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Found 27 results

  1. I updated the sources of the decompkernelcache tool. Now it can do the following things with the prelinked kernel and its data: - Uncompress prelinked kernel (package with drivers inside) - Extract kernel (repackage possible with kextcache, kernel only) - Extract kexts (including original folder source directory) - List kexts - Extract combined Info.plist resource It can do this with prelinked kernel caches compressed with LZSS and LZVN. It can also extract already decompressed prelinked kernel cache binaries. It is also possible to specify an architecture to extract (in case of a multi architecture prelinked kernel cache). It works with any version of the OS X kernel cache (It works for 32 and 64 bit, extracting all). I tested it on a prelinked kernel of iOS also, it was able to do this to an iPhone 4S prelinked kernel too. (32-bit ARM) It works on Mac OS X prelinked kernel data with any version or architecture (32/64-bit works, can extract Big Endian data so if you manage to have a PowerPC prelinked kernel it can handle them too). It should be able to handle any architecture and any Darwin deployment target. So if you have a decrypted prelinked kernel of iOS, Mac OS X, Apple TV (both Intel and ARM), Watch OS and any other like the HomePod OS you can use this tool on them too. Enjoy decompkernelcache.zip
  2. I'm co-founder of Bubble, a small start-up in SF, we're currently developing an API that enables you to : - detect if two phones with the same app are nearby, EVEN IF THE APPS ARE IN THE BACKGROUND - exchange data with people around you - send push notifications to users nearby. Simple examples : - exchange virtual currency / objects with people around you - automatically create a leaderboard based on the people you came across - get a push notification if you come across someone who is playing the same game as you. (with his highscore? ) What do you think ? We believe a lot can come from this, and we're looking for beta testers !
  3. Hey all I am wanting to create a type of REST app that would allow me to send a command to the iPad mini and have it either turn off and/or disable the home button. I understand that these features would be available with 3rd party/ non-documented apis that would never pass Apples requirements. However, I am only using this app for personal use at home. So has anyone done the above? Is it possible to do using iOS 11 on the iPad mini with Swift/Objective C?Thanks!
  4. As of 11 minutes ago, Beta 3 is now available to developers. If you're currently running iOS 7 Beta 1 or 2, you can now update to Beta 3 OTA. http://appadvice.com/appnn/2013/07/bam-apple-releases-ios-7-beta-3-to-developers
  5. Hello everyone, As I said in my introduction on this forum, I'm interested mostly interested in iOS development and that's the main reason for building hackintosh. My computer is HP Probook 455 G1 (it has A8-4500 amd processor). Because of that I used Niresh distro to install a hackintosh on my computer. First I tried to make a dualboot, and after that I also tried a VMware but result is the same. I can make my hackintosh to dualboot in both cases, and on VMware even internet, graphic and other things are working fine (I was too lazy to set drivers on doalboot or perhaps in didn't have time because of college and work) even xcode (both versions) is working. I can code, run playground (in version 6.0.1) but when i try to run application in simulator it crashes. Errors are different (but mainly nsmatcherror code=-308, dterror or something like that) and I can't simply work normally. Here is error report (Error is from Xcode 5.1.1 and I would need to make 6.0.1 to work but it looks same on both on first look): To summarize I would need to make iOS simulator working, because I would need to learn swift language for my exam and I would also like to focus on iOS and android development professionally. Thanks in advance!!! Cheers!!! :-)
  6. Feeling glad to be the part of this iPhone community. Being an iPhone developer, I am looking to explore, learn and enhance my knowledge and skills on various aspects of android application development. Hoping to engage more here with other tech geeks to attain new updates related to iPhone apps development along with knowledge sharing to help developers in resolving their queries using this iphone developer forum. Looking forward to collaborate more here.
  7. I'm looking for a GUI development tool with the following requirements: - Possibility to easily develop and modify a GUI with radio buttons, switches, text inputs etc., different GUI pages, menues etc. - Possibility to take over the GUI into an Android or iOS app. - There is no need for graphic effects, just text and controls. I didn't decide which IDE to take for the APP development. It will be quite a simple app, with these special features: Accessing a Bluetooth-LE device and saving a log file. Which GUI tool would you recommend and which (cross-development) IDE would you recommend for that? Thanks in advance!
  8. I know its good when changing form landscape to portrait orientation but is it good for transitioning from iPhone Storyboard to iPad? the iPhone version is going to be only portrait but the iPad version of my app will support landscape orientation and portrait. (the iPad storyboard is just going to be a bigger version of the app [bigger/more images, bigger tableview, it will not have any split views or multiple tableviews] almost exactly the same)
  9. Hi, i just open sourced my Parse based app on github, believe that might be useful for some other developers:https://github.com/TomekB/Parse-Challenge-App App allows: posting images/video files, commenting, giving likes, sharing challenges and attempts to this challenges also nominating facebook friend.
