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Found 4 results

  1. Hi to everyone, I'm trying to install iATKOS ML2 on an HP G62 with the switchable graphics card. Everything seems fine except this: if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, the PC boots up, in system info it shows an unknown ati gpu with no kext loaded, no QE CI and everything is laggy. But at least all the rest works fine. if I try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes, it shows the attached errors. I'd like to totally kill the Radeon card, I'd be happy to use just the integrated Intel HD gpu, but I tried million ways (changing DSDT, kext's and all the possible boot flags..) without success. What could I do? Thanks for your help UPDATE: I tried changing the booting frame buffer using the flag AtiConfig followed by the name (ex. Langur).. Still nothing.. I always get the same error. My CPU is an Intel i3 M350 and the Radeon is a 6370M.
  2. Hi guys, I got something useful for us which needs further investigation, especially for users of AMD Switchable Graphics I kind of .... got it working ...manually though. Since I am no programmer I need one of you experts to check this out. So I was playing around ANV's Fixedid app. I use Clover now and I have AMD 6490m/intel hd 3000 graphics in my system. Following are the steps that I used for this to work. 1) I copied the 6490 rom to clover in the EFI partition. That got my system to recognise my card as AMD 6470m 1024mb graphics. In my case the ROM is used just contained information about the Card. It did not have any info about the connectors except that the card used the Ipomoea fb. 2) I selected load vbios in clover. Also, selecting the Patch VBIOS option in clover is necessary too for this to work. 3) I set the Correct Framebuffer for my AMD card. I stumbled onto this because I changed my fb from Hydrilla to Ipomoea. Getting the correct fb is paramount to this working. 3) We need ANV's DisplayMergeNub.kext. Without it this just doesn't work. Delete any previous versions of the kext, wipe caches etc and follow the above steps.. Restart. Create the kext with ANV's FixEDID app. 4) Install the kext and wipe caches etc and restart. 5) Upon restart Both my cards are detected as working. I am posting screenshots below. 6) In order to get my AMD working, I just go to system preferences and select "mirroring" and now I just change displays between the 2 internal LCD's and I get AMD to work! 7) This sticks even after a restart! I just checked. 8) However, what must be noted is that the card is only functional in mirror mode. Novabench detects my card as AMD 6470m 1024MB graphics, but benching scores are the same. Thats why i said this needs more investigation. My BIOS on my hp dv6 does not allow me to disable either card. The option for Fixed/Dynamic exists only for show in BIOS. This discovery just happened by accident. THE point is that an user no longer needs to go into the BIOS to enable/deisbale either graphics card, I just select it within Mavericks and whatever selection I make sticks. This works only with CLOVER + mergedisplaynub.kext from ANV's Fixedid app @bcc9 any ideas?
  3. Hi, I'm new to this osx86 world and i've recently installed successfully Mountain lion on my HP DV7-4035es, with everything working except wi-fi and ATI Graphics. The problem is that i don't know how to make the ATI 5650m work, and i don't even have access to advanced settings on BIOS (for disabling the onboard gpu). My specs are: Intel i5 (all cores working) 4GB ram ATI HD 5650m + intel HD graphics thanks even for taking your time to read my issue.
  4. finke

    Getting Radeon HD 7730m Working?

    Hello you guys, I am currently running OSX 10.9 perfectly on my Dell 7520 laptop (Will set up Yosemite on another partition these days ). The problem that still exists is that I am unable to use either the HDMI or VGA port because the switchable graphics (Radeon HD 7730m & HD4000) are not supported. That means that the system is currently running on HD4000, but the Radeon would probably do much better. So now to my question: By setting the discrete 7730m as primary graphics card in BIOS (no clue how to get to that function, maybe modded BIOS?), could I get it running? This would provide me the feature to use a second monitor. The 7xxx-series should all be supported by OSX, but I have not really heard anything about the 7730. My system specs: Core i5 3rd Gen HD4000 / Radeon HD 7730m(?) OSX 10.9 Thanks in advance finke