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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm not new to Hackintosh. My first was 10 years ago, a Fujitsu laptop, and after the computer I have today and that I've been updating yet. The problem is that I've never been an expert and today there is less and less info about old boards in new systems. That is why I ask you for advice to continue keeping my pc for a few years. My specs: CPU: Intel Xeon X5675 Plate: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R v1.6 Ram: 16GB Graphics: Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX 590 8GB SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB Wifi: Usb TP-LINK TL-WN823 v2 Bluetooth: Usb Iogear GBU521W6 I installed Catalina and is stable. The basics work but I would like to improve it by solving the following faults (in order of priority): My SSD is not indexed and I can't change it. Spotlight and Time Machine don't work. It may be related, but the SSD has a Folder icon instead of a SSD icon. I've searched but can't find a solution. The graphics card only have the Displayports working. I know there are threads that say how to solve it but in my case none has worked. Sleep not working. It does not turn on if I press the keyboard or mouse and if I use the power button the screen keep black. Again, I have read threads about this but I didn't find the solution. Continuity/Handoff not working. I don't know where to start, I don't even know if my usb wifi and usb bluetooth is compatible for this. I need it because I think it's important for the next point. Sidecar. I have an iPad Pro and I need this working. I tried on wifi + bluetooth and nothing, not find the device. A better option would be a Usb-C cable but my motherboard doesn't have it. One thing, I read it's important H264 and HEVC decoding ok. I tested and both are ok. I add the folders I have in the EFI partition, the config.plist and the list of kexts I use. Thank you very much, any advice I would greatly appreciate it! CLOVER X58.zip
  2. Fernando Isnaldo

    iPad mini 2, stability problems

    Sorry for my english, I'm from another country - Desculpem-me pelo inglês, sou de outro país. ----------------------------- I bought a nifty 8-inch tablet with Apple A7 processor and one of the most powerful GPUs that exist. 16 GB and no 3G/4G. The problem is that browsers (Chrome and Safari) live closing of nowhere. I already have iOS 7.1, jailbreak did not (nor has as at the date of this post). A video of the event: Some information I found in the diagnostics of use (I'm not sure what it means, but seem to indicate a lack of RAM): How to solve this problem?
  3. Hi, any help would be appreciated!!!! SPECS Custom rig using Mac Pro 3,1 SMBIOS ML 10.8.2 CPU: AMD phenom II x 4 955 (black edition runnng stock 3.2 Ghz) using Sinetek 10.8 patched kernel Graphics: Powercolor ATI HD5670 (DDR3 1gb) (http://www.powercolor.com/global/products_features.asp?id=308) Ram: 8GB Ram: 2 x Kingston 1333MHz 4gb modules (Part Number 99U5458-005.A00LF) Mobo: ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4A88TDM_EVOUSB3/) STORAGE : DVD DRIVE HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH10L DVD-R/RW drive HDDs (ALL HDDs set on AHCI via bios) 160GB Seagate ST3160815AS (SATA II [fully functional Snow Leopard Partition, 10.6.8]) 1TB Seagate ST31000524AS (SATA III [Windows 7 x64]) 160GB Western Digital WDC WD1600AAJS-22PSA0 (SATA II [Mountain Lion]) Currently booting using boot flags: PCIrootUID=1 Cpus=4 Busratio=16 GraphicsEnabler=Yes (changing this doesn’t make a difference) I have not been able to get proper working graphics using my powercolor HD 5670 on OSX 10.8.2, after many (and I mean a lot) attempts over the past few months. By attempts I mean using different sets of kexts etc. Display is set on the right resolution and QE/CI appears to be enabled (though I’m guessing only partially=transparent menu bar) however I frequently get graphics artifacts on my screen, making osx virtually unusable. Everything other than my graphics is working e.g. sound, networking (internet) etc in ML. I also have a working snow leopard setup, with graphics fully functional at my disposal. I'm taking a huge guess here (note my sarcasm) but I believe this to be the root of my problems: My powercolor card is working fine in Windows 7 & SL 10.6.8. Display is set to 1366x768x32 in ML (using a small monitor). I have tried using a lot of different Apps and the results are the same, even when disabling hardware acceleration options (where available) and the grand finale... Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  4. Hello guys, i'm new here so please bare with me. I have installed Snow Leopard retail on the computer of the signature, updated to 10.6.8 via legacy kernel + combo update. Enabled my GeForce 8600 GT via EFI string. The problem is, when i play an youtube video, the screen starts to randomly flicker (very fast, almost not perceptible), until it freezes completely. This happens on any web browser. but only when a video is played. To reproduce the problem, here's what i do: Watch any youtube video on any browser, in this case, Safari 5.1.2... then i wait a little... The screen starts to randomly flicker, until the entire browser stops responding, 2 or 3 seconds later, finder stops responding too. And then, the entire OS X's UI freezes and i have no option but to force reboot. The browsers used: Google Chrome 15 Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 Apple Safari 5.1.2. Initially i was thinking it was a video problem, so removed the efi string and installed NVEnabler.kext, same problem happens. Any idea? I have searched everywhere, even here on InsanelyMac, but no avail. Please, if someone knows what is happening, please answer.
