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Found 7 results

  1. Installing Command Line Tools for Lion on Snow Leopard I've encountered many programs which won't just install on my Mac, so I decided to find out how to install them. One way is to just extract the installer and install the packages straight from there, but then the scripts won't run and this is horrible pain with big installations. *.mpkg files usually have a file called "Distribution" inside. That file is just simple XML script, which tells the installer where the software can be installed. By editing the Distribution file, you can easily get OS X 10.8 install on an AMD machine, but of course it won't run because of the kernel. Another example is XCode's Command Line Tools. I only found CTL for Lion available in the Apple Download Center, so I decided to patch it for SL. I tried with Flat Package Editor (comes with XCode), but it couldn't save the file, so I did it the manual way: First I created an copy of the DMG file with Disc Utility, to make it writable. Then I executed few commands: bash-3.2# cd /Volumes/Command* bash-3.2# mkdir patch bash-3.2# cp Command* patch bash-3.2# cd patch bash-3.2# mv Com* CTL.mpkg bash-3.2# xar -x -f CTL.mpkg Then I opened Distribution with TextEdit: Well, well, well... Look what we got there var majorOSVersion = '10.7'; var lessThanOSVersion = '10.8'; So, I just changed the majorOSVersion to 10.6 and voilà! Sometimes the script is a little more complicated (like the OS install script), which checks for supported machines, 64/32-bit, etc. Then you will just need to edit some functions output to true or otherwise just find a way around the checks. The language used in Distribution file is very easy to understand in my opinion, it can require a little bit of coding knowledge though.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to hackintoshing. I'm running a triple core AMD Anthlon 3.1 GHZ Proccesor with a 785G chipset. I have a 1TB internal HDD and a 120 GB External. Currently, I have a hackintosh running on the external BUT Where can I find a kext for my ATI Radeon 4200 Video Card? Seriosuly I looked everywhere but couldn't find one. Also I am running my hackintosh on an external. Should I partition my internal and dualboot since I want to make it my daily driver. Where can I find a wifi kext. I have an 802.11n card on this computer but I was unable to find a kext for it. Thanks everyone, -Momin
  3. Hi everyone! I have a new computer whit i7 3930K, 32G ram, nvidia geforce gtx ggo ti and system 10.8.4 When I start to install all the programs, cinema 4D, adobe and protools i have an error and restart the computer, in the startup appear a missatge whit 3 possible answers that I did not know. I chose default settings. And my sorprise its, the osx dont recognizes the processor, he say 1,2ghz stranger processor. In the "bios" of the coputer say 3930 i7 and the system dont recognizes it. The ram and graphic works fine. Everyone have a idea of whats happen? Thanks very much, Alex and sorry for my ridicuolous english haha
  4. YorkiesWorld

    Is there a 10.9.5 for AMD processors?

    Just a question guys, I currently have Niresh 10.9.0 installed on my hackintosh and I'm wanting to upgrade to 10.9.5 but I'm not sure how? I'm using an AMD FX-4100 processor and can't seem to find anywhere with a download link for 10.9.5 that works with AMD CPUs? Any help would be great!
  5. Hi, I would like to ask for little help. In "about this Mac" my processor is not correctly recognized and is showing as an Intel Core i7 instead of Xeon E3... My build is using latest Clover, everything is working, sleep etc. Smbios I used iMac14,2 because it is the closest Haswell model to mine. Can anyone please help me to correct this issue? Thanks a lot.
  6. So, I just purchased a Samsung Chromebook. Yes, as you can see from the picture below, I paid a $50 premium to not wait. I had one on order from Amazon for several weeks, but even Google doesn't know when stock will be available so I really don't mind. Now you may be surprised (even horrified) to know that I sold my Macbook (5,1 - aluminum) to buy this. Of course, I made a nice profit, but many would consider this a huge downgrade. I did so for several reasons. 1) I'm quite heavily invested in Google's ecosystem. I use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendars and almost every other app they offer in my day-to-day life. No I don't like their privacy policies, but the services they offer (for free I might add) are just amazing! 2) I realized that about 95% of the work I do is web-based. Seriously. I am a photographer by trade, and so I can never be entirely without a real computer, but apart from that all I do is blog, write articles, review products and browse the web. Having a hackintosh desktop means I can (and do) run any OS, and I can always do my real work there. I rarely (and I mean almost never) have to do work away from home, so it's not really an issue. Also I would say 95% of the places I hang out (home, cafés, friend's places, even my church) have high-speed wi-fi. Being cloud-based, Google's OS is very limited without wifi. The good news is, there is support for playing media, managing files and certain apps offline, so if I don't have wi-fi or am not willing to pay for it (airports), it's not dead! 3) The macbook was just not a great laptop to run Linux from. I tried multiple things, but for some reason it was just a pain. Support for the network card was spotty at best, the bluetooth would lag my mouse, the trackpad was difficult to work with. I just wasn't impressed. Now while there is no official support for Linux on the Chromebook, some clever folks have already created a version of Ubuntu that can be run directly from an SD card. I have two reasons for wanting to run linux; the first is to be able to use the Tor browser safely. The second is to have a safe environment in which to learn some Unix (yes I know OSX is based on it, but it's different). The chromebook is ideal for this because you can return to factory settings at the flip of a switch! With a cloud-based OS, this means that if you mess up you don't have to reinstall a bunch of programs/data, you just log back in with your Google credentials. So why am I boring all of your with all of this nonsense? What has this got to do with InsanelyMac? 1) Apple's iOS is capable of running on ARM processors, and parts of OSX (Darwin included) have been running on ARM for some time. So does the Chromebook. I honestly believe it's only a matter of time before we see a port of iOS or OSX to the Chromebook. This is a $249 computer with a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 16GB hard-drive...$249 will get you a used iPad 2 from cragislist right now...I think this could be a very nice solution for a lot of people. 2) More importantly (looking towards the future), Apple has reportedly been looking at switching to ARM processors for their other hardware! I think this makes sense (at least, I can see any potential reasoning for this), seeing as technology in general is moving towards touch-based, cross-platform unified operating systems. If both iOS and OSX ran off of ARM processors, it would be a lot less work for Apple to integrate the two. We already have see the iOS-style come to OSX with Launchpad - I don't see why we wouldn't see more changes at the core-level. With some R&D and promise of Apple-sized business, quad-core desktop-performing ARM processors are just a few million bucks away. Since this change hasn't even been confirmed this can be considered wild speculation, but wouldn't it be amazing if an ARM-based OSX could be hacked to the Chromebook? We're talking having a mac laptop for $249 here. Either way, none of this has really been talked about yet. The latest Samsung Chromebook hit the stores in later October, and were already out of stock by December. This is brand new technology and therefore a brand new discussion, but if this is to be talked about anywhere I think that InsanelyMac is the place! My chromebook isn't a hackintosh yet, but maybe one day it will be? Interested to hear your thoughts!
  7. Hi guys, I need help to change About This Mac ram memory size and possible processor type, I'm using chameleon enoch 2773. About this mac shows: Processor: 2.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - to be Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 Memory: 8.38 GB 1066 MHz DDR2 SDRAM - to be 8GB Thanks