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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I was able to get full working brightness on my HP notebook running Yosemite (full specs should be in the sig) Now all I need to do is get the brightness keys mapped. This should be the easy part, but I'm having some troubles. On my notebooks keyboard, the F2 and F3 keys are the brightness down/up. Following these two guides: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller/wiki/How-to-Use-Custom-Keyboard-Mapping and https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Voodoo-PS2-Controller I've installed the VoodooPS2 debug kext which shows in Console the key codes for the keys I'm hitting. So I've figured out that pressing JUST the FN key, or just the F2 key doesn't show anything at all in Console, but every time I press the FN key and the F2 key at the same time, this is shown sending key 3c=78 down sending key 3c=78 up and for FN + F3 sending key 3d=63 down sending key 3d=63 up and doing some research, I see that the ADB code for brightness down is 0x91, and 0x90 for brightness up. These translate to 145 and 144 in decimal, so I tested this out by holding command and then typing 145. Sure enough, my brightness turned down, and command + 144 turned it back up. This is where I think I go astray; according to the guides, I think this means that the codes that I'll be putting underneath the 'Custom ADB Map' section should be this <string>3c=91</string> <string>3d=90</string> So I go to the release version of VoodooPS2Controller.kext, secondary click > Show package contents, > Contents > Plugins > VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext > secondary click > Show Package Contents, > Contents > Info.plist and edit that file to try and map a single press of my F2 key to what the ADB code for brightness down is (0x91) However I can't get this to work. The brightness doesn't change, but if I load the debug kext I can still use command+145/144 to adjust my brightness, so I know it's just user error I'm seeing. is my code wrong? Also; because a single press of the 'F2' or 'F3' key doesn't generate any any PS2 scan codes at all, does that mean that mapping JUST this key(without the FN) key will be impossible? I would like to be able to adjust my brightness without holding down FN like I can on Windows, but I don't see how it will if it doesn't generate it's own scan code under VoodooPS2. Any help is greatly appreciated my friends. buttcrap
  2. Hi all, I've been writing a kext for the cypress touchpad (available on dell xps 12, 13, 15z and others). I'm opening this topic in order to post here future updates/news on it. Sources are based on rehabman VoodooPS2Controller in which I've added support for the cypress PS2 protocol. It can be now considered as stable and basic parameters can now be changed in prefpane. Source code and kext download is available here : https://github.com/ulysse31/voodoops2controllercypress Actual Features: tap to click dragging *New* triple tap draglock (one tap to end) *New* two fingers scrolling (no smooth momentum) two fingers tap for right click 3 fingers tap/window move/select 4 fingers swipe: need to have set on System Preferences => keyboard input shortcut to control+command+[up/down/left/right] 5 fingers lock screen : keep your 5 fingers for arround a second and leave the pad 5 fingers sleep mode : keep your fingers for at least 3 secs Basic Settings can now be changed on : System Preferences => Trackpad advanced settings can now be tested quickly via the new prefpane and then be set definitively on the VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext/Info.plist *New* I do all this for my personal fun, but if some good souls are happy with it and wants to make a donation, you will find the link on the googlecode homepage. Best Regards to all, EDIT: Installation Note: Backup all your actual PS2 related kext ! since this version is forked from rehabman's one: you did not need AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext/ApplePS2Controller.kext and must remove it if you have it or you will crash. UPDATE: v0.7 is out ! Everyone should use this release ! this version makes some bug corrections, working optimizations, and brings now a prefpane for quick parameters testing and allow to know easily which good values to set on the VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext/Info.plist CHANGELOG: v0.7 corrected bugs and added optimizations cleaned a bit the code added kalman filtering (smooth) on multifinger gestures and pressure calc added viable communication between kext and prefpane added a prefpane that allows changing advanced settings in live and quick Info.plist edition all values can now be set with the VoodooPS2Trackpad Info.plist v0.6 changed all taps to use real timers (better finger tapping for 1 to 5 fingers) cleaned a bit the code enhanced 4 fingers swipes scrolling speed can be now scalled on the trackpad preferences 5 fingers lock screen : keep your 5 fingers for arround a second and leave the pad : it launches the OSX shortcut keys for screen locking (Control+Shift+Eject) 5 fingers sleep mode : keep your fingers for at least 3 secs : it launches the OSX sleep shortcut keys (Command+Option(Alt)+Eject) 2 fingers tap right click : 2 fingers tap gives a right click v0.5: Handles Buggy firmwares (v34, v35) that do not follow cypress own documentation (?!) sending 0x04 header packet instead of 0x20 for 4 fingers packets. Now basic settings can be modified on System Preferences => Trackpad ! v0.4: Added tap to click for XPS 15z ( framerate superior on firmware v34 v35 to firmware v11) corrected bug for firmwares superior to v11 that does not handle rate and resolution to 200dpi 8count/mm v0.3 : Added 3 fingers tap/window move Added 4 fingers swipe v0.2: smoothed mouse moves v0.1: first release : basic features => tap to click, 2 fingers scrolling FAQ: Q:Could you add gesture XXXX ? A: Short answer: maybe. Long Answer : For now we are limitated on PS2 dev to voodooPS2 basics, in order to implement all possible gestures, we need to change from IOHIDPointer to a new class (IOHIDFamily ?), but that represents a LOT of work since using a "Upper" class also means get rawer implementation to graphical hooks ... in other words, when someone will find a way to implement a trackpad (whichever material) using a Upper class, others will then follow. it does not means i will not work on that, i will, at least try to, but the workload being quite huge, don't expect it soon (on the next months) from my part at least. If you have in mind a feature, make an issue, and i would tell you if it's possible or not. Q:I have a bug/freeze/hang/whatsoever using your kext, what should i do ? A: Firstly, you need to be sure that you have followed the per-requisites on the installation note on main page, by removing all other mouse related kexts (AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext/ApplePS2Controller.kext), but also other "plugin" kexts like smoothmouse. if you are sure on that, then check your permissions. Finally, if everything is checked, use the following debug kext downloadable here(will keep link updated) Try to reproduce the bug with this kext loaded (you can also build one with the latest sources and use the debug version). Once the bug occurs, you have 2 things to do : write down date(s)/time(s) it occurs extract logs by using the following commands and sent it to me: sudo cat /var/log/system.log | grep -i cypress > ~/cypress_dump.txt You'll have a cypress_dump.txt on your home directory containing the kext logs. Don't hesitate contacting me by the forum (PM or on the cypress topic), by the google issues or even directly by mail. you need to try to explain the bug as much as possible : a link to download your cypress_dump.txt (or put it in attachment) mention the time(s)/date(s) it occured its type (hang, jerkyness, freeze or KP) ? is it at boot ? is it using a specific feature ? Generally, the few issues comes from a untest yet firmware with some feature, since i have a XPS 13 (cypress firmware v11) i cannot see/detect some bugs without the help of the community. I do all this just because i like to code, and i like OsX, so I'll try to do the best i can to get it working on most different computers. Again, if you have a problem, don't hesitate, contact me and send me logs. EDIT 18th June 2017 : BACK FROM DEATH FOR A SHORT TIME : Here is a Sierra version download link, features ARE really LIMITED, since the settings loading (Info.plist/prepane) changed, value are HARDCODED. https://mega.nz/#!VggiUapL!psmojkiZeiVJIgMG5Pvb6QgxT0z35dnjK89VJttBA1k It works under Sierra on my XPS 13, (by the way, Sierra runs quite well on it ^^ ), I DO NOT HAVE TESTED UNDER OTHER COMPUTERS. Cheers all, -- Ulysse31
  3. Ciao a tutti e ben trovati. Il mio pc ha 3 hd sata, così formati: 1° hd: windows 7 64bit da 250Gb; 2° hd: os x mountain leon 10.8.3 da 250Gb; 3° hd: senza SO ma solo dati da 500Gb; Inoltre utilizzo una tastiera ps2 ed un mouse usb. All'avvio, se non tocco nulla parte da solo ML, mentre se premo un tasto qualsiasi della tastiera, posso scegliere con cosa avviare la macchina (w7 o ML). Sin qui tutto regolare. Leggendo un topic del sito ho scaricato i kext della tastiera ps2. Tutto funzionava regolarmente, ma un giorno a causa della mia voglia eccessiva di "smanettare", è successo il danno. Stavo cercando di trovare un rimedio all'eccessivo rumore della ventola (velocità eccessiva), e tra un kext ed un'altro è successo qualcosa. Adesso non vede più gli hd (il n° 1 e 3) e la tastiera ps2 non va più (oltre a non aver risolto il problema della ventola). Per gli hd, lanciando "utility disco", li vedo nella colonna di sinistra, ma sono disattivati. Se clicco su "attiva", il messaggio che leggo è il seguente: "Attivazione fallita Il disco “500 Gb” non può essere avviato. Prova ad utilizzare S.O.S. sul disco quindi riavvialo." Prima, oltre il messaggio sopra, ne dava anche un altro, ma sono scomparsi dopo che ho installato dei software per cercare di far funzionare gli hd (non so se li posso mensionare). Se clicco su "verifica disco", mi da la seguente risposta: No repaires were necessary for volume /dev/disk2s1. Ma anche se provo a riparare, non cambia nulla. Per la tastiera invece, ho usato i seguenti kext: AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext/ ApplePS2Controller.kext/ ApplePS2Keyboard.kext/ VoodooPS2Controller.kext/ VoodooPS2Controller.kext/ Purtroppo non ricordo con quale ha funzionato a suo tempo. La configurazione del mio pc è la seguente: Processore 2,8 GHz Intel Core i5 Memoria 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Grafica AMD Radeon HD 6xxx 1024 MB Scheda Madre GigaByte GA-P55A-UD3 Potete aiutarmi? Grazie mille a tutti anche solo per aver letto tutto il topic. Fabio.