  10. Hi, i want to buy a device for testing my mobile website in iOS. And i don't know what is better, getting and old iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or iPad 3 or iPad mini. I only want to teste mobile websites and maybe in future training in iOS developpement. I used online emulator but there's some difference sometime between real device and emulated that's what i want to buy one. thank's in advance
  11. how many old versions should my app be compatible with? so far im thinking just iOS5, and iOS6, since I've read that close to 90% of all iOS users update their devices. and when iOS7 comes out, for future apps and versions should i let the app be backwards compatible with iOS5? given that the original iPad and iPhone 3G is going to be stuck with iOS5. does people know how the percentage of people using older devices? how long will i have to be able to support these older devices and OS?
  12. Dear InsanelyMac forum I have been all across the internet trying to find a solution for my simple coding problem. But everywhere I go I cannot find anything of use and no one will reply to my posts. I am a novice programmer and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could spare a few moments to either give me some sample code to fix my problem or point me to somewhere else that can help me. Heres the situation: I'm adding a simple feature in my ios xcode ios app that has a UISwitch. When the UISwitch is on an event is created (this part works fine). But when I turn the UISwitch off I cannot find a way to remove the event. Can someone please tell me what code I need to remove the event. - (IBAction)switchon:(id)sender { if (switchoutlet.on) { EKEventStore *store = [[EKEventStore alloc] init]; [store requestAccessToEntityType:EKEntityTypeEvent completion:^(BOOL granted, NSError *error) { if (!granted) { return; } EKEvent *event = [EKEvent eventWithEventStore:store]; event.title = @"Event A"; event.startDate = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSince1970:1406948400]; //today event.endDate = [event.startDate dateByAddingTimeInterval:60*60]; //set 1 hour meeting [event setCalendar:[store defaultCalendarForNewEvents]]; NSError *err = nil; [store saveEvent:event span:EKSpanThisEvent commit:YES error:&err]; NSString *savedEventId = event.eventIdentifier; //this is so you can access this event later }]; } if (!switchoutlet.on) { //remove event } }
  13. Cost: Free Simply search for it in the app store by searching Music Town or use the link to our website below. Download Link: Available on the app store! Music Town is an exciting free app where the best up and coming musicians are performing all day long. We have live concerts from nearly every genre performing in 17 different venues! From the Coffee Shop for more intimate acoustic sessions, to the Country Opry for some smooth southern jams and even the Symphony Hall for a more classical evening. Find your new favorite artist in Music Town today!
  14. I tried to find openVPN source code for iOS, but found only for Android. OpenVPN create app for AppStore in collaboration with Apple or something, so they don't want (or can't) to distribute source codes. So, I continued searching on this theme and found documentation about Configuration Profile Key (https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/featuredarticles/iPhoneConfigurationProfileRef/Introduction/Introduction.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40010206) and found this article (http://jelockwood.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/how-to-do-vpn-on-demand-for-ios-at-zero.html). But this article says: Is this necessary to use some installing client (like openVPN connect from AppStore)? Can I configure VPN programmatically from my app? And how (if it possible)? Thank you for any help you can provide in this situation
  15. Hi, please I need help uploading my application to the iTunes app store. I found out you need a mac to do that and I don't have a mac and I can't find anyone with a mac around me. I already have a developer account, I have done the store listing and I have the .ipa file, all I need is someone to upload the build and screen shots, thanks.
  16. I have a problem with Airdrop in 10.11.3 I have the Broadcom BCM94360CD in my hack (which I believe is the card used in the official iMac) and everything works except my iOS devices just will not see the computer in Airdrop. It worked previously for me in 10.11.1 and I think 10.11.2. I have Airdrop set to "everyone" in Finder, I've tried toggling and restarting both devices, I've tried removing plists related to bluetooth then restarting. I've tried restoring iOS fresh. Nothing works. Airdrop from my iOS device finds real macs just fine. Airdrop Hackintosh to Hackintosh/Real Mac works fine. It's just the iOS devices won't see the Hack and vise versa. Running iOS 9.2.1 So what did Apple change here?! What else can I try? Airdrop and handoff says its supported in system report and the card is working normally for Wifi but Airdrop just seems to be an issue with Hackintosh now.
  17. In my app I'm planning to combine my "popular" and "new" viewcontrollers into one, and have the "new" items have badges saying "new" what should this view controller be called? i was thinking something like "Hot Items, or What's Hot" with a tab bar icon of a fire or something. any suggestions?
