Hoang Anh Nguyen From Freaky Games Studio - a part of Freaky Motion Co., Ltd GET IN TOUCH Hoang Anh Nguyen facebook.com/voklmun twitter.com/voklmun behance.net/Voklmun My Studio: facebook.com/pages/Freaky-Motion/1241099­04331611 linkedin.com/company/freaky-motion-co-lt­d behance.net/FreakyMotion
  7. Version 1.4


    Illustrates how to install OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 on GA-H81M-DS2V with Celeron G1840 in UEFI mode. Consists of two PDF files: one for dual-boot with OS X Yosemite and another for triple-boot with Linux Mint: UEFI mode + GUID partition table Dual-boot with Windows 10 Triple-boot with Linux Mint 17.2 UEFI multi-boot from single Physical Hard Disk using Clover Complete reference for Yosemite install onto GA-H81M-DS2V I'v got much help from InsanelyMac for creating these tutorials. Thank you!
  8. ok so i have a dual booted system with windows xp and ubuntu. i download iatkos L2 and i could not boot the disc. however, switching my hardrive from SATA to AHCI mode allowed me to boot the disc. does this mean that osx lion only runs on AHCI? if so what happens if i install it? that's means i can't boot to XP then and i would have to go to bios each time if i wanted to switch to xp or lion since xp runs only on SATA for me and lion would run only on AHCI??!?!?!? HELP ME NOOB