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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post in these forums. I need help with my older Dell Dimension 3000 machine. This computer was previously a hackintosh with the same OS I believe. Right now, I am able to install the OS. The computer boots fine, until it gets stuck on "Still waiting for Root Devices" this occurs, no HDD activity, CD activity, etc. Please help!! Thank you! PS, if you know, please provide a list of kexts and drivers that I should use. Thanks !!
  2. Hi Forum, Basically I have spare computer which is a HP Pavilion t124a and I'm thinking of possibly turning it into a hackintosh. I do not know which type of distro of either 10.5 of 10.4 I should use. I have had success with the iPC 10.5.6 Public Beta, well... I mean I was able to boot the Install disk straight up from the Disk Drive without using a 'booter' (##### etc). The problem is... is that I don't know what kexts to use. I kinda based the kexts on what my computer hardware has, then I install it then come to the Darwin/x86 screen (Asking me to press any key to continue or to press F8 for boot flags) I choose the Boot flag option and type -f and -v as iPC recommends to. It then starts up with Apple Logo then loads the kexts for about 30 seconds then It loads up the first time set up then has a kernel Panic when I was up to putting my Registration Information in. while in -v mode it does come up with errors regarding com.superhai.GenericCPUPowerManagement or something like that. I don't know what kexts to use with this machine If possible, could someone tell me what kexts I use from my system ( My System Specs are... - 2.53GHz Intel Pentium 4 - 1GB RAM PC2700 (2x512 DIMM) DDR - Samsung SV076AH 60GB IDE - HP cd-writer/dvd-rom combo drive (I'm writing like a noob) - Gigabyte Geforce 6500 256MB AGP - Intel ICH4 Chipset - Realtek ALC650 Audio (AC'97) - Realtek RTL8101L I want know what kexts I should use regarding to the... - Kernel - Video Drivers (The motherboard uses AGP, do have the AGPGart 2.7.1 along with the NVinject 256MB or either one. OS X detects the Graphics card is on AGP thanks to AGPGart 2.7.1, but need drivers for the Geforce 6500/6200LE!!! - Power Management (GenericCPUPowerManagement by superhai wasa giving me a Kernal Panic) - Fixes and Patches - DSDT Patches (Which one do I choose that works?) - AppleSMBIOS (Do I need one? If I do, which one best works for my system) - Alternate Bootloaders (Do I need one? If I do, which one best works for my system) Thanks.
  3. Tried Booting to Install

    Hello Guys, I'm in need of some help, I bought a new system and wanted to dual boot with Windows 8. I thought I didn't want to jump the gun so then I decided to install Windows 8 get some software together then install apple and then finally try the dual boot. Here are my results from trying different distros: iDeneb - Put in disk, press F8, Type -V, Press enter... Oh No! Restarted. Tried different flags just keeps restarting. iPC and iAtkos - Put in disk, press F8, Type -V, Press Enter... Oh No! Kernal Panic and something about 0 hard drive problem?? I then decided to try a different method and went and installed VMware (which i could boot all 3 of the distros in - so im guessing thats a problem with my specs of bios?), the method was to make a virtual machine with access to the physical drive and the setting where it writes immediately to disk. I then try to run the virtual machine but have a problem something about the disk already being used. I think this is because i would be overwriting the disk file that VMware creates which would probably break the virtual machine and not work. Do you think I could use a USB pen for the virtual machine disk file? Then I can use my HDD as a full physical drive? All help would be greatly appreciated and im sorry if this is in the wrong place. (Mods please move if this is the case) Computer specs are in my signature.
  4. Install iPC on USB stick?

    My pc (Compaq SR2150NX) has its dvd drive removed. Could iPC (10.5.6) be installed through usb? I have tried unnetbootin but that failed, it would not boot OSX. Thanks
  5. Hey Now, I'm attempting to try and Hackintosh a Compaq Persario 2500 (2568CL DK560A), 2.66Ghz Intel Pentium-4D, 1GB Ram, 160GB HD. My latest attempt is using iPC Universal PPF5 Final with Leopard 10.5.6, I boot it up with -v and it hangs on: IOPCCardBridge : : Start Failed Apple PS2Touchpad: Synpatics Touchpad v.5.8 Any ideas? TIA, ~ Hayduke
  6. Nvidia G 210 Anyone ?

    I'm looking for iPC (10.5.6) drivers for my Hackintosh. The hardware component is an GIGABYTE G210 (Nvidia), 512MB GDDR2 Does anyone have a link to those drivers? If not, which option should I choose on the iPC install list? NVinject or NVdarwin??? :wink2: :help:
  7. Compaq SR2150 NX Heads Up

    Hi everyone, Me and my Compaq SR2150nx are ready for iPC 10.5.6... but first.... I have the current image ready on a disk, but... 1. How should I format my current PC first 2. What drivers do I need, especially for my Nvidia 210 and Realtek Ethernet/Sound? 3. Any first-timer tips? Thanks
  8. I'm wondering if I should update to 10.5.8 Most programs like GIMP need 10.5.7, so I go to update, and notice 10.5.8 - should I do this? I know that GIMP will work on 10.5.8, it's that I don't know whether I will screw something up. I want to update because of app compatibility - I tried installing SL before (iATKOS S3 v2) but it failed so I'm using 10.5 (imo I like Leopard and SL more than Lion.) My main reasons are to do with Safari and GIMP - iTunes keeps nagging me to get Safari 4.0.3 and GIMP is one of my favourite free editors.