  5. Hiya everyone, With some help of the excellent guides on this forum (thanks so much for that, it is great for newbies!) I managed to get my first Hackintosh running. I am now writing this from OSX 10.7.2. I love it. I'm just having a few minor issues that I'd like to solve, and I hoped you guys could help me out! (yes, I did do research and checked the forums, but I couldn't find anything yet.) Whenever I boot my Mac, it either gets stuck after DSMOS has arrived and it says "NTFS Volume etc.", or it takes a long time and then eventually boots up the GUI. Also, when it finally boots (this usually takes 3 minutes from the point it reads "NTFS") I see the GUI, and all the programs initialize (like Spotify etc.) and my mouse moves, but clicking or typing on the keyboard doesn't work for about a minute. I'd hope to solve that, just like the following problem: Sometimes, and this more often doesn't work than does, when I try to copy something from 1 place to another, the copy dialog comes up, but it'll read "Zero bytes from ...", and stay like that. Clicking Stop doesn't stop it, the only stopping is done true "killlall Finder" in the Terminal. Also, Text Edit doesn't start up, but this is not such a problem. My system: AMD Athlon x4 640 AsRock M3A770DE (AMD 770 NB, SB710) 4GB ram, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 430. I have installed iAtkos L2 through installing Snow Leopard first, then running the Lion installer and replacing the mach_kernel by this one: http://www.osx86.net...md!!!!!!!!.html (version4, that's what the guide I used, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/278181-amd-1073-guide-experimental-only/, recommended) The boot flags I use are as follows (yes, I also run it in verbose mode for the time being) : -legacy -v arch=i386 npci=0x3000 I hope you guys could help me out getting my Lion to run stable, would be great! Thanks in advance, Daan
  6. Hi, I want to install MacOS Catalina on my laptop. I was installed MacOS Mojave previously but i had a lot of problem, for example my wifi's card (Dell DW1820A) had a problem: My pc sometimes doesn't boot up or pc after some minutes crashed or slowed. Now i want to try again to install macOS. this is my spec: HP 15-AY034NL CPU: i7 6500U with HD520 SSD: 500GB SSD Samsung Wifi & Bluetooth: Dell DW1820A (Bluetooth: BCM2045A0) (Wifi: BCM94350ZAE) USB 3.0 Ethernet: Realtek 8100 Attached in this thread, my old clover configuration created by me (CLOVER OLD) and clover with Wifi driver (CLOVER) created by Hervè (I had asked help at insanelymac's community) P.S SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH. Thanks in advance -ANTONIO CLOVER OLD.zip CLOVER.zip
  7. Hi Guys, I have random freezes in safari, I'm using intel graphicsfixup.kext, lilu, and my iTunes don't crash, anyone knows the reason that this happens? Thanks in Advance Send me iMac de AM.zip
  8. I've had a successful and functioning hackintosh for a while now. It's running Yosemite and has Clover as the boot loader. I want to update to Sierra but am having trouble doing so. I have updated my Clover to the latest version and put the mandatory boot lefts in their folder within the EFI partition. I run the Install macOS Sierra app and when the PC restarts I boot into the Installer partition with verbose to make sure nothing goes wrong. But it does go wrong. I get an error that says: "Error loading kernel cache (0x9)" I'm not sure what this means. Can anyone help me. Is there any way I can get to Sierra? Specs: CPU: i7 3770 Mobo: OEM Acer Board (MC605) GPU: GTX 760 SC Below is a video of me trying to boot into the update partition. Also a note. I deleted OSXAptioFixDrv but kept OSXAptioFixDrv2 as it would give me another error when booting into the update partition. However now the option for me to boot into my existing Yosemite installation is gone. I'm not sure if these are related. Any help is appreciated.
