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Found 56 results

  1. I have a HP Pavilion dv6-6047cl I tried to install mavericks from a Niresh USB image and when I try to init the setup I have a message: Error to start he computer. Any idea?
  2. cleidsonalmeida

    Erro PCI Configuration Begin

    Olá, eu estou tentando instalar o Niresh Mavericks 10.9.x e estou com o seguinte problema: Hello, I'm trying to install Niresh Mavericks 10.9.x, and I am with the following problem: Fica preso nessa tela Gets stuck on this screen IMG_20140924_195848154_HDR.jpg Configuração: -Model: Notebook Samsung NP305E4A-AD1BR -Proc: AMD Quad Core A6-3420M Clock: 1.5GHz (Turbo Boost: 2.4GHz) -Mobo: Samsung Modelo: ? -Bios: American Megatrends (AMI) 03QU.MI22.20120103.SKK (DATE: 01/03/2012) -Memory: 4GB DDR3 -HD: 500GB S-ATA 5400 rpm -Video: AMD Radeon™ HD6520G -Wireless: Gigabit (10/100/1000) LAN Alguém pode me ajudar ? Someone can help-me ? Thanks
  3. Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and so is my knowledge in hackintoshs. So I downloaded the newest version of the torrent of Niresh, burned to *.ISO-file on DVD and installed it...without any problems. But after the installtion on my ASUS-Notebook (Intel) I am stuck on the boot screen which looks exactly like this: I have absolutelty no idea what to do next. I tried re-installing for like 3 times, with no effect at all. Everything, the whole setup just goes smooth and after the restart I am stuck on the "locked boot" screen. If you have any ideas let me know, thanks -cc- Edit#1: Since theres no response yet Ill provide you with my hardware specs : Asus F55A-SX091D Intel Pentium CPU B980 @ 2.40Ghz 4,00 GB RAM Win7Ultimate 64-bit (on seperate partition) Thank you!
  4. Hello world. OK, so I have been trying to install 10.7.3 on my computer... But I can't get to the install, or GUI for that matter. Now, this is not my first time hackintoshing. I'm going to spare the long story, but... AMD hackintoshing is a 'process'. I've successfully installed Snow Leopard (10.6.2, took a few days), and haven't successfully installed Mountain Lion... So, I boot from the DVD, and it says something along the lines of "Press any key to boot, or F8 to define boot options"... Something like that. Anyway, I press F8, and type in: "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 -v And it starts loading, and then reboots. It doesn't even reach the console. It just instantly reboots. If I don't type anything in, and press enter, it waits for about 2 seconds, the screen flashes white, and it reboots. I've tried removing the graphics card, removing ram, GraphicsEnabler=no, npci=2x000.... And my BIOS settings are as accurate as they get. I don't have the option to set the sleep state to S3, and no AHCI option. I have my SATA mode set as 'Native IDE Mode'... HPET is enabled. Any ideas? Thanks. Specs in sig.
  5. Buongiorno...ho un problema con il mio notebook samsung...è da un po' che provo a installare montain lion ma non ci riesco...ora ho provato con niresh, ho avviato in -v e ad un punto mi da un errore: bootcachecontrol unable to open /var/db/bootcache.playlist 2 no such file or directory non ho trovato nulla che mi aiutasse in giro...potete darmi una mano? grazie
  6. I am trying to install Mavericks (Niresh) on VirtualBox. My computer is HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j043cl laptop (Haswell i7-4700mq + Intel HD4600). I get following message and installation is stopped: *** [iOBluetoothHCIController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! I tried combinations of -v, -x, -f, CPUs=1, GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No, npci=0x2000, etc. but no success. Some people say it's not a Bluetooth issue; it's a graphics issue. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Salve, sono riuscito a installare Yosemite sul mio PC usando la niresh, funziona quasi tutto ma ci sono dei piccoli problemi: 1)la batteria non viene rilevata 2)boot0 error all'avvio 3)il controllo volume da tastiera non funziona con il voodoo HDA 4)funziona solo la scheda video intel hd 3000 mentre la radeon 6770m non funziona, credo sia incompatibile. Qualcuno sa la soluzione a questi problemi? ho letto che si deve modificare il DSDT ma ho provato ed ho combinato casini. Grazie in anticipo del vostro aiuto
  8. MrSaPlays

