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Found 2 results

  1. ———————————————————————————————————————— THE GREAT GUIDE EL CAPITAN + Z820 *** 01/09/2016 ********************************************************************************* ———————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————— >>>>>>>>Warning, go to Sierra's guide here. This guide is obsolete in many aspects <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Introduction: Hi everybody. I’m glad to release this guide to enjoy this beauty running El Capitán. It has been a long and hard way. I've been trying to get a stable hackintosh since Mavericks (with a lot of drawbacks), and Yosemite (same problems). Finally, with El Capitan, I have succeeded. This version is awesome, works perfectly, fluently , skips important problems and allow new support for some hardware. Some important topics: 1. What is the main goal of this tread? Not only show the how-to. I’d like gather all Z820 owners here to talk and share problems, tips, and refine this guide. We are not too much z820-users. Search info is frustrating. So please, join here. 2. Please, help to improve this guide. I’m not an expert. I’m far from to be an expert. This is only the result of hours, days, of searching, tries, and trial-and-error method. If you see something wrong, or which could be improved, please, just say it, and I’ll fix it. 3. Specs. This is a guide for my specs. There are several revisions and versions (V1, V2 , bios versions, dual, not dual cpu...), and some custom hardware peripheral (graphic card, pci cards). You have two ways. - To be lazy, download my files and … anything else. If your hardware does not match, is incompatible, or something is updated, you’ll not know how adapt it and fix it. - Try to understand what I do and adapt it for your specs. And then, share it My specs are: Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630 v2 dual. Bios version 3.85 Graphics Card: Quadro K5000 Memory: 64gb ram Common Hardware: Audio card Realtek ALC262 Internal SATA-SAS controller LSI 2308 USB3 internal controller Texas Instruments TUSB37320/40 And: LSI Sas-Sata Raid 9620 8i PCI Thunderbolt Card HP USB 3 PCI Conceptronic And finally , one last topic more: 4. English is not my native language. If you see how I kill your language, please, just say it and I’ll fix it too 5. And please, (this is for "anonymous" users) don't PM with questions. No need for that. Any question can be answered openly Fixes to guide: 1. Dec 2017 Minor fixes to guide, fix firewire part and fix irq conflicts. Maybe important to get audio working. 2 Jan 2018 Minor fix to PM section VIII, step 23 , a , to explain better how apply patches depending if you have a v1 or v2 cpu Please, check it out Ok let’s go. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I 1-BIOS SETUP (Preface. This whole guide is for UEFI systems. It’s not important to follow it. Keep in mind it to adapt some settings if you use legacy-bios mode.) On storage options: set ACHI mode. On security options: disable Vt-d On Advanced, set PXE , storage and graphics to EFI. (in that case) On power, set Os power management to Enabled. This option will allow Power Management later. Throughout my experiments, I haven't found any other option with a negative impact specially important. But, If you don’t need any special option, reset the bios to default can be a good idea. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART II: INSTALLATION 1- MEDIA CREATION (This guide assume you have a MacOs runnig . I have no idea how do it on PC) -Download El Capitan from AppleStore. Currently, is 10.11.6. Final version. No need to update. Let the file in /Applications -Download my compressed folder with all necessary stuff. -Format one USB stick with common settings: Go to Partition Tab, choose 1 partition in “partition layout”, select GUID partition table in options, and Mac Os Extended (Journaled) as Filesystem. Name the partition as you want. Ok to Apply. -On a terminal window, type: sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/USBName --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Capitan.app --nointeraction -Change “USBName” by your usb name. Enter and type your admin password. It will take 10-15 minutes. (When it finish , you’ll see the prompt again) -Download Clover from here . Version used to make this guide: Clover_v2.3k_r3676 -Install Clover in the USB. On first screen, don’t forget change the install location in order to do not install on your Internal HD. Select your USB stick -Click on Customize. -Choose “Install for UEFI booting only” and “Install Clover in the ESP” as main options (if your system is UEFI based) -This is optional: choose Bootcamp in Themes. I like this theme because looks like a real mac. The rest of themes are horrible. -In Drivers64UEFI select: / EmuVariableUefi-64 / OsxAptionFix2Drv Let the rest of option unselected and Click on Install. 