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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone. I was wondering if someone has working ML on his asus laptop? I've been searching and found allot of people that succeeded in installing but the install always had some flaws like wifi not working etc. Help would be appreciated!
  2. My first guide. This is a Work In Progress guide to the Asus n76vz laptop. http://ca.asus.com/e...tainment/N76VZ/ It may also work on n56vz and other n models. Credit to http://ukrainianipho...&st=20&start=20 for the work put in. A lot of functionality came from there. I'm creating this guide in the hope that people can help me further this build and get it working closer to 100%. This guide works with Mountain Lion 10.8.0-10.8.4. Configuration: -Intel i7 3630QM -12GB DDR3 Memory -Intel Wifi and BT 4.0 (Modified to AR5B195 Wifi + BT 3.0 combo) -500GB WD HD. -Camera. -Backlit keyboard. What's working: -Processor and Speed Stepping. -Web Cam (See Note 1) -Function keys: Volume, Wifi, Brightness, Backlight, Trackpad (I think? I don't use). -Ethernet 1Gb. -Wifi at 2.4Ghz (See Note 2) -Sleep -Audio and Speakers -USB 3.0 Super Speed (See Note 3) -HD 4000 Graphics -Trackpad multitouch gestures http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/ -Keyboard -Microphone and Dictation -Blu-ray Drive What needs fixing and work: -Camera needs to be able to start from anywhere (See Note 1). -Wifi + BT combo card. Need a supported half min Wifi + BT combo card or a proper fix for AR5B195 to make BT work after wake from sleep (See Note 2). -[Fixed see Update 1] Chameleon 3GB problem. 12GB installed but only recognizes 3GB of installed RAM. 12GB works with Clover or other bootloaders. -Video RAM only shows 384MB allocated when it should be 512MB allocated for HD4000. DSDT edit will probably be able to fix. -USB 3.0 Ejects Devices pre and post Wake Sleep. -System crashes at times randomly every so often. Often immediately after waking from sleep. May be due to USB issue in previous line. -Nvidia 650M graphics does not work but should. It's the same card as in MBP Retina. -HDMI output doesn't work I believe it's because the HDMi is bound to the Nvidia card. I really hope there is a way to get this going. -Battery life appears to be draining too fast. May be due to Nvidia in previous line. Disabled in DSDT. -VoodooBattery kext seems to be a little inaccurate. Would be good to get AppleBattery kext from referenced site working with this DSDT and configuration. Notes: Note 1: Camera needs to be fixed to start from any program. Right now it only works if you start it from System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Click on picture and Camera. Note 2: Wifi works when the Wifi card is swapped out; BT 4.0 works with Intel Combo card built in. I use AR5B195 Atheros. BT and Wifi work on startup. No BT after wake from sleep with Atheros card. Note 3: To get USB 3.0 working you have to disable Legacy in the BIOS. You can only use one or the other NOT both in parallel. So either Legacy ON, xHCI OFF OR Legacy OFF, xHCI ON. Install Notes: BIOS Settings: -Turn ON either Legacy USB or xHCI not both (See Note 3). -Turn OFF Fast boot and Enable CSM boot option. Installation: -Not going to explain how to use myHack installer so google it and teach yourself. http://myhack.sojugarden.com/ -This laptop only boots from MBR Partition Map Scheme according to http://ukrainianipho...&st=20&start=20 Haven't tried GUID but MBR works. - You have to use Legacy USB to get it to install from USB thumb drive. This should be obvious as USB 3.0 is not supported by the 10.8 installer. See Note 3. Post Install: -Extra folder attached. -IOath3kfrmwr.kext is included you can remove it if you don't buy an AR5B195 Atheros card and Install it in your system. Bonus note. To open your laptop and install your Wifi -card you need to unscrew all screws at the bottom of your laptop. Screws are hidden under the rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop. -ALXEthernet.kext is needed if you want to use App Store or iCloud or iTunes or any other Apple services that require an apple id. If you are unsure how to install OSX find a good guide and get it going. All information and files you need to get it working are posted here. You just need to learn or teach yourself how to use it if you don't have experience installing OS X. The PS2Controller kext for the trackpad may not work. I don't use it but I attached it. Hope this helps people and it helps advance this build further. I really hope contributors can help get the remaining functions that aren't working working properly. If i missed anything or anything isn't working leave your feedback and I will correct it. I will also be updating the post as updates and patches become available. UPDATE 2 06/20/13: -Update for Atheros AR5B195 card in case you want to use 10.8.4 http://www.osx86.net/view/3908-atheros_ar5b195_fix_for_10.8.4.html UPDATE 1 05/31/13: -Fixed 3.25 GB RAM limit issue by updating bootloader to Chameleon 2.2svn r2235. Now have full 12 GB. Asus n76vz Files.zip