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Found 7 results

  1. DOOC

    GT7300 x GT730

    Hola a todos Eh cambiado la tarjeta default GT7300 de un MACPRO 1,1 por una GT730 , instale EL CAPITAN , corre muy bien el sistema, pero, NO APARECE EL LOGO DE APPLE AL PRENDER EL EQUIPO, SE VA DIRECTO AL INICIO DE SESION. ¿SABEN SI TIENE SOLUCION ESTO? SALUDOS A TODOS
  2. Hi everyone... Short question: I got my MacPro1,1 running OS X Mavericks using Chameleon Bootloader. But I also have a (Boot Camp) HD that runs Win7 64Bit which also needed some time to make it work because Apple doesn't want a MacPro1,1 running Win7 64Bit. Any idea how I can simply add this HD to the Bootloader's menu? Or do I have to completely build this HD from scratch? Thanks in advance for some good ideas or hints. Cheers Ralf
  3. Hi Everyone , I just put my new GTX 970 in my macpro early 2008 today ! Everything is working (my 3 screens via DVI (2X) and display port (1X). I downloaded the latest webdriver and CUDA drivers. BUT , When i run for exemple the cinebench test from MAXON I only have 35 FPS, which is my previous score with my ATI Radeon 5870 1G memory... I saw a guy making the test on youtube he has 114 FPS !!! I also tested premiere with CUDA but I didn't notice any gain in the workflows or on the effects CUDA is supposed to accelerate. Same in adobe media Encoder , I did rendering with my old ATI : 25 Minutes and with the new gtx : 24:30 ??? Does someone have an idea about that or do I miss something ? I saw some people playing with <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>nvda_drv=1</string> and things like this ??? but I didn't need that for the card to work... Anyway, thank you very much to anyone with help because for now I'm very disappointed with my new GTX . Robin
  4. Hi, i had an MacPro 5.1 (Dual socket Xeon 4-core 2.40GHz), with ATI 5770 and 2 Wide DVI Screens. i use it for devellopement of software and Data Sampling / converting document (well ... many kind of treatment) Recently, i've need to 2 more screens for debbugging stuf and monitiring stuf and Documentation stuf .... well, I really, Reaaly, REEEAlly need more screens ... I wondered about my old fashioned GeForce 7300 (i don't but don't care of 3D and CoreGraphics, is just for TTY, so some text stuff), can operate on my MacPro .... but ... i got Maverick ... Yep it's sad for me ... So, how can ... by any kind, this GEforce can operate on Maverick ... or well, what wish the lowest and basic choice for 2nd video card with 2 more DVi or dual-MP display, yep i need at least 4 screens ... Thanks.
  5. I have a MacPro 1,1 and am considering installing Chameleon to emulate EFI64 (See http://www.jabbawok.net/?p=47). The method described within Jabbawok's guide uses a second drive to set up Chameleon and the installer. This drive would continue to be used to boot but would point to the original drive. Has anyone emplimented the Chameleon workaround to install 10.8 on hardware that has 64bit capable processor but has the old 32bit EFI? More specifically, has anyone completed this as a single drive setup. I assume that with a second mac that has EFI64, you could install OSX and Chameleon to a target drive and then boot the drive in the MacPro. If anyone has tried this, please tell describe your findings. Else, Ill give it a try over the weekend and report my findings. MacPro 1,1 3.0Ghz Xeon 5160 X2 256gb Samsung 830 SSD
  6. Bem apesar de aqui no Brazil um MacPro pode chegar a ter o preço de uma moto, temos que levar em consideração a qualidade do produto. Bem deixe que o video abaixo diga a vocês. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv1EVfENcjs#t=303
  7. I want to put this USB 3 card in my Mac Pro. Orico PFU3-4P. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1DS0NZ0600&nm_mc=BAC-Criteo&cm_mmc=BAC-Criteo-_-Add-On+Cards-_-Orico-_-9SIA1DS0NZ0600 It requires a 4 pin molex power supply. All my hard drive and optical bays are full, so I want to split power off the GPU 6-pin plug. But all the adapters I'm finding online have Molex MALE. Where can I find one that goes to Molex female to plug into this card?