  9. I recently got an Asus X55U laptop with the following specs: AMD Brazos C-60 1Ghz CPU 4GB DDR3 120GB HDD AMD HD 6290 Graphics. I am trying to use the Sierra 10.12.5 raw file from the Olarila forum. I understand that I need to change the kernel on the installer USB to one that supports AMD processors, but I am not sure which kernel to use or how to replace it. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it. Thanks. EDIT: Also when I try to use the Sierra Zone distro with the included AMD kernel, I get Error loading kernel cache (0x9) when trying to boot into the installer. EDIT 2: Nevermind this post. I just read that your CPU needs SSE4.1 to run Sierra and the C-60 only had SSE4A. I'll try an older version and make a new post if necessary.
  10. Hi guys i have a problem install macOs Mojave on my PC, I have this configuration:CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X;GPU1: GTX 970 Strix(For game rendering and 144Hz Monitor);GPU2: GTX 750ti Strix(For 2nd monitor rendering to get 100% performances from 1st 144Hz Monitor);MotherBoard: MSI x470 GAMING PLUSHard Disk 1 (Windows 10): Samsung EVO M.2;Hard Disk 2 (For Storage): RAID (1) between two hard disks;Hard Disk 3 (For Mojave): Kingston SSD 120GB;I have created my USB with this: Create Bootable USB Code: sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USB -- /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app -- nointeract && say Done. Clover Settings: Boot: Verbose; dart=0; nv_disable=0; kext-dev-mode=1; GraphicsEnabler=No; XMPDetection = No. Cpu: C6. Devices: (Not Enabled = [ ] - Enabled = [-] - Full Enabled [✓]) Inject (Full Enabled); Add ClockID (Full Enabled); FixOwnership (Full Enabled); Gui: (Not Enabled = [ ] - Enabled = [-] - Full Enabled [✓]) Enabled (Full Enabled); Screen Resolution: 1920x1080; Kernel and Kext Patches: (Not Enabled = [ ] - Enabled = [-] - Full Enabled [✓]) Apple RTC (Full Enabled); KernelPm (Full Enabled); SMBIOS: iMac(18,3); System Parameters: Inject Kexts = Yes; Inject System ID; Used Kexts: FakeSMC FakePCIID NVIDIA WEB LILU BIOS: VT-d = Disabled; XHCI Hand-Off = Enabled; Legacy USB Support: Enabled; Hard Disk: AHCI Mode; Selection Mode: Legacy + EUFI; Clover Install Log: Full Error Log:
  11. neclovek

    How to hackintosh?

    Hello! Yesterday I decided to throw out windows (hate it so much...) and try out hackintosh. I somehow (probably a miracle) installed Yosemite and it almost works (but with random freezes, no sound, graphic card glitches and so on...) but i want to start from the start because going into something this complicated headlessly is a suicide. So what do I need? I need to start learning but i dont know where. If someone would help me to get into this i would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and looking forward for your replies.