    Mavericks quase bomm

    Olá pessoal! Voces ja me devem conhecer, pelas vezes que ja postei por aqui Entao, eu consegui instalar o Niresh's Mac OSX Mavericks no meu PC e, para mim, funciona bem, mas tenho aqui algumas coisas que me faltam para ficar bom: - o meu Touchpad nao funciona, sei como fazer funciona, preciso de uma kext, mas nao sei instalar - o WiFi nao funciona mas a Ethernet sim, já instalei uma kext, mas nao funciona, mas existe um video, com o meu modelo, e o Wifi funciona - Penso que a gráfica nao está bem instalada ou faltará algo, pois está um pouco de lag e deve ter haver com a gráfica. Estao aí as minhas specs: Acer Aspire 5742G Intel Core i5-480M ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 4 GB Ram A placa de rede so sei que é Atheros, nao sei mais nada, sorry :/ Obrigado :DD
  9. I want to install OS X Mavericks on my PC. I know that it's compatible... it's just a matter of installing it. So I wanted to know if I could somehow use my external hard drive to boot into the installation media, and then if I could install from that media on a separate partition on the same external hard drive. I downloaded the Niresh ISO and burned it to an HFS formatted partition, and I made a chameleon boot usb. I booted into chameleon and selected the install partition. It just REBOOTED. Then it would boot back into Chameleon. And it kept doing this until I selected to boot into my Windows Partition. Please help!!
  10. Hi everyone! I've been trying to make a HACKINTOSH for at least 3 months but..... . As I didn't have access to any MAC... I tried to make one using one of Niresh's DISTRO of Mavericks here. After it downloaded it, ALAS, I accidentally extracted it.... Whatever, I transformed that "extracted" folder into .iso file and tried to write it to my Kingston Data Traveler 101 G2 8 GB using Win 32 Disk Imager. However, after the program wrote the .iso file to USB, Thankfully, the USB formatted . I used another software ISOtoUSB to write the .iso to USB & it perfectly.. However when I booted from Usb it showed a message that "No Operating System found.....Try unplugging any drives that do not contain any operating system" I tried several times but it JUST DOESN'T BOOT FROM USB. I checked that the boot priority was as 1. USB Device 2. CD-ROM 3. HDD my system is Dell Optiplex 755 Chipset; Intel Q35 Express Chipset (ICH9DO) BIOS Revision A22 Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @2.33Ghz RAM: 3 GB Display: Intel GMA 3100 Audio: Onboard ​Hopes with you guys !
  11. Hi guys, So I've got my system working somewhat well with Niresh's Mavericks 10.9.0 apart from my GPU. Everything works fine and I do get 1080p resolution, however the Preview App crashes when I use it to view pictures, and I've heard that this could be caused by the driver for the card? I've heard it has something to do with OpenGL or CUDA which I honestly don't know that much about, and was wondering if there's a way to fix the problem by any chance? Everything else works great so far and there's just this tiny thing left that I need to fix the issue!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm having a weird issue, when I do certain tasks the OS freezes and becomes unresponsive, at that point the only way to "fix" that is force shutdown pressing the power button from laptop. The only two ways I reproduce that are: Using Box Sync, when that program starts syncing after a while (not to much) the OS hangs At first boot when OS restores opened programs and Google Chrome has a few tabs (like around, I don't know, 30 for example), Chrome starts restoring every tab and OS hangs after a little bit (while restoring tabs) Anybody experienced this or have any ideas about it? Thanks in advance. Spects: Dell Inspiron 3420 Intel Core i3 2328M 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 3000 512MB SATA 500GB OS X Niresh Mavericks 10.9 + Update 10.9.5 from Mac App Store GPT (GUID Partition Table) Bootloader Clover UEFI Any other data you may need just ask me. Best regards.
  13. Salve a tutti, Premetto che le caratteristiche principali del mio pc sono le seguenti: Processore Intel® Core™ i5-460M (2.53GHz, 3MB L3) HD 500GB RAM 4GB Scheda video ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512MB dedicata + Intel HD Ho utilizzato Niresh 12495 da boot DVD con cpus=1 busratio=20 se no va in kernel panic, l'ho installato e dopo il primo avvio tutto a buon fine Ho installato i seguenti kext: Remove Graphics Kext (Se no non si avviava al primo avvio) Ethernet: RTL 8111/8168B (Per connettermi direttamente al primo avvio) Wireless: AR 9285 (Non funziona) PS2 Keyboard and Mouse RemoveAppleTyMCEDriver Dopo il primo avvio mi ritrovo solo senza wifi e senza audio e le usb non funzionano. Eseguo il fix di Niresh e dopo il riavvio aggiorno alla versione 10.8.3 dall'app store. Quando riavvio mi dà il seguente errore: Ho già effettuato safe mode ma niente da fare. Qualcuno di voi sa cosa significa e come risolverlo? Se avete qualche consiglio sulle kext o su qualunque altro processo fatemi sapere, molte grazie in anticipo !
  14. ashken

