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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all,I have a working hackintosh....ok.....but it takes a lot to boot and according to the boot.log there are a few problems.One of them is a black screen that stays on for a long time.I would like to ask anyone in this community some help to fine tune my machine.Boot.log and config.plist attachedAny help would be appreciated. bootlog.txt config.plist
  2. I installed Mac OSX 10.7.3 and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7.4 after following this guide. I installed it in a virtual machine using Virtualbox. When I try to install XCode a error message comes up saying the program is not supported on this type of mac. I open the package contents and open the xcode program itself which launches a terminal prompt which comes back with an error message of 'bad cpu type' Edit: I running AMD phenom II x6 1035T processor and booting with i386 architecture. I think the new xcode program only supports Intel. Is there a way to change the cpu type in mac?
  3. Hello everybody, I post here today with a problem that I cannot seem to get around. I've been an occasional "Hacintosher" for a few years but this time I think it's out of my hands. This is my build : GA-Z270X-UD5 i7 7700k 4,2Ghz GTX 1080 ti I followed all the steps in different guides here and there. I first had to install Sierra without the GTX inside otherwise I didn't get any display. I then installed the drivers, put the card in and it was working. Everything is working : Audio, Ethernet etc... but I only get 640p with the GPU on my 4K display with DP, with HMDI it doesn't even work. So right now it's on a TV... Then I have two other problems. First, I cannot get a "clean" install of Sierra, every time I boot I need to keep the USB stick with the installer and first boot from it. Second, before I put the GTX, I wanted for the Integrated Graphics to work, because actually, I would like to keep the GTX only for rendering. But now that it's inside, neither my display nor my TV can get a signal from the MOBO while connected in HDMI or DP. Attached is my clover folder, if any of you guys have solutions for my problems it would be extremely appreciated ! Thank you. CLOVER.zip
  4. Hello, So here Hackintosh install until no worries. Here are some photos: I have read many forum trying to find solutions, but I can not find . So now I have an Ethernet card Realtek 8136 see attached picture I do not think to deceive . Impossible to make it work I can try all the kexts : RealtekR1000SL.kext RealtekRTL81xx.kext PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext + plugins It does not work , I would like to know if you have a tip ? Then, if what I read are good that, it seems that the intel wifi card would not support ? I did find this: http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/issues/detail?id=154 Do you know that possible? In terms of audio are nothing I tested , sound card : Realtek 8086:9 c20 Rev_1000 I tested VoodooHDA 2.8.4 but it does not work . Maybe to give the DSDT ? I try to find solutions, if you have ideas or the solution is even better . Friendly . : D
  5. Since my other post was vague and stopped getting responses, I will start threads based on each issue to see if that helps. So since I installed Yosemite and ran Vietnam with the Chameleon bootloader, almost everything is working except audio (i ordered a usb audio interface to get around this for now), and the biggest mystery for me is the Ethernet. Upon installation I selected the appropriate AppleIntelE1000e kext from Vietnam but my ethernet didn't work. I repaired permissions and kext cache using kext utility and then re-installed the AppleIntelE1000e kext from Vietnam. Restarted and internet worked. Shutdown my machine for the night and came back the next day to another issue with screens and desktops, and ethernet mysteriously stopped working again. I didn't think much of it and figured with all my tinkering with Model Identifiers and screen options I must have somehow messed up the Ethernet. - I repaired permissions and kext cache using kext utility and then re-installed the AppleIntelE1000e kext from Vietnam. Restarted and internet worked again. I kept my computer on for a while, Restarted a bunch of times and never had a problem. Turned off my computer again for the night, came back this morning to NO ETHERNET again. The kext is still in the S/L/E folder but nothing shows up under DPCI manager for ethernet. What could be happening here? Any info I can provide that will be helpful, lmk. Thanks Edit: I just restarted my computer while typing this and now ethernet is working again. I didn't repair or install anything, just simply restarted. Something must be happening on a shutdown overnight. Double Edit: I just confirmed this behavior by shutting down and waiting 2 minutes. Powered back up and had no ethernet. Restarted from that point and ethernet works.
