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Found 7 results

  1. oldnapalm

    DSDT editor and patcher

    El Coniglio released this DSDT editor with automated patching capabilities The main editor windows allows the user to open a DSL file or extract the DSDT from IOReg. It has some useful resources, like syntax highlighting, navigation tree and some options that came with the text editor component it uses, like regex matching, auto completion, jump to pair, etc. The patcher window parses a script-like language representing the patches. The user can preview the modifications before applying them. This "language" allows us to write dynamic patches that can be applied in various situations. More specific commands can be written as they become necessary. For now these are the implemented commands (which can be stacked separated by ";") Changes in latest release: fixed bug which caused data loss if number of open and close brackets don't match fixed compile window to work with new IASL versions updated IASL to 20120420 Download: (last updated on 17/May/2012) Mac OS: DSDTEditor_Mac.zip Linux and Windows: DSDTEditor_Linux_Windows.zip How to apply a patch: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZIHw-QYO64[/media] Screenshots: Linux Windows Credits: Editor component: jsyntaxpane (http://code.google.com/p/jsyntaxpane/) IASL Copyright © Intel Corporation Written in Java
  2. I have written a tool to auto-patch cpuids and auto-decrypt system binaries on Mountain Lion and Lion. It is based on AutoAPBDecrypt but uses a launcher to elevate itself to admin rights. This way it can directly patch and replace the system binaries. Pre-built binaries for Mountain Lion and Lion are built. Source is, as usual, also included in the zip package. Make sure you do a Time Machine backup just to be safe. Enjoy AutoAMDTool.zip
  3. AndersenTech


    Hey everyone, After a post regarding how to inject a custom version of VoodooHDA.kext into VoodooLoader I've released a tool that will do it for you (including permissions)! To use the tool do the following: 1. Download and Install VoodooLoader 2. Download VoodooPatcher 3. Open VoodooPatcher and drag your modified VoodooHDA to the window -For now, the file must be named VoodooHDA.kext 4. Wait 5-10 seconds 5. Enjoy a custom VoodooHDA You can download both VoodooLoader and VoodooPatcher from the official Google Code page --> http://code.google.com/p/voodoo-launcher PS. I think I've worked out all the bugs, however if you find any please message me with the problem
  4. yungyulli

    AppleHDA Patcher help

    hello i am on a laptop and i am wondering if anybody knows of a guide on how to patch applehda using the appleha patcher tool. i tryed two times already and have failed both times. so there might be something i am missing :/. i saw two youtube tutorials and tried both but i still never got the audio to work. maybe im missing something a guide could help me out on. thank you
  5. MaLd0n

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I'm no longer maintaining the patches for Auto-Patcher. The app with on-line patches database is discontinued. Current Auto-Patcher release and latest patches DSDT Editor and Patcher Useful links: -DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards -P5K PRO -DSDT: trick retail drivers by changing "device-id" (e.g USB), Fix sleep issues of ICH9/-R faking ICH10-R -Slow Sata Issue Fix, How to fix HPET IRQ conflict that cause that -ALC889A, Gigabyte (Intel), AppleHDA works nVidia built-in HDMI audio and some ATI brands. -[HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base, Guide for how to fix/use original AppleHDA -DSDT - Vanilla Speedstep - Generic Scope (_PR) -[Guide] Vanilla Retail 10.6.x with Chameleon v2 for Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L, Illustrated Step by Step Guide + BootCD -[Guide] Mammoth Method v2.00 - HP DVx 10.6.x: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive Installation. -Shutdown Fix -HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 10.6.3 Install Package, Retail installation, full HW support -Asus P8P67 Pro install guide, Installation guide for P8P67 Pro and possibly other P67 based mobo' -Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard, Atheros 0x2b fix -GA-EX58 and GA-X58A DSDT native power management modifications -Final solution (FIX) for GMA950 Desktop edition -SpeedStepper, AICPUPM patcher for ASUS P8P67 (and others) -Editing Custom connector info for Intel HD 3000 Graphics (sandy bridge, OSX Lion) -AppleHDA in Lion
  6. yungyulli

    applehda sound glitch? help

    okay so I patched my applehda and apparently the sound works.. but only if I close my laptop wait a couple seconds for my speakers to pop and then open the laptop again? anyone have any experience with this? (there was a similar situation I had where the screen was all garbled up unless in closed and opened my laptop, I fixed that with a intelgraphicsfix kext I think.. maybe there is a similar fix?)
  7. pere

    Hex Patcher

    Version 1.1.0


    i have created a little Hex patching utility, to help keeping all patches together and make easier the patching thingy. How it works: If you need to patch a kext, move it to your desktop (the app will not patch and save a kext if it´s in S/L/Extensions folder). Navigate inside the kext into contents/MacOs Drag the Binary you will find there into the app. Add the codes to be patched and the patches to the app. Patch the binary. Save the binary (the app will do a backup from the binary prior to patching). Install the kext with your favourite kext installer. You can save and edit the patches sets using the upper part of the app, so they can be stored and retrieved later. Enjoy!! PD: it can patch whatever Mac Osx Binary.