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Found 7 results

  1. taytayevanson

    HP Compaq plist

    I am getting the error "an error occurred while installing OS X." I have found a few different things that I can't figure out. It seems like my Intel computer is up to the hardware requirements but I don't know what plist settings I should have... i'm using the Chameleon Wizard to edit my plist file and i've tried a bunch of different stuff. This is my computer, and here are my plist settings... plist.tiff I've messed with the plist settings 100 times and can't get it right... I have ACPI mode on in my bios but I can't find UEFI settings anywhere, the bios version is "786G1 v01.23". But since I can get to the installation screen doesn't that mean i'm past most of the issues? I am also getting an error "BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist", no idea how to get rid of that. Do I need to flash my bios to get UEFI settings correct? I have been Googling around on how to do that and can't find out how to do it. I have given it my all... I am stuck
  2. Buenas, Estoy intentando instalar Sierra en mi ordenador, que es un AMD-FX 8350, y tengo algunos problemillas, uno de ellos que el ratón no me funciona, pero bueno eso ya veré cómo lo soluciono... Ese que veis arriba es el error que me aparece en cuanto alcanzo el instalador. Por lo que he estado leyendo, puede que sea porque mi SMbios tiene puesto un MacPro 3,1 y no es compatible con Sierra, por lo que tendría que utilizar en su lugar el MacPro 5.1 o en adelante, o quizás un iMac 13.1, pero el problema es que no se cómo editarlo. He estado buscando información y casi todo lo que encuentro son apps como Chameleon Wizard que te generan uno nuevo según el modelo que selecciones y demás, pero me han dicho que eso no se hace así, que no es tan fácil como abrir una app y ya está o modificarlo manualmente con el editor de texto. Entonces necesito que me echéis una mano diciéndome cómo va esto... lo agradecería muchísimo!
  3. Hi, I will add a new network card (HP NC360T) to to my system which works OOTB. Therefore I will disable my current onboard lan which is currently recognized as en0. After deleting the obsolete Kext for my disabled onboard card, which plist do I have to delete, to get the first port of my new network card to be recognized as en0? Naturally it will be recognized as en1, which causes problems with Messages. Which other steps would be necessary (eg. rebuild caches)?
  4. Edit plist inside a kext - open Kext or drop kext to the list, all plist Files will be listed - on the right side you see the folder - on the bottom you see the full path - choose File in the List - open Editor - edit File - When you exit the program the correct permissions on the kext file are set. Download
  5. m9IsKoN

    Clover not load (help me config.plist)

    Hello, I'm new and when installing the clover I have problems with creating config.plist, help please? Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.6 FX-9590 GTX 760 ASUS SABERTOOTH R2.0 RAM 8GB G.Skill SSD Corsair GS 128 GB
  6. Hy friends. I have make a edition on my com.apple.boot.plist. But i think i take some wrong way to do that. Have a way to restore that archive? I have tried boot using -s in startup.. but i don`t know how to open and edit then. Thanks fow your help and sorry for my bad english...
  7. Hi! I sometimes use Steam for games on my Hackintosh, but I partitioned my disk as Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled) which is incompatible with Steam. Instead of creating a whole new partition table for a small application, you can create a disk image of a case-insensitive format and run Steam from there. These Terminal commands will create this disk image. If you do not create a separate SteamApps folder, replace 500m (on row 26) with a byte size that can fit your games aswell, eg 40g. #!/bin/bash mkdir -p /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Resources mkdir -p /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS plist=/Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Info.plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundleExecutable string 'Steam'" $plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion string '1.0'" $plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundlePackageType string 'APPL'" $plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundleSignature string '????'" $plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundleVersion string '1.0'" $plist /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Add CFBundleIconFile string 'steam.icns'" $plist bin=/Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/Steam echo '#!/bin/bash' > $bin echo 'hdiutil detach /Volumes/Steam' >> $bin echo 'if [ != /Volumes/Steam ]' >> $bin echo ' then hdiutil detach -force /Volumes/Steam' >> $bin echo 'fi' >> $bin echo '' >> $bin echo 'hdiutil attach -noverify -nobrowse /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Resources/Steam.dmg' >> $bin echo '/Volumes/Steam/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/steam.sh' >> $bin echo '' >> $bin echo 'hdiutil detach /Volumes/Steam' >> $bin echo 'if [ -e /Volumes/Steam ]' >> $bin echo ' then hdiutil detach -force /Volumes/Steam' >> $bin echo 'fi' >> $bin chmod +x /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/Steam hdiutil create -size 500m -fs "Journaled HFS+" -volname Steam /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Resources/Steam.dmg hdiutil attach -noverify -nobrowse /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Resources/Steam.dmg mkdir -p /Volumes/Steam/Steam ln -s /Volumes/Steam/Steam $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Steam curl http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.dmg -o $TMPDIR/steam.dmg hdiutil attach -noverify -nobrowse $TMPDIR/steam.dmg cp -RX /Volumes/Steam\ 1/Steam.app /Volumes/Steam/ cp -X /Volumes/Steam\ 1/Steam.app/Contents/Resources/steam.icns /Applications/Steam.app/Contents/Resources/ chmod +x /Volumes/Steam/Steam.app/Contents/MacOS/steam.sh rm $TMPDIR/steam.dmg hdiutil detach /Volumes/Steam if [ -e /Volumes/Steam ] then hdiutil detach -force /Volumes/Steam fi hdiutil detach /Volumes/Steam\ 1 if [ -e /Volumes/Steam\ 1 ] then hdiutil detach -force /Volumes/Steam\ 1 fi When you are prompted to accept a license, just press Q, Y and ↵, in chronological order. After running all the commands, reboot and start Steam from the application in /Applications. You may have to create a firewall exception, by opening System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Firewall and Firewall Options…