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Found 10 results

  1. This is a kext correcting certain issues at userspace level. At this moment it is only interesting for Ivy owners and newer. Homepage | Historical background It is likely reasonable to collect some stats with hardware reports (which ones worked ok, which ones failed). Please use the following format: CPU Model, GPU Model, IGPU Model (including ig-platform-id), OS X version. P. S. Read the FAQ before asking any questions.
  2. so I was able to install Lion 10.7.4 on my new system but have run into a small problem with iTunes when trying to download my music from iTunes match to my NAS drive iTunes gets one or two songs then crashes not sure why... I can do it on my 2012 MBA with no issues but not from my hackintosh.... Second question, my specs are in my sig.. but what system definition should i set my computer to its currently showing up as a Mac Pro 3,1 can i change that to the 5,1 or something else or will that break iCloud etc.... more curiosity then anything thanks
  3. Back story: I just recently got my hackintosh running, and had problems with my sound, none to be more specific, and scoured the internet for a kext for my sound. It took forever, but i got it up and running. I can know use iTunes to its full extent! Lie Problem: I connect my iPod Touch iOS 5.0.1, and iTunes recognizes it if I plug in the Ipod after its open, if not it doesnt recognise it, either way, after about 10 seconds, it gives me the error: "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000056) Extra information: I've done research, and it appears to be a Windows only issue, but if I talked to apple about this, I doubt that they'd take kindly to a hackintosh user. Any information would be nice. Any.
  4. Has anyone seen or heard of running macOS on this motherboard? http://www.asrockrack.com/general/productdetail.asp?Model=C2550D4I#Specifications I am building an NAS, and while I could use FreeNAS, I need macOS. I need full iTunes on it to run my AppleTV's. Also, since I will be using ZFS, I am looking for a board with ECC. Mini-ITX preferred because of the case, but if need be, I can switch form factors. I saw something online that seemed like someone had installed macOS on this, but couldn't quite tell for sure. Thanks for your time, Scott
  5. bazar68

    Aggiornare ITunes

    Volevo sapere se era possibile aggiornare ITunes ad una versione compatibile con IPhone 6 ed iOS 8 su Samsung N150 con installazione Iaktos S3 V2 Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Grazie per le informazioni e a presto.
  6. I have El Capitan 10.11.2 up and running on a test partition, and have resolved some of my post-installation issues (including USB, Ethernet and Audio). In iTunes, however, I am unable to play any of my iTunes Store-downloaded videos. All I get is a black screen, the time counter goes nowhere from the last saved timepoint, and don't even get any audio playing. Songs in the Music library play without any problems. Whatever is happening seems to be isolated to iTunes. YouTube videos will play in Safari OOB, and tvguide.com video clips will play after installing Adobe Flash Player. The DVD Player app even works! (something I could never get to work in SL or Mav.) Since iTunes is bundled with El Capitan, it would have to be using native kexts for video playback. Any ideas as to what might need patching to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  7. Fabio1971

    Nuovo iTunes

    Oltre alle tante novità presentate al Keynote c'è anche il Nuovo iTunes 11 Keynote : iTunes 11 il nuovo iTunes 11porta con sè diverse novità : - riscrittura del programma - nuova interfaccia - ottimizzazione dei servizi con iCloud - rivisto il MiniPlayer - iTunes Store si presenta simile alla versione iOS - le funzionalità di Ping saranno incluse nell'interfaccia di base - menù playback è possibile vedere il brano riprodotto dopo - navigazione più intuitiva iTunes 11 sarà disponibile a ottobre Fabio71
  8. Leon Hong

    HD4000 garbles movie previews in iTunes

    I have two desktops (i3-3225 and i5-3570k) using HD4000 as the one and only graphic output source. They are enabled with DSDT/EFI strings each and configured to "AAPL,ig-platform-id" = <00006605> both. They are connected to LCD displays (LG 27" and ASUS 22") with HDMI/DVI cables each. Everything goes fine until I tried to see some movie previews with iTunes. Once I clicked the preview button, the preview window was filled with colorful squares and mosaic sprites, just like undecoded HDMI outputs on older LCD displays without HDCP supports. With the same LCD displays connected, my notebook using NV9600GT had quite normal movie preview windows without a glitch. Because the desktop HD4000 worked greatly if not using iTunes, I had no idea what happened eventually. Other players such as QTW, Flip4Mac, Flash, MplayerX, or even PPS had normal decoding behaviors and excellent video outputs, only iTunes screwed me up. Is there anbody having the same problems just like me? Can something be done to fix it? Many, many thanks if any one can help!! PS: I am pretty sure that I had double-checked the DSDT/EFI strings configurations to be correctly settled...
  9. Un altro problema. Ho attacato il mio Ipad 4 al mio hakintosh con usb , ma non viene riconosciuto. Ho itunes Aggiornato e ho gia provato a cambiare tutte le porte USB. Potete darmi una mano ?
  10. Hello there, I just finished my Hackintosh with a clean High Sierra install. So far everything seems to be right, got even sleep through patched dsdt working. Only big issue is that videos (HTML5 on Safari(Youtube HD), iTunes trailer) causes System freeze. So it seems to be DRM related. I inject through Clover shiki and whatevergreen with lilu but this won't help at all. My mouse keep working but nothing else only power button shutdown helps. I just read about this problem from Intel graphics but I'm using an AMD graphics and have iGPU deactivated in BIOS. Anyone else have this problem or have a solution for that? In Sierra I had not any problems like this so it seems related to that. Thanks in advance