    Nires mavericks stuck

    I installed niresh mavericks on a samsung RV515 AMD E-350 laptop and after the reboot it got stuck at the apple logo with a spinning wheel. Booting it in verbose mode with the flags -v -x show it gets stuck at the following lines which it prints repeatedly ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint: Dictionary Object: HIDDefaultParameters Value: ?? ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint: Dictionary Object: HIDWaitCursorFrameInterval Value: 33332999
  15. Hello everyone. First off, some system specs: CPU - i7-4770 @ 3.4GHZ MB - Hewlett-Packard 2AF3 1.0 GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 OS - 64 Bit Windows 8 RAM - 16GB (not sure of the make) Alright, I installed the Niresh OSX 10.8.2. Afterwards, it restarted and went to the grey apple screen for a few seconds and transitioned to this screen shortly after: I restarted and used the -v to give you guys something to work with. This is where it stopped: Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  16. I recently purchased this laptop (Toshiba Satellite C-50-A) , with AMD A6 APU and AMD Raedon 8400. As I try to book from the USB , after entering flags(amd64 -x graphicsenabler=no -v) , I get stuck on a black screen , and nothing happens, I waited for 1/2 hour.When I use amd and amdfx flags , I get kernel panic , with something like efi error. From BIOS , i have made following changes: Changed to CSM , from UEFI. enabled AHCI . I can't find other advance options in my BIOS.(It's probably locked) I am using Niresh 10.9 Please guide me how to reach till installation. I also tried these flags(cpus=1 , with no help
  17. Tengo una laptop hp-pavilion dv6-6047cl , me carga el arranque de Niresh pero luego de eso no levanta el instalador, he probado con todas las boot flags y nada . Alguna idea ?
  18. Hi, i'm getting crazy, since a week i'm trying to install OS X on My computer (i need it for develop) My configuration is: CPU: i7 4790k (for now i use integrated gpu HD4600) Motherboard: MSI Gaming 7 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2400 MHz 4x2 GB Kit Now, i have tryied a such of ALL of that is possible to try, from niresh realase, to clover install by mac app store (on virtual machine), i have tryied to install the esd file by disk utility and terminal but EVER problems. Only one time i had getting on mac by after Niresh install (maybe, i'm not shure, sorry but too many tryies) putting on terminal for install this: xpcm-free -v and on first boot: -x -f -F -v but without anything work, crappy animations, no internet connection, no usb. After with a 8 gb usb drive with clover i getting on a black screen that say error after loading a lot of astherics and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i have tryed myHack too, i'm really getting sad and down... I'm waisting like 7 hours in a day for make this works but i don't know how to make it..... PLEASE HELP Thanks Guys.
  19. Buenas amigos, ayer instale el mavericks a mi Laptop Vit M2421,que tiene las siguientes especificaciones: Software: OS X 10.9(13A603) Ram: 2 GB 1334 MHz DR3 Graficos: Intel HD Graphics 3000 288 MB Procesador:2,29 GHz Intel Core i3 Wifi: Broadcom 4311 La instalacion fue la mayoria perfecto, me sorprende ya que anteriormente instale Mountain Lion y me iba a los golpes y no tenia sonido ni microfono ,bueno esta vez si se instalo todo correctamente, logre que funcionara el wifi colocandole cinta al pin 20 de mi tarjeta, y bueno , mis problemas son 3: 1.No me reconoce la bateria ,me dice exactamente esto "No hay ninguna bateria disponible" , instale todos los sensores que me daba mi distro y el logo de la bateria, sin embargo carga sin problemas pero para evitar maltratos a la bateria no la uso. 2. Mi maquina se apaga repentinamente,se que se suele apagar de faltar un driver o algo asi , pero no, simplemente uso skype o navego en mozilla y se apaga sola. 3.No consigo de ninguna manera instalar un bootloader en el disco duro,estoy booteando del usb que prepare para instalar mi distro, me gustaria utilizar chameleon ya que no me llevo bien con Clover, intente instalando Chimera, chameleon wizard y ninguno lo hago fuuncionar. Soy totalmente novato en hackintosh, mas no en informatica, me muevo bien para la experiencia que tengo en este SO, sin embargo no alcanzo a entender que es el DSDT ni nada por el estilo,espero me ayuden lo mas pronto posible a solucionar mis problemas, muchas gracias de antemano, un saludo.
