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Found 4 results

  1. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Clover has many themes, some of which come included with the Clover installer but different themes, sometimes more up to date and better themes, have otherwise been listed in the Clover wiki with a download link to find the files. Not all themes can be included in the Clover installer as their many files make them large in file size and the installer would be unnecessarily bloated. Because of this, it's been decided (soon) to move all themes from Clover's source repository and instead host them in a new specific theme repository at sourceforge, next to the Clover repository. This will result in a smaller Clover repository allowing for faster check out of the source and downloading of the Clover installer quicker. Clover with still have it's own very simple embedded theme so users installing without a theme will not be left in the dark. Clover Theme Manager 4th June 2019 - Now at version 0.77.2 (Recent changelog) If updating from a previous version fails then please download the new version from the bottom of this post. Please take note. To get themes from the new Clover theme repository you will need to have git installed. You can install git either by itself by downloading the installer from http://git-scm.com or you can install the Xcode command line developer tools by loading up Terminal and typing xcode-select --install It started out as a simple app which displayed a list of themes in the repository and gave you the option to download and install themes to your /EFI/Clover/Themes directories. It's since grown with the aim of becoming more of a manager app by reading the Clover bootlog to determine what happened last boot and offering a set of options to change the theme for next boot depending on your system. On launch, the app will attempt to read your boot device and use your boot device. If this device uses an MBR partition then the app will ask for your password so it can run fdisk to match the device. If your boot volume is an EFI system partition and it's currently unmounted then the app will ask for you password to mount it. What happens if a theme designer updates their theme? The theme manager can check for updates to themes and notify you giving you the option to update your installed version. I no longer want to use a theme. You can simply remove installed themes by clicking the UnInstall button. I have created a theme. How do I add it to the repository? Theme designers can have access to add and amend their themes for anyone else to install and try out. Step by step instructions can be found by clicking the 'How to add my theme' foot link in the app. What does the Clover Theme Manager app install to my system? A support directory is used for cloning the necessary repository files for the app to function. You will find that at: ~/Library/Application\ Support/CloverThemeManager All application data gets saved to: ~/Library/Preferences/org.black.CloverThemeManager.plist App runtime files, including a log are written to: /tmp/CloverThemeManager Where’s the source code for the app? http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/themes/ci/master/tree/CloverThemeManagerApp/CloverThemeManager/ Credits: The app is based on the objective-c macgap (MIT license) with a couple of modifications by me. The web view presented by macgap is where I effectively run a web app which communicates back and forth with a bash script which is initially launched by macgap when it’s loaded. The Clover git repo has been setup by apianti. Thanks to apianti, dmazar, JrCs, SoThOr and Micky1979 for their help. Thanks to alexq, arsradu, asusfreak, Badruzeus, chris1111, droplets, eMatoS, kyndder, mnfesq, oswaldini & SavageAUS for testing. The application has been in development for a few months now and while I think it's pretty stable I can only test on my systems and respond to the feedback of others so there may well be bugs and issues yet to be squashed. If you wish to try out the application then please report any feedback, both positive and negative here. Note: If you are reporting any problems then please supply a description of the problem, a screenshot and attach a .zip of the /tmp/CloverThemeManager directory (available only while the app is running). Can I download themes without using the CloverThemeManager app? Yes, you can manually manage your own /EFI/Clover/Themes directories yourself as you may currently do. Dmazar suggests the following command in Terminal, replacing XXXXXXXX with the name of the theme. So cd to a directory of your choice and run this... git archive --remote=git://git.code.sf.net/p/cloverefiboot/themes HEAD themes/XXXXXXXX | tar -x Download v0.77.2: Clover Repo at sourceforge
  2. Slice

    Vector Themes

    Since rev 4844 Vector Themes are supported and there are ready-to-use Clovy by Clovy, cesium by Slice and BGM_SVG by Blackosx. You may see it's structure to create own theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I want to add vector graphics support in Clover. See rev 4560 and later. It is not working yet but designers may begin to create Vector Themes. It supposed to consist of SVG elements and has design size. It will be rendered to any screen size scaled from design size. What application in macOS can create SVG graphics? Inkscape is not working in macOS 10.11+. Pity. LibreOffice Draw works with SVG but buggy. Boxy SVG cost 10$ but looks good enough. It creates the best in simplicity files and have more then enough features. Illustrator is good but expensive. How to improve SVG file? Clover has restricted support for SVG. It is your job to make compatible file and as small as possible to speedup rendering. Some helps: Help:Inkscape – From invalid to valid SVG Inkscape files From invalid to valid SVG Adobe Illustrator files From invalid to valid SVG files of other editors: BKchem, ChemDraw and CorelDRAW Help:Illustrator – Assistance with creating and saving SVG images in Adobe Illustrator that will pass W3C validation User:Quibik/Cleaning up SVG files manually Later I will write own instructions specific to Clover abilities. How to create SVG fonts? You can google to find ready-to-use SVG fonts. I found some problems with too beaty fonts: slow rendering and overflow crash. Be careful. You can get ttf or otf fonts and convert them into svg by using online WEB services. Not a problem to google. But then I want to find a way to simplify the font to reduce a size and speedup rendering. You can create own font by FontForge It is opensource and available for Windows, Mac and GNU+Linux. It creates otf font which you can convert to svg font. Pictures from Badruzeus https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=301597
  3. This theme is original form Enzo: He build it for the chameleon boot loaders. http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,5918.0.html?PHPSESSID=8jgg62mu0el9hhaltncecthleffp942d I liked it so much that i asked his permission to convert it to a Clover theme. So glad he told me i can. So the Theme zip is included this post bellow. Shout out for Enzo!
  4. This theme is original form Enzo: He build it for the chameleon boot loaders. http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,5918.0.html?PHPSESSID=8jgg62mu0el9hhaltncecthleffp942d I liked it so much that i asked his permission to convert it to a Clover theme. So glad he told me i can. Shout out for Enzo! mavs.zip