  12. Hey, just wondering if anyone could help me fix my audio? I'm running an old rig but got 10.10 to install nicely, I cant get a working audio kext though this is my build (2010) Asus p7h55-m/usb3 Nvidia GeForce GT240 Ripjaw DDR3 1600MHz ram Intel core i3 2.94GHz I used a Realtek ALC887/888b v100202 Without dsdt when I was running 10.8.5 but I cant find a way to work it now, I connect to a tv via HDMI which had audio a long time ago but after updating i cant get HDMI or external speakers to work, any help greatly appreciated guys
  13. InsanelyMac Zip for AppleHDA.zip Hi all, I have download a patched AppleHDA for the VIA 1802 codec for Mavericks 10.9.2 here. (I couldn't find the exact one so I found the one closest to it, the one that worked for Mavericks 10.9.2) The sound is working nicely, except that the internal microphone isn't working. It seems like when I go into the Sound Preferences that the microphone is there, but it isn't working. The sensitivity bar never goes up or down marking that it is active, but whenever I start the computer and check, it seems like it is working, and then turns off... I will attach my DSDT and AppleHDA, since it has all of the Platforms.xml and layoutX.xml. I have used layout 3 as specified in the download I used, so that the audio will be detected properly, and I have also injected that layout into Clover. I will also attach my verbs.txt, codec_dump.txt, codec_dump.txt.svg, codec_dump_dec.txt, codec_dump_dec.txt.svg, and verbitdebug.txt. Hope this will help anyone who is searching for the same answer to this problem. EDIT: Forgot to add this to the description: In the dmesg and system.log I consistently get these sound assertions, and I get the ones below the dashed lines on boot... Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 2197 Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 3158 ------ Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 352 Sound assertion in AppleHDAWidget at line 4271 Sound assertion in AppleHDACodecGeneric at line 1374 -AGuyWhoIsBored
  14. Hello everyone, So I am trying to install OS X on my PC and I can not seem to enable AHCI mode successfully. After I enable AHCI my hard drive is not detected. I can not even access BIOS until I unplug my hard drive, then I have to change back to IDE mode in order to make drive detectable again. Tried changing Sata port on the motherboard and reflashing the bios, no luck. I had hackintosh installed on this system a year ago and it worked just fine, cant seem to figure out whats wrong now. Btw it has no problem auto-detecting a sata dvd drive. I have Asus P5Q SE and Western Digital 500 GB hard drive Any help will be appreciated
  15. Hi guys I am currently facing some problems here I got a tower with: MSI Z170A SLI PLUS board G.Skill 32GB DDR4 Memory Intel i5 6500 Overclocked to 4.51GHz Gainward GTX 1060 6GB Here is the BIOS files I am using Windows are working extremely fine here, stable temperature, no thermal throttling Ubuntu also works after disabing c-state in grub using intel_idle.max_cstate=0 I cannot seems to get macOS 10.12 working with the overclocked chip, macOS works complete fine without overclock The symptoms are the same if I didn’t add the boot argument in Linux, no USB, No hard drive, no signal output from monitor, no nothing The question is: How do I disable C State complete while CLOVER executing the EFI file? seems it's a Darwin/Unix/Linux Kernel limitation. Thanks a lot Update: Solved, see post #10
  16. Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. (I'm a noob when it comes to things like this) I'm a bit new when it comes to Hackintosh, but I'm really stumped about this. I recently got Kalyway 10.5.2 to run on my old Asus M6800n notebook as that was the only version of Leopard I could get working. The setup didn't include the right kexts for my graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon 9600) so I left them uncheck. Rest of the setup went fine, just had to install some missing Network and Sound kexts. When that was all done I edited the com.Boot.Apple.plist so that it wouldn't be stuck in 1024x768, which worked. But now I'm having this problem. The screen that is actuall on the notebook shows everything fine. However, the external Acer VGA monitor I have hooked up to the notebook has it's edges cut off. You can see these in the pictures attached. This is the screen of the Asus M6800n. As you can see every thing is on screen. This is the Acer VGA Monitor. As you can see the top and sides are cut off and not visible. I've looked through many forum posts, done tons of searches and all of the methods I found don't seem to work. One that involves modifying a Callisto kext seemed like it might work, and I would have tried it but it seems that the Callisto website is dead. I'd really like to use this monitor as the hinges on the notebook screen are partially broken. So, in short the apple menu bar and sides of the screen are being cut off on my external monitor but not my notebook's screen. If anyone knows why this is happening or what I can do to fix it please let me know. Thanks
  17. Olá, Instalei hoje no meu notebook Itautec W7415 o hackintosh iAtkos Snow Leopard. Na instalação funcionava o teclado do meu noteboook e o touchpad, mas quando iniciou o sistema, esses componentes pararam de funcionar e agora só funciona mouse e teclado, ambos USB. Outro problema é que meu notebook tem placa de rede Realtek RLT8191SE, que não possui driver para o hackintosh. Não acho drivers para essa placa de rede*, só drivers de outros modelos... Alguém poderia me dar alguma salvação para rede, teclado e mouse? Grato, Pedro HSB ==== * Não acho uma boa solução comprar um wifi dongle, até porque eu tenho o Windows 8.1, então se precisar comprar alguma coisa, formato a partição do hackintosh e fico com Windows mesmo...
