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Found 7 results

  1. Been a week that Im bored with current black apple boot & trying to get something else with my macpro6,1 hack (without changing it). In contrary, we can found on other forum they (with older / unsupported real mac) had been struggle to get black apple boot & solve it by binary patching mac bootloader / with the help of a forked tiamos macosxbootloader with greats support. What Im willing to know, is there any hack (bin patch / storing NVRAM) other than this to feed my needs? Is all that possible on newer boot.efi (currently 10.12). Please share ... References: macosxbootloader, (boot.efi) binary it self, thread. Tools to use: Hopper, Clover (mod, which able to patch boot.efi onthefly). For drawing logo, in macosxbootloader, they have following process: But in binary, I got this: By patching a conditional jump below, it prevent the screen to be swap / filled with black color & allowed me to use my gray background previously set by Clover (ClearScreen (&StdBackgroundPixel)). But I got white apple logo with black rectangle with correct progress bar color (see attachment, kBootArgsFlagBlackBg to use white progrees bar). So I try to apply same patch for DrawDataRectangle (in 'sub_a532' ; ## 3 CspDrawRect) which seems identical for me. Yes now it draw gray rect on logo, but I lost the logo. After this, what I cannot figured out is what & where they compose the logo with CLUT things? Things that I also have tried: - Set bootcfg with kBootArgsFlagBlack | store NVRAM: "BlackMode" / "DefaultBackgroundColor" / "Background Color" take no effect. "BackgroundClear" currently obsolete? - Yes sometimes it show gray boot with a half of progress bar and then black.
  2. i installed chameleon boot loader to amd 10.6.8 and it said install successful then i rebooted and selected my partition and pressed enter. it gets stuck at the apple logo and no HDD activity. i am using virtualbox. plz help
  3. So I have installed mac OS X with clover and I have noticed when booting into mac OS X the boot process bar reaches around 1/4 of the way then the monitor flashes on and off a few times and then I'm at the desktop. No full boot and no pretty transition to desktop. I'm guessing this happens because when OS X reaches the 2nd boot stage. The graphics card gets enabled fully. Is there a way to fix this? is there a way to enable the graphics card before booting into OS X? I found this post here but I'm not sure how to install this fix let alone if it will work.
  4. Hello! Having read this and this, I've decided to downgrade Quarz.framework and QuartzCore.framework to their 10.6.2's versions. So I copied over the both files from a 10.6.2 virtual machine I had lying around to my 10.6.6 installation and... Success! Now I've got transparent menu bar AND a regular black Apple logo. What works: No logo color corruption on the menu bar App Store icons look fine now Someone said there were performance issues with 10.6.2. I don't see any difference in the performance using this method. What doesn't: Photoshop with OpenGL mode higher than basic results to green color all over the picture, so it looks like OpenGL corruption is still present Hope this would be helpful I can upload both folders if you need them.
  5. lyMikee

    Stuck at Apple logo (ML)

    Hi everyone. I started this topic to ask for your help. I'm using iAtkos ML2 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2), but I'm stuck at the Apple Logo. What should I do? This is my configuration: Computer: ASUS K56C CPU: Intel i7 3667U Dual-Core Chipset: Intel® HM76 Chipset Memory: 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: 750GB HDD SATA Wireless: Atheros BIOS: Fast Boot Disabled , Launch CSM Enabled with Boot Secure Disabled Please, help me! Thank You!
  6. Hi, I'd like to know if there's a way to obtain the new dark bootscreen (black wallpaper with white Apple logo and progress bar), introduced by Yosemite (only on recent Macs). Oddly, I don't have it (I say oddly because my hackintosh is identified as Mac Pro 6,1). I already tried with a script developed on MacRumors, but it seems to work only on real Macs. Maybe there's a theme for Chameleon copied from the original files? Thanks in advance.
  7. Since the outer "C" shell of my my G5 enclosure was in bad shape (eBay seller wasn't entirely honest), I hired a friend of InsanelyMac's own AlohaCab to re-anodize and bead blast it to give it a new, clean look. Unfortunately, the acids he's using in the process will damage the grey Apple logo on that side. Because of that, I just asked him to remove any evidence that it was there in the hope that I could later re-create that logo. I still have the logo on the removable side panel, so I'm thinking I can use that as a template for size/positioning when getting a new logo on the other side, but I'm not sure where I should look for someone that can provide this service to me. Does anyone here have any ideas where I should look in order to get a quality, perfect/near perfect (looks original when standing a couple feet away) logo applied to my enclosure? I've done as much as I possibly can by myself, but the detailed cosmetic work requires a lot of equipment and know-how that just aren't within my reach as a garage hobbyist. I've basically completed my G5 mod at this point, getting a new logo applied to that side would basically be the icing on the cake for me in this project.