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Found 6 results

  1. Is it possible to deactivate those icon animations in Finder? I already had a look at this list but couldn't find any related entry. Those progress bars seem very buggy to me; sometimes they are just stuck even if the copying has long finished. Also if you move any file per drag & drop above those icons while the progress bar is displayed, some white rectangle is flickering like hell around the file icons you are dragging.
  2. Hi, I install clean high sierra on SSD, the iconservicesagent keeps on bogging down the system while eating up all the memory in a few seconds and then filling up my OS drive (an SSD) with swap space. I can force quit it in Activity Monitor, and I need to do it several times, before I can use my Mac again. I happen to internal and external hdd with custom icons in videos, there are not many system utilities ready for High Sierra, but deleting caches does not help anything. The Finder works on the main disk, but upon entering another HDD the iconservicesagent starts to function and blocks the computer completely. With the 27-inch iMac me the same happened, is a disaster!! the solution they give me in apple care is to reinstall the system from 0, I have already done it 2 times and the problem persists, that you have made apple, you have no solution for this? High Sierra disaster, with macos saw not the problem of ICONSERVICESAGENT Help!!
  3. Espada_number3

    Launchpad Icons Resetting 10.7.5

    Well I did not notice this since i dont use the launchpad app, but recently i wanted to organize the icons since is kind of helpfull in lion. But everytime i organize my icon aster reseting the icons come back as always. The Comands i had tried do not work, the dock dissaperar but the icons still remain the same. sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db "DELETE from apps; DELETE from groups WHERE title<>''; DELETE from items WHERE rowid>2;"; Killall Dock. also i had deleted all of de .db files inside the dock folder and reset by using Killall Dock and still the same.I had read people get all the icons delete by using the comand above but in my mac is not working. In org.chameleon.Boot.plist my settings are Kernel=mach_kernel Use kernel cache=yes npci=0x2000=yes ethernel=build in restart fix=yes Generate P and C states=yes Graphics Enabler=Yes Mac Pro 3.1 Chameleon R2012 I dont know if something else is causing this isuue, so please if anyone has and idea please help me. I will be very gratefull
  4. Madbeatz

    Very Aliased Icons and fonts

    Hello guys, I currently have an Asus nVidia 1GB EN210 Silent. I am running Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on Dell Precision T7400. I got the card working via the EFI inject method, and during boot in verbose mode I see 'NVDANV50Hal.kext loaded and registered. I used to run Lion with a Quadro FX1700 on the same machine and the image was crisp, but no real acceleration Before I did the EFI inject there was no GPU acceleration, but the icons (e.g. dock icons, wifi and volume icons) and fonts everywhere (software, top bar) and the colours were crisp and correct. However, after the EFI inject, everything I just said is in a über poor quality. By that I mean I can hardly recognise dark icons in the dock, and everything is VERY aliased. I have toggled with screen resolution settings, performed "defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int X", toggled with the font-smoothing option in system preference and ran the colour calibration in system preference, all to no avail. Can anyone help me out here?
  5. I have this wierd thing, i can arrange icons as i want but when i reset or shotdown my icons reset to the previous position again i had tried many solution with no results for example" sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db "DELETE from apps; \ DELETE from groups WHERE title<>''; DELETE from items WHERE rowid>2;" \ && killall Dock With No result i also tried to delete the files from, Library-Aplication support-dock. Still not working, by the way i had a lot of files inside the dock folder like 100 files.Also tried similar comads no luck. Please someone has a clue let me know ill be so thankfull.
  6. pepitillo

    Ghost icons and hangs

    Hello there, I got my system perfectly working with el capitan, but with sierra I can't get graphics to work properly. No matter if using integrated hd 530 or using my Nvidia gt 710, even if no graphics drivers in use (vesa), there is graphics glitch. The images ilustrating this can be found inside an older post of mine: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/319158-nvidia-gt-710-working-but-funny/ Thanks in advance.