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Found 4 results

  1. Mobo : Gigabyte UD3LR CPU : Intel Q8200 RAM : 4 Gb 1066 Mhz GEIL GPU : NVidia Geforce 9600 GT HDD : Samsung Sata II 750GB (non SSD) I have been using Snow Leopard for 2 years almost without major problems. Then on one day i downloaded a DSDT file for my mobo to try it out. At boot it started "PCI configuratin begin" and was hanging there for a few seconds. I lost my patience and pushed the reset button. I never could boot the system anymore(HFS got corrupted at System folders, no chance to repair it). So installed Lion and Mountain Lion right after. It was working for one year. About 3 weeks ago i checked if sleep mode was working fine. I did some patches to make it work before, but looks like never bothered with it. Waking up from sleep mode reseted my CMOS. Then it took me 10 days to stabilize my RAM, because something happened with that, and i could not use the old settings for my memory. I had about 120 BSODs in Windows on one day. It was all because the RAM was dropping errors. 120 BSODs, and WINDOWS DID NOT GET CORRUPTED! I am using that Windows right now, and its stable again. BUT if i have to reset Mac OS X, i am pretty sure, that files and folders will be lost suddenly, and in an unrepairable way! This is below any standards. I had to reinstall Mavericks 4 times in one week! All because of HFS getting corrupted and Disk Utility and fsck could not repair it. (Of course they make it more worse while trying to repair it.) I was having OpenGL Channel Exception errors while watching html5 videos and going fullscreen in Safari (try here some if you would like test as well : http://ink361.com/app/tag/video ) , which means the whole ui got freezed / crashed and screen got being stuck garbled at one point. But the system was still running in the background. I could not do anything cause no mouse or keyboard input worked anymore. So at this point, what can i do ? I was watching if there was any flashing of the HD leds on my PC. When it stopped doing anything for a while i pushed reset. Later i had a feeling its better to turn off the PC completely, maybe the disk won't be damaged that way. But it will be damaged EVERY F*CKING TIME. AND IRREPAIRABLY. Next time i boot up, it says "fsck started blabla, and then possibly something like this: "removed 15 directories and 16 orphaned files" or so. Oh great. They ARE GONE. FOREVER. Its like RUSSIAN ROULETTE. If i am lucky those were not System folders and i can still boot up. Well, most of time i am not so lucky. I had lost 500 megs of stuff from my HFS partition once with a freeze. Checked those folders in R-Studio on Windows. Folders i never touched, and among those System/Library/Extensions, and everything needed for the system to boot up. I was trying to fix this issue with the OpenGL Channel Exceptions on the last days. Meanwhile i had to reinstall the whole b*tch system 3 times because of the freezes. And then after one install it got stuck at first boot on some Bluetooth kexts. I waited for 5 minutes, then i turned off the machine. Boom. Next boot not working anymore, HFS DAMAGED BADLY. The Disk was not even doing anything when i turned it off! Later i found out i have to boot with -x after install not to get stuck at the Bluetooth kexts. (And right after i need to rebuild kextcache with Kext Utility so i can drop the -x from that point) So i installed the system once again. It looks like i have no more freezes and Channel Exceptions. Although there are still some artifacts when going fullscreen playing html5 videos. Luckily it fades away and does not crash anymore.Things might have helped is that I removed AGPM.kext and wiped out PCIRoot=anything from boot arguments. Its pretty badly documented what the f*ck that switch is for anyway. Looks like its better for me to leave that off completely. I remember i had to use value 1 for Snow Leopard. Don't have to anymore as it looks with Mavericks. But. The problem remains. Which is. Anytime my Mavericks system crashes, or i have to reboot / turn it off, there is a 90% chance the HFS will get corrupted, and possibly i need a reinstall, because Disk Utility from Install USB Drive and fsck ain't repair anything. I was searching for things like how could i prevent this damaging thing each time the system crashes or being stuck in a freeze state. How could i make HFS more stable not to loose folders and files so easily, but did not find really useful things sadly.
  2. X99 Machine Working perfectly till today! Partition is active and drive is working!
  3. My computer config: CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 Haswell Motherboard: ASUS Z87-PLUS RAM: 16GB SSD: 256GB HDD: 3TB OS: Windows 7 Ultimate VirtualBox version: 4.3.6 r91406 Error Message: hfs: summary table not allowed on FS with block size of 2048 hfs: mounted OS X Base System on device root_device hfs: could not initialize summary table for OS X Base System Step: 1. Create virtual machine (2048MB RAM, new 20GB dynamiclly allocated VDI) 2. Untick Enable EFI 3. Choose HackBoot_Mav.iso for the DVD drive 4. Start the VM 5. Change OSXMavericks.iso for the DVD drive 6. Press F5 and press enter 7. Then the error message shown in the screenshot I have tried some method and changing the setting but it have the same error message What should I do? Thank you.