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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys & girls. After Mountain Lion 10.8.4 installation on my CustoMac i had one problem ( everything else works ) - When i open iMessage my internet stops working. ( pages won't open, another services are unavailable etc ) I read a lot of tutorials about 'how to fix imessage', but i haven't found really useful information, because i don't want to use Clover. So, it's very simple. Open iMessage application, go to Preferences, and uncheck 'Enable Bonjour', also login into your account. ( See screenshot ). Thanks for reading. I haven't found tutorials like this one. I hope it helps.
  2. i have an issue with the networking on the board. i have installed the respective kext i found and all i get is the networking prefferences saying self assigned ip and it gives out a 169 number that means the internet is down or there is something wrong with the net. i have even tried the lizard program and that didnt do anything either it kept the net just as it was. if i manually set up eveything in the nework preferences it says its connected and everything but it isnt. when i go to safari with auto or manual settings it will always say i am not connected to the internet. what am i to do to make the networking on the board work. its a Realtek RTL8110 chipset. the networking is the major thing thats stopping me from using the computer at all cause i cant do updates or use messengers or anything of the sort. if anyone knows anything let me know
  3. I am trying to connect my Lion 10.7.4 hackintosh desktop to my Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Late-2011 macbook pro via ethernet for file sharing. Both computers say they are connected to each other via ethernet, but they cannot see each other in Finder sidebar or connect to each other through 'Connect to Server'. File sharing is on on both computers, firewalls are off on both. When I connect the ethernet cable, Network Preferences both say green-light 'Connected' after a few seconds. Both computers configure IP addresses with Auto DHCP. However, I configured both manually to be more certain. Computer 1: IP: Subnet: Computer 2: IP: Subnet: I turned WIFI off for both. Ethernet still says Connected on both. I've tried browsing for each computer through 'Connect to Server'. Nothing shows up in Finder. Then, I try entering the Server address, such as afp:// When I add a completely bogus address, I receive an error message right away: "There was a problem connecting to the server "NameXXXX". The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time..." But if I enter the correct Server address, afp://, it searches for the address for at least a minute before I receive the same error message. Can anyone see what is going wrong? Thanks
  4. Currently using VMware Workstation 15.0.3, with High Sierra 10.13.6 fully updated - Mojave has some issues because of changes to how the GUI is drawn so the performance is slower so I stick with High Sierra. But I've noted - over the years this has always been the case with using macOS or OSX in VMware Workstation as a guest OS sitting on top of Windows - that the actual networking performance is pretty lackluster and I've always wondered why. I have a Windows 7 VM that I created for testing purposes, so here's the setup in terms of the physical host hardware: HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Intel i5-3427u CPU (2 cores/4 threads) 12GB of DDR3 1600 (dual channel mode, gets about 22GB/s reads and 21GB/s writes so it's fast enough) Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SATA SSD (540MB/s reads and 520MB/s writes tested and verified regularly, no issues) Intel Gigabit NIC (no issues) Gigabit Internet service (I regularly pull 950-960Mbps without issues) Windows 7 Professional x64 fully updated as of March 15th (no issues whatsoever) Doing a speedtest from my ISP I get ~950Mbps results, downloading large contiguous files from some services gives me 70-90MB/s (that's Megabytes per second) sustained bandwidth during the downloads. For the VM, it's: VMware Workstation 15.0.3 (unlocked with Donk's unlocker) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 installed from ISO then upgraded to 10.13.6 from App Store 4GB assigned to the VM (of the 12GB physical hardware RAM) 2 "CPUs" assigned to the VM (meaning I just have it set for 1 CPU 2 cores, using the extra two threads from Hyperthreading causes some audio glitches with the VM) VMware Tools installed (latest available directly from VMware) Everything in the VM is "stock" meaning I haven't and probably can't alter the hardware profile. Now, if I go do a download from someplace that I know is fast and can provide significant bandwidth in excess of 50MB/s (that's 400Mbps by the math) like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, or perhaps some Linux distro mirror site in my region, I end up seeing a maximum speed of about 150Mbps (that's Megabits per second) or about 18-19MB/s. Considering it's a Gigabit NIC being fed to the VM, and Gigabit Internet service, I'd like to think the VM should be showing faster speeds but it's not. No matter what I do, even if it's copying files from a network share to the VM (as a shared folder set up in the VM settings) it still maxes out at roughly ~150Mbps and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Anyone else notice this slow performance? Here's why I bring it up: With the Windows 7 VM I use for testing, as a guest OS on top of Windows 7 itself, I can pull 850-950Mbps in the same speed testing situations. But with the macOS VM, 150Mbps tops it seems. I wonder if there's a reason for this, perhaps the NIC driver in VMware Tools is just crazy inefficient with respect to using macOS on a Windows host which isn't supposed to be done, of course, but we do it anyway because we actually can (thanks to Donk and many others over the years, I have my own storied history as part of The OSx86 Project when it started up long ago). Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this issue. It's not a big huge hassle, of course, but it is somewhat irritating knowing the networking for the VM should be significantly faster. When I look at the Network Adapter properties inside macOS it shows a Gigabit link as far as the VMware networking driver is concerned so, again, it's just odd why it's so limited, almost a flat line at ~150Mbps and I've never been able to get it to go any faster. Bizarre... ;)
  5. i have ended up getting high sierra installed on my intel DQ670w board. i used a premade high sierra/clover dmg i extracted to a usb flash drive. right now the audio, networking arnt working and the video card i have in the machine an nvidia geforce 1050 gtx ti it works but has very very very choppy/jittery video. i did find some kext files for the network and audio but when i put them in the extensions folder they didnt do anything to add audio or networking. also i have to get the machine to boot from the hard drive rather then having to boot the usb flash drive to get the hard drive to boot and i have to work on the video card stuff as well. i am not to good at this stuff cause usually when i have tried stuff i end up breaking stuff or that stuff doesnt work. i am not all that code or certain tech savy. i am not the brightest. i like things laid out where its all like this is the files and where you get them from this is how u work with them kind of thing. it does agravate me when people just wont lay out stuff as like a dummy book does and makes everything easy. i tried on facebook groups and got as far as to be told what kexts to find but never told where to find them. i did try to look on my own and i did find a few kexts but they where ones that needed alterations to the os to even make them usable. the video kext or driver i was told to install it and do something like change something to true. all i need are the kext files and to make the machine boot from the hard drive rather then complaining it doesnt have an os on the drive or having to use the usb flash drive to make it boot and the video files and to know how to deal with the files and make them work without having to start over with everything and reinstalling stuff