  18. Hello everybody! I'm excited to say I've started writing a personal assistant for the Mac. It's called Samantha, and it's very similar to Siri on iOS. For this to work best you should have OS X 10.7 or later with Speech to Text enabled. If you want it to sound like Siri, select Samantha as the Text to Speech voice. Some commands (as of beta versions) -Play Alone Together --Launch Mail --What time is it? --Google Voodoo Donuts --Toggle music (plays or pauses the music coming through iTunes) --What model mac am I using? And much, much more. I've also added the ability to write extensions for it, so you can add anything else I haven't. Just say "Example extension" and you'll get more information. If you like this or have some suggestions, please let me know. Samantha-Prerelease-1.zip
  19. So, I just purchased a Samsung Chromebook. Yes, as you can see from the picture below, I paid a $50 premium to not wait. I had one on order from Amazon for several weeks, but even Google doesn't know when stock will be available so I really don't mind. Now you may be surprised (even horrified) to know that I sold my Macbook (5,1 - aluminum) to buy this. Of course, I made a nice profit, but many would consider this a huge downgrade. I did so for several reasons. 1) I'm quite heavily invested in Google's ecosystem. I use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendars and almost every other app they offer in my day-to-day life. No I don't like their privacy policies, but the services they offer (for free I might add) are just amazing! 2) I realized that about 95% of the work I do is web-based. Seriously. I am a photographer by trade, and so I can never be entirely without a real computer, but apart from that all I do is blog, write articles, review products and browse the web. Having a hackintosh desktop means I can (and do) run any OS, and I can always do my real work there. I rarely (and I mean almost never) have to do work away from home, so it's not really an issue. Also I would say 95% of the places I hang out (home, cafés, friend's places, even my church) have high-speed wi-fi. Being cloud-based, Google's OS is very limited without wifi. The good news is, there is support for playing media, managing files and certain apps offline, so if I don't have wi-fi or am not willing to pay for it (airports), it's not dead! 3) The macbook was just not a great laptop to run Linux from. I tried multiple things, but for some reason it was just a pain. Support for the network card was spotty at best, the bluetooth would lag my mouse, the trackpad was difficult to work with. I just wasn't impressed. Now while there is no official support for Linux on the Chromebook, some clever folks have already created a version of Ubuntu that can be run directly from an SD card. I have two reasons for wanting to run linux; the first is to be able to use the Tor browser safely. The second is to have a safe environment in which to learn some Unix (yes I know OSX is based on it, but it's different). The chromebook is ideal for this because you can return to factory settings at the flip of a switch! With a cloud-based OS, this means that if you mess up you don't have to reinstall a bunch of programs/data, you just log back in with your Google credentials. So why am I boring all of your with all of this nonsense? What has this got to do with InsanelyMac? 1) Apple's iOS is capable of running on ARM processors, and parts of OSX (Darwin included) have been running on ARM for some time. So does the Chromebook. I honestly believe it's only a matter of time before we see a port of iOS or OSX to the Chromebook. This is a $249 computer with a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 16GB hard-drive...$249 will get you a used iPad 2 from cragislist right now...I think this could be a very nice solution for a lot of people. 2) More importantly (looking towards the future), Apple has reportedly been looking at switching to ARM processors for their other hardware! I think this makes sense (at least, I can see any potential reasoning for this), seeing as technology in general is moving towards touch-based, cross-platform unified operating systems. If both iOS and OSX ran off of ARM processors, it would be a lot less work for Apple to integrate the two. We already have see the iOS-style come to OSX with Launchpad - I don't see why we wouldn't see more changes at the core-level. With some R&D and promise of Apple-sized business, quad-core desktop-performing ARM processors are just a few million bucks away. Since this change hasn't even been confirmed this can be considered wild speculation, but wouldn't it be amazing if an ARM-based OSX could be hacked to the Chromebook? We're talking having a mac laptop for $249 here. Either way, none of this has really been talked about yet. The latest Samsung Chromebook hit the stores in later October, and were already out of stock by December. This is brand new technology and therefore a brand new discussion, but if this is to be talked about anywhere I think that InsanelyMac is the place! My chromebook isn't a hackintosh yet, but maybe one day it will be? Interested to hear your thoughts!
  20. After another developer I'm working with sent me the new version he made adjustments to, i get a linker errors in my Xcode, i know i have fixe this before, but i forgot. can anyone guide me to the solution?? heres the screen shot of it i've replaced the T1Autograph signature folder but i still get an error saying "directory not found" and replaced the libdtdev.a (linea pro SDK) just to see if it did anything and it didn't does anyone know a solution?
  21. Hello, I see that Settings menu is very limited on iOS simulator comparing to real iPhone. IS there any change I would be able to install(test) profile configuration files on iOS simulator? (at the moment I can only "see" if structure is correct since improper structure will simply throw error when parsing xml). Thanks
  22. We are very close to WWDC 18, so the expeculations are very high. Look at this graphics: One of the big expectations for macOS is be a cross-platform system, to help developers bring their iOS apps to the Mac platform. Let's see... View full article
  23. Hello!!! I'm new in this world Apple. I get install Yosemite 10.10.3 in mi CPU with this config. Mother Asus P8H61M LX3 R2.0 Micro Intel i3 4th generation 2 slot memory (2gb and 4gb ram kingston). Ati Radeon HD 5570 1gb And the next week i will get (i'm soo excited) this config to upgrade: Mother Asus H81M-K Micro Intel i5 1 8gb DDR3 1600 Kingston. In the other world (microsoft windows) if i try to change the mother i need reinstall the SO. If i change the mother with iOS install previously, need reinstall the SO? (I hope not!) Thk for you answer!!! Bye!
  24. I've been building stuff with WatchKit and put together a few tutorials They're a great way to get started with building for Apple Watch, and some of my first tutorials - let me know what you think! http://www.crittercism.com/how-to-build-an-apple-watchkit-app