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Found 9 results

  1. Good morning my freinds , i want to instal OS X el-captain in my tour : -motherboard : - msi Z97 gaming 3 -intel core I5 4670K -graphic card : msi nvidia gtx 960 100ME 2go ddr5 -SSD 250Go adata RAM : 16Go DDR3 ADATA i have a macbook pro for the instalation , please forgive me for the bad english i speak french Can You help Me for this instalation and thank's
  2. Hello everyone!!! My name is spiruni and a newbie around here!!! So i want to build my gaming rig but i already got a pc that i build on my own a couple years ago. Now you see i dont want to have two pc with windows and also i would like to start coding adn editing (from time to time) on the MAC platform. Now i know that a mini mac would be a better solution but I would to see if i could build on my own my hackintosh machine, and also learn for future reference if my parts are appropriate for a build as such. So with out any more time wasted here are my specs: Asus z87-K Intel Pentium G3240 @3.1GHz Corsair Vengence DDR3 12Gb of RAM Nvidia GTX960 MSI Gaming TpLink 1750AC Wifi Pcie Card Corsair CX750 Watt PSU WD Cviar Blue 1TB HHD These are my specs please if you can help by posting in the comments section would be really appriciated. Thanks in advance !!!
  3. niXta

    GTX 960 PCIe x8

    Hi! I have a problem with my MB that forces me to use the PCIe 8x port instead of the 16x. It works fine but I'm not sure if it is performing as it should. If you own a GTX 960 could you run a quick benchmark and tell your score? My score in Tomb Raider 2013 Benchmark is Avg. ~58fps high detail (v-sync) GFXBench GL (Offscreen) (frames) Manhattan: 9755 T-Rex: 28088 ALU 2: 31543 Driver Overhead 2: 814 Texturing: 70802 LuxMark 3 LuxBall HDR: 5475 GpuTest Module: GiMark Score: 4205 points (FPS: 70) Standard settings (1024x640 AA off) Any results are welcomed!
  4. Salve a tutti, sono uno studente con la passione per l'informatica. Mi sono cimentato nell'impresa "Hackintosh" oramai 3 settimane fa, e dopo tanti (fin troppi) tentativi andati male, ho deciso di chiedere il vostro aiuto. Il mio obiettivo è quello di avrere macOS High Sierra completamente funzionante sulla mia build. Le specifiche sono le seguenti: Intel Core i7 5820K@3.3GHz Overclockato a 4.2GHz; MSI X99S SLI Plus; Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4@2133MHz Overclockato a 2400MHz (16GB); DeepCool Assassin II (Dissipatore); MSI GTX960 2GB OC Edition; SSD Samsung 850EVO 250GB; HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB. Come detto prima, sono ormai 3 settimane che ci sto lavorando con l'aiuto di altri ragazzi, ma non riusciamo ad andare oltre la fase di Reloc Block. Con il tentativo "migliore" siamo riusciti ad arrivare al punto che potete vedere in foto, dopodiché la macchina si riavvia in un tempo che si aggira intorno ai 2/3 secondi. Nei file allegati troverete la EFI utilizzata e la relativa foto del punto dove rimango bloccato (mi scuso per la qualità, se servisse una foto più leggibile non esitate a chiedere). Grazie mille in anticipo a tutti per il supporto, se avete bisogno di altre informazioni relative all EFI o al PC chiedete pure, sarò felice di rispondere. EFI.zip
  5. Hi all, I'm facing an very strange video issue with my X99-UD4, GTX 970 or 780 or 960 I'm playing a MP4 Format: H.264, 3840 x 2160 AC3, 4800 Hz FPS: 60 Size: 673,2 MB Data Rate: 8,32 Mbit/s Current Size: 1920 x 1080 (half) The movie stutters while playing. So it stops while audio is going on but the video moves stuttering. I've got Web drivers installed, no Cuda, have used different SMBIOS settings. It just don't matter what I do to get rid of this. I've searched everywhere but can't find anything to solve this. So if any one can give me a hint or help.? Thanks
  6. Hi there, I'm an Italian student who wants to try out Hackintosh. I'm struggling on this odissey since 3 weeks ago and now I decided to ask for your help. My aim is to get macOS High Sierra up and running on my X99 build. The specs are as follows: Intel Core i7 5820K@3.3GHz Overclocked to 4.2GHz; MSI X99S SLI Plus; Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4@2133MHz Overclocked to 2400MHz (16GB); DeepCool Assassin II (Cooler); MSI GTX960 2GB OC Edition; SSD Samsung 850EVO 250GB; HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB. As I said before I was struggling on this machine for 3 weeks with other guys that helped me a lot, but we can't get past the Reloc Block. With the most "successful" attempt we made, I eventually got it to the point you see in photo, after which it reboots in something like 2 or 3 seconds. In the attatched files you'll find the photo of the point where I was stuck (I apologize for the quality, if you need a more redable photo just ask and I'll take a shot) and the EFI used for that attempt. Thanks a lot to all of you for your help and support, if you need any additional information about my computer or the EFI Folder that you can't find in this post or its attatched files, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll be happy to answer. EFI.zip
  7. wujek_bogdan

    Anybody running 4K@60Hz @ GTX 960?

    At the moment i'm running 4K@60Hz @ R9 280X, but because of bad news about AMD cards on El Capitan I'm about to buy Nvidia card, probably GTX 960. Can anybody confirm that 4K works fine at 60Hz under GTX 960 (Nvidia web drivers ofc). Specs: iMac14,2, Asrock Z87 Pro4, i7-4790k, 16GB DDR3@1600. Clover + SSDT generate with ssdtPRGen.sh. Thanks in advance.
  8. well, from Sierra 10.12.2 to 10.12.4 my system is randomly freezing. no post. no error. nothing. no warning, just locks up. Mouse doesnt move, graphics freeze. sound repeats any idea? system AsRock x99m Extreme 4 Intel® Core™ i7-6800K Processor 15M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz Gigabyte GTX960 GV-N960IXOC-2GD HyperX FURY Black 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL15, 1.2V *2 Solid State Drive (SSD) Intel 600p Series, 256GB, M.2 80mm, PCIe Corsair VS550 550W

    Asrock x99m Extreme 4

    Sierra, 10.12.6/ High Sierra 10.13.6 on x99 chipset with GTX960 GPU and i7 6800k CPU UEFI 3.50 Hi folks. I managed to make it stable as possible. everything seems to work. for suggestions and additions we are all open. see attachment below with respect to developers like Pike R. Toleda MaLd0n fabiosun and many others brave people AsRock x99m Extreme 4 Intel® Core™ i7-6800K Processor 15M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz Gigabyte GTX960 GV-N960IXOC-2GD HyperX FURY Black 8GB, DDR4, 2400MHz, CL15, 1.2V *2 Solid State Drive (SSD) Intel 600p Series, 256GB, M.2 80mm, PCIe Corsair VS550 550W PS: for all apple services to work, you will need to grab some real MLB/ROM mike 2018 asrock_x99m_extreme4_6october2017_EFI_10.12.6.zip asrock_x99m_extreme4_10july2018_EFI_10.13.6.zip