  20. Salve a tutti , ultimamente ho deciso di reinstallare Mac os sulla mia macchina. Da questa installazione sono nati dei problemi: il primo, già ripresentato nella prima installazione ma non ricordo come lo aggiustai, è "error encountered while starting up the computer pausing 5 seconds" ma questo mi permette di proseguire con l'installazione. Il secondo problema si verifica dopo l'installazione, andando a bootare la partizione dove è installato Mavericks si blocca nella schermata della mela. Andando a bootare con -v, invece, si blocca dopo l'operazione di mount della partizione di Windows 8.1 (su un altro hdd). Premetto che nell'installazione ho lasciato di default i valori del "personalizza" e che Mavericks è stato montato su un SSD. La mia configuarazione hardware è: Intel i5 4670k 3.40 GHz Asrock fatal1ty killer z87 16gb ram corsair Nvidia gtx 970 della msi Wd element caviar Green 2tb (per Windows & Co) Seagate 2tb Kingston 250 gb ssd hyper (Mac os) Grazie Ps: successivamente vorrei fare un upgrade a Yosemite 10.10
  21. Hello everyone, I have just installed Niresh Mavericks onto my Toshiba C55T-B5109. I tried to do everything I could to get this working, but there is no written documentation anywhere about this computer, not even how to replace the ram! Anyways, I got everything working except for: 1. Intel HD Graphics 2. Wifi (fixed using dongle) 3. Sound I was wondering if there was anyway to get the Intel HD 4400 Graphics Card working. Here are my full specs: Intel Core i3 4005u Intel HD 4400 8GB ram
  22. Hello Everyone, I am trying to install the Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Niresh Distro) 10.8.2 in my HP Probook 4540s but it gets stuck at "still waiting for root device". I tried various BIOS configurations and boot flags like debug=8, AHCIDisk=1, GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No, hp (this flag was provided in niresh's guide) and many others in different combinations but none seem to be working. Can anyone help me with this ? System : Intel® Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM (Single Channel) 750 GB SATA HDD GFX-Intel HD Graphics 4000 @ 2 GB GFX- AMD Radeon 7650 @ 2 GB
  23. Hi all! First off, I am new to this forum and hackintoshing in general. I've been at it for perhaps 2 days? My goal is to dual boot Mavericks with Windows 8 on my laptop. What I have done so far is to create a bootable USB with Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0. Using Disk Management, I split the SSD hard disk on the laptop to have an additional partition (40GB, from here on referred to OSXpart) for the Mavericks installation. Booting into Niresh installer from BIOS was successful. I erased the OSXpart as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and installed Niresh Mavericks. The trouble is, after installation completes, the computer restarts and boots into Windows. The bootloader (Chameleon) does not boot. Troubleshooting: 1. I tried changing the installation settings to install Clover EFI instead of Chameleon standard, and ended up bricking my computer (one of the guides did mention that there is a well-documented bug of Niresh that ruins the Clover bootloader). The BIOS could not detect the SSD, and could not boot into ANYTHING. I remedied this by deleting all partitions and reinstalling Windows using Samsung's recovery image on my backup external hard drive. 2. I tried changing OSXpart to be the active partition, using Diskpart in cmd. But the error message is "The selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk. The ACTIVE command can only be used on fixed MBR disks" 3. I tried to use Gparted to make OSXpart active. What I did was to change the boot flag of OSXpart to 'boot', and removed the 'boot' flag from the System Reserved partition. Nothing happened. Windows 8 booted as usual. Anyone can help me with regards to this, other than suggesting a total wipe of the HDD and installing vanilla Windows 8? I would really appreciate the help!!! My setup is: Samsung NP740U3E Series 7 Ultra Processor: i5 3427U Motherboard: Samsung NP740U3E-A01SG Bios: American Megatrends P06ABW Ram: 8gb DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD4000
  24. Hi, This is my first post here so hopefully I've done it correctly. Please advise if I haven't. In trying to convert some Excel VBA to work on a friend's Mac, I thought the way to go would be to install a free version of OS X under VirtualBox on my Windows 8.1 64bit platform. After a couple of false starts I hit upon 'How to install OS X Mavericks in VirtuaLBox with Niresh'. Following this guide I've now got Maverick 10.9 installed and running. Web hits on iWork say that it may be installed on Mavericks simply by downloading and installing the iWork09Trial from Softpedia and then, on App Store, clicking on Updates. When I do this App Store returns 3 incompatible updates for the 3 iWork components. Looking at the details for each, they are the versions for Yosemite. My question is: how do I install iWork on my Mavericks for free?