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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. Some time ago I decided to explore Mac OS X so I decided to install Snow Leopard (10.6) on my computer. Since I wasn't serious about using it as an OS, I installed it as a virtual machine in VirtualBox under Linux (ubuntu to be precise) using the EmpireEFI4AMD BootCD and a retail DVD. It worked well so I kept the virtual machine. Later, I decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion (10.8) so I used ##### (with a custom AMD kernel) on a small VirtualBox partition I created for that and the upgrade was successful. Presently, the virtual machine works just fine (see below image), but I'd like to have the OS on my actual computer so that it runs as fast as it can. The way my system is configured is that I have a Linux partition, an HFS+ partition for OS X and another small HFS+ partition which contains the ##### installer. The grub bootloader boots Linux and the VirtualBox virtual machine is configured to directly access the two HFS+ partitions. I have a Chameleon Boot CD and when I boot the computer using it, the two HFS+ partitions are available for booting (see below image). I wanted to see if it was possible to at least get the ##### installer up and running outside of the virtual machine (it runs fine inside it) so I tried booting the installer partition with the Chameleon Boot CD using the "-v npci=0x2000" flags (without the npci flag the boot process gets stuck at "[ PCI configuration begin ]"). The below picture shows as far as I got (It gets stuck at "Still waiting for root device"). At the present, my system has one SATA drive and the latest BIOS for this motherboard does not have an enable/disable AHCI option so I placed the kexts from the following thread in /System/Library/Extensions (I also tried having them in /Extra/Extensions) but I'm still not successful: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290644-installing-os-x-on-non-ahci-drive-laptop/ I'm wondering if there's something that I can do to further the process. Also, might it also be possible to use the OS X partition installed under VirtualBox outside of the virtual machine? Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I'm willing to use any other install method (other than the ##### method) if it also works. Thanks so much.