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Found 4 results

  1. grisno

    IDT 92HD87B2/4

    Version 1.30


    Hi people, This is a preliminary installer to activate the sound card IDT 92HD87B2/4 (111D:76D9) in MacOS. This new version of the installer does not contain AppleHDA patched Kext. To work properly, it must be installed over vanilla AppleHDA Kext. I want to thank the whole community for their efforts and content provided, because without these it would not be possible to create this installer. I would appreciate comments and suggestions!! Status: Speakers : OK Headphones : OK HDMI Audio : OK (Intel HD3K/4K Tested) LineIn : OK MicInt : OK MicIntNoiseReduction : OK MicExt : OK AutoDetectLineIn : OK Sleep : OK WakeUp : OK AutoSleep : OK Hibernate : OK Siri : OK Tested Laptops: - HP Pavillion G6-2209SS - HP Probook 4440S Coming Soon: - Unified installer for the different supported operating systems Original Verbs: 00a71cf0 00a71d00 00a71ef0 00a71f40 00b71c1f 00b71d10 00b71e21 00b71f04 00c71c20 00c71d10 00c71ea1 00c71f04 00d71c10 00d71d01 00d71e17 00d71f90 00f71cf0 00f71d00 00f71ef0 00f71f40 01171c30 01171d01 01171ea3 01171fd5 Modified Verbs Layer ID 3 & 12: 00A71CF0 00A71D00 00A71EF0 00A71F40 01371C40 01371D10 01371E21 01371F04 00C71C20 00C71D10 00C71E81 00C71F04 01471C10 01471D01 01471E17 01471F90 00F71C50 00F71D00 00F71EF0 00F71F40 01171C30 01171D01 01171EA0 01171F90 Modified Verbs Layer ID 2: 00B71C10 00B71D10 00B71E21 00B71F04 00C71C20 00C71D10 00C71E81 00C71F04 00D71C30 00D71D00 00D71E17 00D71F90 01171C40 01171D00 01171EA0 01171F90 AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext > Info.plist (Layer ID 2, 3 & 12): <key>HDAConfigDefault</key> <array> <dict> <key>AFGLowPowerState</key> <data> AwAAAA== </data> <key>Codec</key> <string>IDT 92HD87B2/4</string> <key>CodecID</key> <integer>287143641</integer> <key>ConfigData</key> <data> AKcc8ACnHQAApx7wAKcfQAE3HEABNx0QATce IQE3HwQAxxwgAMcdEADHHoEAxx8EAUccEAFH HQEBRx4XAUcfkAD3HFAA9x0AAPce8AD3H0AB FxwwARcdAQEXHqABFx+Q </data> <key>FuncGroup</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>LayoutID</key> <integer>2</integer> </dict> <dict> <key>AFGLowPowerState</key> <data> AwAAAA== </data> <key>Codec</key> <string>IDT 92HD87B2/4</string> <key>CodecID</key> <integer>287143641</integer> <key>ConfigData</key> <data> ALccEAC3HRAAtx4hALcfBADHHCAAxx0QAMce gQDHHwQA1xwwANcdAADXHhcA1x+QARccQAEX HQABFx6gARcfkA== </data> <key>FuncGroup</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>LayoutID</key> <integer>3</integer> </dict> <dict> <key>AFGLowPowerState</key> <data> AwAAAA== </data> <key>Codec</key> <string>IDT 92HD87B2/4</string> <key>CodecID</key> <integer>287143641</integer> <key>ConfigData</key> <data> ALccEAC3HRAAtx4hALcfBADHHCAAxx0QAMce gQDHHwQA1xwwANcdAADXHhcA1x+QARccQAEX HQABFx6gARcfkA== </data> <key>FuncGroup</key> <integer>1</integer> <key>LayoutID</key> <integer>12</integer> </dict> </array> DSDT: Patch to apply with MaciASL in your DSDT. You must change the value of the layout-id before applying the patch. In MacOS Mojave should always be 0x02 ######################################### HDEF ######################################## into method label _DSM parent_label HDEF remove_entry; into device label HDEF insert begin Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)\n {\n If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero)) { Return (Buffer() { 0x03 } ) }\n Return (Package()\n {\n "built-in", Buffer () { 0x00 }, \n "hda-gfx", Buffer() { "onboard-1" }, \n "layout-id", Buffer () { 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, \n "PinConfigurations", Buffer () {}, \n "MaximumBootBeepVolume", Buffer () { 0x4d } \n })\n }\n end;
  2. Hey guys, I seem to have a very weird problem, and I have no idea what the heck is happening. I updated to 10.9.3, and my AppleHDA kext was loading fine and everything. About 7 boots/reboots later, poof. It just won't load anymore. What the heck is this? I mean, it doesn't make sense at all. I have great people helping me with patched kexts like Mirone and Trucker MK, And it's really embarrassing when they spend so much time and through no fault of their own, the thing won't load in my system. Believe me, I have tried (I hope not) everything: -f, UseKernelCache=n, repairing perms with diskutil,Disk Utility, Kext wizard, Kext utility. Reinstalling the kext, deleting, then again.. You get the picture! When I look at my loaded kexts the only thing that's loaded is AppleHDAController. The rest is just mute, and I don't mean audio mute. Please tell me anything you can that could help. I mean I can't be the only one who's fac(ed)ing this problem can I? If you need any files, I'd be happy to provide Thanks so much.
  3. Hey every body ... i know the title is weird but really thats true !! this model is forgotten among all this laptops here specially the hp i know it is not the most power-full laptop but at least u can buy it for a great price and its compatible with OS X ... actually EliteBooks & ProBooks are very compatible with OS X.. any how i am seeking help for creating a DSDT for this model ( and later to patch audio for it) i hear you you will tell me there is already a DSDT for this model...!!! but no the real thing is there isn't... the one available DSDT is for (NVS100) graphics where i have (Intel HD Graphics). am here talking about this : Intel Core i5 520M Intel HD graphics.. IDT Audio or HDA Device id= 111d7603 I wanted to make a DSDT for this model and i started but i was forced to quit because DSDT creating needs PATCH as i found in the guides ... and there is no Patch available for this model at all ... and i am looking forward setting mavericks on it but when i solve all problems on 10.8.3 so please every body help me to create that DSDT as i experienced CMOS reset and read that some functions might brick the laptop i am all listening and i have the tools Appreciated thank you
  4. MrJoas97

    No sound after sleep

    For some reason my sound won't wake from sleep. I can still see all my output/input devices but my sound output won't work. When I searched the web I found I should unload and reload my sound extension so I tried but it did not work. It still had no output. I tried some patched applehda's I found for my codec but they did not work. They would not give me output even before sleep. Sound input worked fine. I also tried patching the applehda myself but I failed and it would not work. It did not even show me any output/input devices. I have a IDT 92HD99BXX codec. Can someone help me to find a solution to this problem. Thanks, Joas PS: I attached my codec_dump.txt from linux. EDIT: I managed to get patched applehda working but sound after sleep still does not work. codec_dump.txt