  4. I've an Elantech ps2 trackpad in my laptop(see signature below). It was working fine while using Lion. Now, It works only when I boot using Chimera v.1.11 but not using even the latest chameleon(enoch 2050). This is very strange as I was using Chameleon with Lion and there was no problem. I have added these strings attached to identify the device ID (this was done too in Lion and it worked). <string>ApplePS2MouseDevice</string> <key>ProductID</key> <string>PNP0F13</string> <key>VendorID</key> <integer>1452</integer However, trackpad wont work despite this. but I dont need these strings at all when I use Chimera. Chimera seems to identify my trackpad as if some sort of code is hardcoded in it. Can anybody explain why? UPDATE:Found two kexts which helped trackpad working in Chameleon. http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3191
  5. The only kext being injected in Clover is FakeSMC.kext yet somehow VoodooPS2Controller.kext is running when I boot with clover and kexts from S/L/E are being disabled. For instance, my battery and hardware sensors kexts are disabled when I load from Clover but work when booting from Chameleon. I have checked every folder, there are no Voodoo kexts, is there a driver or something injecting Voodoo kexts in Clover, the only changes I've made is in the config file? When I boot with Chameleon all of my kexts from S/L/E are working fine and VoodooPS2Controller doesn't load (as it should). Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? I have an Asus UX303LN and these are my specs along with my config file. i5 4210u 1TB HDD Intel HD 4400 nVidia 840m [disabled in Clover] FocalTech Touchpad config.zip
  6. Hello everyone, during my install of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on my laptop (signature), the keyboard, touchpad and trackpad worked fine. Even when I fixed the install, when booting with bootloader on USB to the new install, it worked. But when I reboot without the USB installation media, I come to the login screen, but my keyboard, touchpad and trackpad don't work anymore. So it must have been one on the Kexts, I think. I copied all kexts with contained PS2 in their name froom /E/E/ (usb boot stick) to /S/L/E/ (hard drive) and rebuilt the kext cache, because I use Kernel cache to speed up my boot process. I installed it as proposed in this forum: http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=105334 I decided to set my UEFI/BIOS to "Legacy BIOS", so I replaced OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg by the ones provided the link to osx86.net . I did all he said in his first post, but I used Kext Wizard instead of Kext Utility. (I would prefer to do this in Terminal, but I don't know how to use the command kextcache correctly.) Please help me how to solve this problem. Maybe I just need the correct PS2 Kexts.
  7. I just acquired a laptop. It's an Acer Extensa 5420. It is an AMD Turion64X2 based machine. I have installed 10.6.3 Retail using Nawcom's ModUSB. The problem is the PS2 kexts. I've tried several different kexts, with varying degrees of success. Ideally I'd like to have full synaptics features, which are known to work on 10.6.8 on this laptop, but I have opted to stick with 10.6.3 because it is far more stable than 10.6.8 and I can acheive proper resolution. But the biggest issue that is plaguing me is the fact that when I boot up, I can move the mouse using the trackpad but I can't click on anything or type anything for several minutes (usually between 3-4 minutes after boot). After that, it works fine and doesn't give me any problems but the delay is VERY annoying. I'm inclined to believe it may be caused by more than just the PS2 kexts. Even when I plug in a USB keyboard and mouse, the problem persists. The mouse will move, but I can't click on anything or type anything in for at least 3-4 minutes after boot
  8. I'm looking to get more trackpad gestures and features in System Preferences>Trackpad. I am currently using TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zip from http://www.osx86.net/view/1448-updated_trackpad+keyboard_ps2_32-64.html. They work, and I have basic gestures such as two-finger scroll, but that's it. In the Trackpad preference pane on my HackBook, I see these options: I don't have access to the rest of the trackpad gesture settings. For comparison, here's a screenshot of the Trackpad preferences on my brother's Retina MacBook Pro (it's HUGE!): Is there any way I can enable these extra features on a HackBook? Should I try copying his Trackpad.prefpane and replacing mine?