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Found 8 results

  1. My iAtkos L2 disk boots fine, I am selecting all the necessary packages, and I install. However, when it gets to about 8 minutes remaining, the installer will freeze, and after a while the computer will reboot. The iAtkos partition won't boot, it kernel panics if I let it go to the apple logo, and if I -v it gets stuck on Tarugas HDAEnabler. I figured it was something to do with the installer not completing, but how do I get it to finish? I tried erasing re installing, this time it got to about 3 minutes before freezing and rebooting, still not able to boot. My computer is a sager np8130/clevo p151hm1 intel i7 2360qm nvidia gtx560m
  2. Hiya everyone, With some help of the excellent guides on this forum (thanks so much for that, it is great for newbies!) I managed to get my first Hackintosh running. I am now writing this from OSX 10.7.2. I love it. I'm just having a few minor issues that I'd like to solve, and I hoped you guys could help me out! (yes, I did do research and checked the forums, but I couldn't find anything yet.) Whenever I boot my Mac, it either gets stuck after DSMOS has arrived and it says "NTFS Volume etc.", or it takes a long time and then eventually boots up the GUI. Also, when it finally boots (this usually takes 3 minutes from the point it reads "NTFS") I see the GUI, and all the programs initialize (like Spotify etc.) and my mouse moves, but clicking or typing on the keyboard doesn't work for about a minute. I'd hope to solve that, just like the following problem: Sometimes, and this more often doesn't work than does, when I try to copy something from 1 place to another, the copy dialog comes up, but it'll read "Zero bytes from ...", and stay like that. Clicking Stop doesn't stop it, the only stopping is done true "killlall Finder" in the Terminal. Also, Text Edit doesn't start up, but this is not such a problem. My system: AMD Athlon x4 640 AsRock M3A770DE (AMD 770 NB, SB710) 4GB ram, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 430. I have installed iAtkos L2 through installing Snow Leopard first, then running the Lion installer and replacing the mach_kernel by this one: http://www.osx86.net...md!!!!!!!!.html (version4, that's what the guide I used, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/278181-amd-1073-guide-experimental-only/, recommended) The boot flags I use are as follows (yes, I also run it in verbose mode for the time being) : -legacy -v arch=i386 npci=0x3000 I hope you guys could help me out getting my Lion to run stable, would be great! Thanks in advance, Daan
  3. Matto1233

    ECS H61H2-MV DSDT Help

    For the past 5 weeks iv'e been trying to install Mac on my new desktop I had it running fine on my old one but nothing i try will make it install on my new one after asking around iv'e been told it may be down to the DSDT. I have no clue about DSDT and was wondering if someone could help me. I have a H61H2-MV motherboard a AMD Radeon HD 5700 i3 32-40 3.4ghz All the information & Specs >>>> http://imgur.com/a/4YHzT Iv'e tried just about every bootflag possible and still nothing all i get is a black screen and then it eventually restarts or if i let it load normally i get the white screen with apple logo but no spinning wheel. Edit: Iv'e also tried numerous version of MAC from Iatkos, Vanilla to Niresh
  4. Hello guys, I'm trying to install MacOsx Lion using iAtkos L2 on my Dell vostro 1015 laptop. I end up with these Bootcache and Launchctl errors: BootCacheControl : Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist: 2 No such file or directory Bug: launchctl.c:2408 (24957):30: (dbfd = open(g_job_overrides_db_path, 0_RDONLY | 0_EXLOCK | 0_CREAT, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR)) l= -1 System Specs: Dell Vostro 1015 Intel Core2Duo Cpu T6570 @ 2.10 GHz 2048 MB of memory, 800 MHz DDR2 500 Gb WD HDD Intel GM45 Graphics I'm stuck like many others, have you gotten past this error? share your experiences!
  5. I recently got my nForce ethernet card to work on iATKOS L2 (I copied IONetworkingFamily.kext and nForceLAN.kext from an S3 install and patched with Kext Utility). Let me explain: before, web pages wouldn't load but in System Prefs it'd tell me that I was connected, and it even gave me my LAN IP ( but it wouldn't let me connect to the router settings site, keep in mind that iATKOS L2 doesn't even advertise to have an nForce ethernet driver in the first place-- and it was really frustrating. So you can imagine how annoying it was to have the network stop working randomly (by stop working I mean it wouldn't load any web sites but it still said I was connected in System Prefs). Anyone else having the same problem? tl;dr: my nForce ethernet driver stopped connecting to the internet after a short amount of time while still telling me I was connected.
  6. Hi Everyone, I have just suceessfully installed iAtkos l2 on my PC. Somehow it is already installed wifi and ethernet and video drivers. It works like a charm. Although I am having a few small issues. 1. After it installing i removed the iAtkos l2 (OS X lion) DVD from the pc and restarted... it says Operating System Not found. This i found weird becuase in the customization of the install it already checked chamelon bootloader. (I don't have any other HDD or OS by the way) My hard drive size is 1TB and 6GB ram. Please tell me how to fix this becuase i can't boot without putting the iAtkos l2 dvd in and manually selecting. 2. I noticed that after installing skype while i am in the middle of a call it says a message on the screen you need to restart your computer. 3. I think this is already working but just to make sure how do i check for qe/ci. 4. My main issue is just getting the no operating system found error away and making it boot without me putting in the dvd itself. Also if it helps in my bios i have UEFI Enabled. Should i disable it. And i installed mac on MBR should i install on GUID does it make any difference. Please help me asap. I would really appricate it. Thanks!
  7. Hi all! Let me just wish you a very merry Christmas I recently purchased a Acer Aspire 5750 that I believed was extremly compatible with OSX Lion and I have seen many successful installs. I downloaded iAtkos L2 (Which took almost 2 days on our hit and miss connection) and tried to install it, but as soon as I see the chameleon boot screen (The one that says press F8 for advanced options) as soon as I press F8 the computer freezes, even if I leave it for the bar to go the whole way. I tried the disk on an AMD PC (I knew it wouldnt work, but it got to where I could enter commands). So I know its not the disk (In some ways). I checked the md5 sum and it matched so that means the disk is burnt correctly (Correct me if I am wrong). Thanks in advance! Tom The attached picture shows how far it gets
  8. hugopq

    Keyboard doesn't work.

    Hi I've installed iatkos L2 on my PC but when i restart, it seems fine, except for the keyboard and trackpad that don't work. luckly I have a bluetooth mouse that works. but still I can't configure my OS because I can't create an account... somehow i managed to go to system preferences, i tried to copy some text to create my account, but paste doesn't seems to work. if anyone can help me i'd really apreciate it!! thanks!! my computer is a hp3650ep laptop (centrino2) Processador Intel® Core;2 Duo P8600 2,40 GHz RAM 4096 MB (2 x 2048 MB) HD 320 GB SATA 5400 rpm Screen 13.3; WXGA LED 1280 x 800 WebCam HP Pavilion w/Mic NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS 512 MB by the way, the keyboard works fine during the installation...