2- CONFIGURE CLOVER When clover finish, It will mount EFI partition. Time to modify it. 2.1 Config.plist Clover makes a config.plist with some options pre-selected. Change the original config.plist by mine. But take a look to options (with clover configurator) to understand it in order to be able to adapt them for your specs. It’s a basic config.plist. I could add more options or fixes. but is a good idea install with minimum options. Acpi. No options activated. Ignore section dsdt.patches for the moment. I'll explain it later. Boot Bootflags needed are only -v and npci=0x2000. dart=o is no needed with vt-d deactivated on Bios. Kext-dev-mode=1 is for Yosemite only. rootless=0 is for first betas of Capitan. No options activated in Cpu/Device/Disable driver Gui options. Graphics. No Graphic injection. At least, no needed for my Quadro card. With this option I boot with only 1 screen. (I have two monitors). Check it out for your card video. Kernels Patches needed RT Variables to deactivate security policy in el Capitan. Similar to kext-dev-mode in Yosemite. SMBIOS Set to Mac Pro 5,1. This is important to skip black screen with boot with SMBIOS 6,1. We will fix that later. System parameter : “No caches” enabled. It’s optional. I like activate this option to test instead of press space bar in every boot. Thats all. 2.2 -Drivers64UEFI folder. You’ll see more drivers installed. That is because some of them are mandatories. That is fine. As usual, delete VBoxHfs-64 driver and replace it by HFSPlus.efi. 2.3 Kexts: You can use my kexts from my stuff folder, or download them from original sites. -Download X79 dmg from RampageDev's site. Mount it and go to /Files/Step2/10.11 to current/StandardKext and grab next kexts: -FakeSMC.kext . -VoodooTSCync.kext, (to avoid boot with cpus=1) -AppleintleE1000e.kext. Not important now, but it will allow to get internet on first boot …and copy them to your /EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/10.11 Important. OpenFakeSMC.kext , (show Package contents) and delete LPCSensors from /Contents/Plugins. This LPC plugin freeze the boot ! Note. My folder has a couple of kexts more. We will talk about it later. ---> don't use this astek drivers in Sierra and High Sierra. They cause KP. See post number #106 3- FIXING USB PORTS If we boot now, we will get the annoying “PCI configuration Begin” error. This is cause the usb issue of El Capitán. We could even avoid this booting using an HDD instead of an USB stick. Which is really weird. But anyway, once we reach the installer, the USB won’t be recognized, so no mouse, no keyboard. The right way is fix the usb ports. Here I have to give credit s to these german guys which allowed me see the solution and refine it. Credit also to the user from the ton--mac forum who found the forum and linked it So, we are going to fix the problem. It has two parts: 1-First Go to here and download last version of USBinjectAll.kext of the-never-well-enough-praised Rehabman . Copy the kext to /EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/10.11 2-Second. We have now to apply a DSDT patch to rename usb devices. But doing this now, we have to extract it, clean it and compile it, and finally fix it. And now it’s not the right moment. We can do it with DSDT-patch-on the fly of Clover. Copy the next dsdt-patches code to the config.plist, using plistedit pro or add them manually with Cloverconfigurator. Z820-EL_CAPITAN_stuff.zip
  2. THE GREAT GUIDE HIGH SIERRA + Z820 *** 10/06/2018 ********************************************************************************* ———————————————————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————————————————— (from El Capitan´s guide) (from Sierra´s guide) Introduction: Hi everybody. Again, a new guide version, updated to High Sierra. I hope it will be useful for you all. This time, the update is pretty soft and easy. Basically, the 100% of Sierra’s guide is still valid for High Sierra. The guide has been updated to update links, kexts versions … etc, and some parts try to be more clear. Just there are some important topic to keep in mind: 1. Whats new?. There is a new and absolutely important setting to install High Sierra. We have to activate “legacy ACPI cpu tables” in Advanced Section, in BIOS. Without this option enabled, we will get a KP. This option changes completely the structure of the SSDT needed for PM. We have to get rid old SSDT versions, if you extracted it with this option disabled. And all SSDT generated by ssdtPRGen also. We won’t get PM. And, if your DSDT has the “SSDT-1-CpuDef” code injected, (following my guide, to avoid No ACPI Processor declarations found in the DSDT! Error, (see PM section) ) you will have to delete that part, because the DSDT will cause a KP. A better method is described in this guide. No need of add estrange code into DSDT. 2.Can I use my old files from Sierra´s EFI folder? The most important, yes. You can keep your config.plist and your DSDT … saving tons of time. You have to use the new drivers64Uefi files installed by newer clover version, and update the kexts versions of main kexts. The specific kexts for our dear machine, USB3, Astek driver, remains in same version. Of course, I provide of all links and files (into my stuff folder) in this guide. 3. So, do I Need repeat again every step of this guide?. If you come from Sierra´s guide, no. After 1st boot and graphics divers install, you can use your previous files (see point 1.) reboot and jump directly to PM section. For new users, Yes, sure. 4. Consider any part of this guide open to discuss. If you see something wrong, or which could be improved, please, just say it, and I’ll fix it. English is not my native language. If you can’t understand some step, or something could be best written, please, just say it and I’ll fix it too FOR 26x7 and 26x3 USERS!!!. This section remains freezed. I didn´t have much feedback to find out a fix for “Should have XX threads but only found YY” error. If you are user of this cpu models, contact me via PM. Who knows, maybe, the ACPIoption enabled could be part of the fix for this error. 5. And please, (this is for "anonymous" users) don't PM me with personalquestions. No need for that.Any question can be answered openly Ok, let’s go.