  18. Greetings, I've bought an old Mac from a friend. I got it cheap and it had the Problens before. now the Mac only booted into Single User / Safe mode until i removed the ATI kext on top it has those weird lines (as seen in Picture) they are very thin on a white background so can annybody tell me what is wrong with my mac and what i have to replace (my Mac is an IMac 8,1 early 2008 F226BEC8) thanks in advance and kind regards GamingEnding
  19. I recently installed Mavericks on my HP 15-r174ca Laptop using myHack. I've worked out most of the kinks but can't seem to get audio working. I first VoodooHDA in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] but that didn't work so I tried my best to remove it. Then I installed the AIO Audio Solution but the only sound output is Digital Only (HDMI). I can't get sound out of my speakers or headphone jack. Anyone know a way to fix this? (Pictures below of all info possible) *Note: I feel like this may have something to do with Voodoo. I'm not using it intentionally but it shows up in System Info and the Preference Pane is still there. Does anyone know how to get rid of VoodooHDA 2.8.8?
  20. Hello. i have not much experience with OSx86 .. okay .. i know nothing xD Thats why i need your help: My System: Asus P5Q Deluxe Mainboard LG DVD Burner SATA Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD Creative Sound Card Model : SB0410 Nvidia GTX 260 GraphicCard Apple Pro KeyBoard Logitec MX518 Mouse ML3U OSx 10.8.3 succesful installed. booted with Clover CD. Installed Bootloader with #####. OSx Update to OSx 10.8.5 DSDT. Autopatcher used to make an DSDT.aml and moved this to "Extras" I have following problems, and im not able to solve this, tried several DSDT and kext on database but no one works : USB onBoard doesnt work. It works only with my Mouse and Keyboard, i can only connect Sticks via Apple keyboard. DVD drive does all 30 Seconds an "read" noise I cannot find correct drivers for my GTX 260. (full support) Drivers ive tried Crashed my System completly (i had to reinstall it 2 times -.- ) Also cannot find or install correct drivers for my Creative Soundcard ( tried it with kXAudio Drivers but takes no effect ) My HDD also shuts down after 5 Minutes not in use....... but starts after 1 Minute again Can you please help me ? I seacrhed all over the web but im to stupid or there are no good drivers, DSDT´s and kexkt .........