  6. hello guys need help here. soon my finals are going to start but i can't concentrate on them unless i get my Hackintosh fully working. after a lot of googling i finally come up with qe/ci on my sony vaio vgn nw250F with Graphic Card of ATI radeon HD 4570 512mb. My problem is that when i boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes i got black screen after complete boot, i think when I'm about to get login screen. but with graphics enabler is NO. i can boot with good with qe/ci working. OpenGL is not working cause VLC is giving me OPENGL error.. My processor is burning also.. here is my Darwin Report. hopes i will get HELP from you guys very soon. its been so long on dealing with hackintosh that now eyes are hurting. Okay here is the big update. by changing ati config from shrike to peregrine, I'm able to get my qe/ci everything working. but problem is can get display only on external monitor. not on my sony laptop LCD/LED... NOW my Only problem is HOW TO GET TURN ON MY LAPTOP LCD... HELP ME OUT...... thanks in advance DarwinDumper_2.7.8_Chameleon_2.1_Lion_osman.zip report.rtf
  7. I am using a Dell Inspiron 15R (N5110) with the following config Core i5-2430M 2.4GHZ 4GB RAM 1333MHZ 500GB SATA Dell Wireless card Nvidia 525M 1GB Now i installed OS X using the iATKOS v7 DVD. I could not use it directly as i was getting a real time clock initialization error, hence i had to use the flags cpus=4 and busratio=34. During installation i used the chameleon 2 setup and installed it on the mac os x disk. Also i did not choose any custom packages. Now after installation and reboot, i have two problems. First one is that the installed OS X does not recognize my keyboard and mouse. Second thing is that i am not able to understand the process of getting it to dual boot. I mean after i could not get my window installation back, i booted from the DVD again and i used the -s mode. In the command line i typed. fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 flag 1 quit reboot This got me back to booting window by default, however i want to get an option to boot both. I know i can use BOOT0, but i am not able to get that. Apart from that what to do about the keyboard and mouse driver problem? Any way of installing the correct packages WITHOUT re-installing Thanks
  8. Hi All, I've got successfully up and running my hackintosh(using ######/###### method) My build is working well except one thing, my cpu power management not working properly i've installed HWMonitor using FakeSMC and HWMonitor shows only those speeds 1600MHz,1700MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz,2000MHz, and 3700MHz and i never saw any other speed (between those speeds) I do not use any DSDT or SSDT (im running Mountain lion 10.8.2.installed 10.8.0 and later updated to 10.8.1 and after 10.8.2 power management problem was all three versions) and when i boot in verbose mode i saw a log saying some thing like that "power management may be incomplete or unsupported" These is my hardware specs ================== Gigabyte GA Z77Z-UD3H intel 3770K corsair vengeance 8GB WD blue 500GB im using Integrated HD 4000 Graphics my ###### setup is attached VoodooHDA VT2021 make some random kp, so i've tried, it worked perfectly without single kp. AppleRTC patch applied later, Again my build is working pretty well im happy with that ,and im asking any suggestions to resolve this (or this is normal?) CPU power management issue. never mind about my english Thanks.
  9. Hi. I have a Lenovo Z510-b Laptop which I wanted to Hackintosh.this is my first one so I'm a newbie and don't kjow much. I did the process using an easy guide on Hackintosh zone which all I needed to do was to restore a pre maid installer on a usb disk and then boot ETC. After installation, I have faced several issues which I have managed to fix some of them gradually, but there are some I couldn't make it work: GRAPHICS: first of all lets talk about my main issue. The macOS only recognizes 4MB of my igpu and I can't make any difference. ( ill say what I have done for it so far) and for my Nvidia graphic I think it won't go so well ( after screwing my laptop up for 3 times) because I only have discrete or igpu option in my bios. ( discrete AFA I heard won't work) so im mainly hoping for my igpu. Things I have done for igpu: Have installed: FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext FakePCIID.kext intelGraphicsFixup.kext.kext using M u L Ti Be a St Have done clover settings: in devices tab,IntelGfx: 0x4128086 in Graphics tab, ig-platform-id: 0x0a260006 ( inject EDID and inject Intel checked) have checked fix intelgfx in api tab under fixes section * I even set the VRAM box in graphics tab to like 64 or 256 to see if it changes anything although I don't really know what is that for lol* PS: my bios doesn't have any option to set Vram like some guides suggest. AUDIO: this should be a minor issue. I do have the audio working using "M u L Ti Be_a St "and re booting after installing "100/200/300 series Audio Support" under "Realtek ALCxxx" section under audio tab under drivers section. but when I restart again, it just goes off! the installation suggests "Adds Rename HDAS to HDEF patch to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist." but I had( and still have) this patch in my acpi section! so I don't know what is the deal there; but I think its minor. Sorry for long text. I really hope you could help me out. I will now send you the information you need about my laptop specs and will attach my problem reporting files which I made using the script rehab man has suggested. NOTE : I get some warnings and errors during boot (verbous) although it boots perfectly, but I don't know if those are included in my problem reporting file or not, or whether it is important at all or not.but I haven't seen any errors there relating to graphics. ( I might be wrong tho). My laptop: Lenovo Z510 Inel Core i7 4702MQ Intel HD 4600 Nvidia Geforce GT740M Realtek Audio ( I thing its 230) Realtek Ethernet Intel Wi-fi ( obviously couldn't make it work) Thanks in advance! debug_3979.zip