  21. After several attempts, I managed to successfully install Lion on this computer. The system works quite well (apart from the swith and USB3 Nvidia GeForce GT540M with Optimus .. that I could not run). I have presented two problems that have not yet managed to solve: 1) Blocks occasional system happens when using the system blocks. The next time you reboot the system does not boot properly (crashes before). Restarting a further time the system restarts (some times again and then when the system goes into sleep hangs). 2) The wifi network is not autoconnect to already associated network after the system is running a sleep; not automatic reconnect to the WiFi network, but you must manually select it to start (as opposed to the Ethernet network that even after the Stop starts to work properly) I enclose also pictures with lines written by the block system, and occurred on the next reboot. I hope that someone more capable than me in the Hackintosh world can give me a hand! :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dopo vari tentativi, sono riuscito ad installare con successo Lion su questo computer. Il sistema funziona abbastanza bene (a parte la porta usb3 e lo swith dalle scheda video Nvidia GeForce GT540M con Optimus..che non sono riuscito a fare funzionare). Mi si sono presentati due problemi che non sono riuscito ancora a risolvere: 1) Blocchi occasionali del sistema durante l'utilizzo capita che il sistema si blocchi. Al successivo riavvio il sistema non esegue nemmeno il boot correttamente (si blocca prima). Riavviando una ulteriore volta il sistema riparte (a volte riparte e poi quando il sistema và in Stop si blocca). 2) Il wifi non si autoconnette alle reti già associate dopo che il sistema esegue uno Stop non avviene la riconnessione automatica alla rete Wifi ma è necessario selezionarla manualmente per farla ripartire (al contrario della rete Ethernet che anche dopo lo Stop riprende a funzionare correttamente) Allego anche delle immagini con le righe scritte dal sistema a blocco avvenuto e al successivo riavvio. Spero che qualcuno più capace di me nel mondo Hackintosh possa darmi una mano! :-)
  22. I have tried to install clover via no UEFI legacy mode (and with UEFI method) using the method here (http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-desktop-guides/144426-how-install-os-x-yosemite-using-clover.html) both times I can get to just past the clover boot screen and it freezes after that. I have verbose (-v) selected in boot options: On the non-UEFI install then it hangs on: "Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key>...." I have had a lot of issues with trying to get the installer working and many different things that had to be disabled but now it just gets to here and stops. Some times it will glitch out on this screen and give me a the circle with the line through it and text garbage around it where the text in the pictures are. Need help please. This is the laptop im using the specs are the same nothing has changed. https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS_VivoBook_X202E/ config.plist
  23. Thanks to the website for being a resource and making hacktintosh a valuable resource to the little guy. I have a HP Elitebook 8560p with a Radeon HD 6470m video card / Hackintosh that I was able to get Mavericks onto with everything working but Sierra has problems with the USB 3.0, as well the Radeon Card working with GPU acceleration. I have installed Sierra and I cannot get the GPU to work with OPEN CL, resolution or the USB 3.0 to be recognized, unlike the Mavericks partition. As far as the Radeon goes, It is in VGA mode with no GPU acceleration, but it sees it in the system profiler but not correctly with the V RAM. I for the life of me cannot remember how I resolved these issues in Mavericks, as I was foolish enough not to take notes or make a build sheet. Can you point me in the right direction on these 2 issues? I can provide my contact information as well if this is OK to? Hardware is: (Bolder text being an immediate priority for assistance if anyone can) i7 quad core 16gb ram (OK) 2 USB 2 ports working 2 USB 3.0 port not working Radeon HD 6470m with 1024 v RAM, that is in VGA mode with no GPU acceleration motherboard: Intel MX67QM (not sure if this is a 6, 7, 8 or 9 series chipset) The chipset is listed as MX67QM BIOS: AMI 64 (updated) NO Intel HD graphics enabled on the motherboard HDMI not tested, but says the audio is working via HDMI Intel 82579LM Gigabit LAN not tested Intel 82574 PCIe LAN not tested (not seen, but listed in motherboard specs) Intel Centrino Ultimate N6300 AGN (says for network adapter, but I Realtek ALC 887 working by Voodoo 2,8,8 Card Reader: Not recognized No dual Intel HD graphics (not seen by system profiler) and HP stated the card is either removed or disabled (perhaps by BIOS) Thanks for your time, Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media. [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] worked in the past for USB 3, but I do not remember how I got the GPU issue fixed. I can be contacted through the forum or by my profile if this is not breaking the rules?
  24. As the title says, I cannot log into my app store account. The error says: "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." My specs is: mobo: asrock fatal1ty killer z87 cpu: intel 4770k gpu: gigabyte gtx770 windforce I'm using Oz bootloader. Any ideas why this doesn't work?
  25. Hello thanks to anyone for helping! My problem is that when I play a video or a song or anything that uses audio it is pretty scratchy. I would really like help on this! Thank you all!