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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I'm about to build a hackintosh and want to share my findings in that process. Also maybe get some help. The goal is to have a fast Mac with large disk capacity for image processing and a Windows gaming machine at the same time. The components I chose: MSI Z390 Gaming plus i5 9600K 6cores with HD630 graphics 2x8GB Crucial DDR4-2666 nVidia GTX650 Ti (will be replaced later by Vega or Navi card) 1TB Samsung 970 Evo plus NVMe + 4TB WD blue Disk as fusion drive What is working: Windows boots and games run. Installation was a bit tricky: the GTX650 has no UEFI Disk partition has to be GPT since it should be shared between Windows and OSX Windows only installs on a GPT drive if the setup is purely UEFI. I ended up with a 2 screen setup with the secondary monitor on the HD630 being the boot display. The Windows driver uses the GTX650 without problems. Disabling CSM is important, on MSI this is hidden under the odd entrance "Windows 8.1/10 WHQL Support" that has to be enabled(!). Booting and Installing OSX from USB stick. I found this post most useful as a starting point. After some trial and error I managed to boot with the HD630 into the installer The board has bios version 7B51v14, the most recent is not working (will check again when the system runs without error) Clean up EFI folder, update clover, apfs.efi (from osx installation). Clover folder is attached. Onboard ethernet is working with IntelMausiEthernet V2.4.0 Not working (TODO list): Fusion drive: Mojave does not support fusion drives. Instead, the installer tries to convert a fusion drive to apfs which, since Mojave, has a similar feature. From command line, I can create a apfs "fusion drive" with some modified commands: (will supply later) However: I seems that afp is buggy when it has to share the disks with other partitions. The plan was to have Windows too on the SSD and a common transfer partition on the spinning disk. Setup of the "fusion drive" was fine, but the installer always crashes without message, presumably in the moment it tries to access the disk. At the moment OSX is installed on a separate disk, will continue to investigate. HD630: No acceleration, 6MB video memory GTX650: No output at all, but card is shown in profiler. Thought it would be supported ootb. Speedstep: CPU power usage around 8W in idle. Audio USB3 turn off crappy board illumination CLOVER.zip
  2. The real Mac - iMac or Mac mini do not have any batteries, what would happen when there is a power loss? I am considering building a hackintosh with Fusion Drive, but before I do, I'd like to know whether it is stable. Currently I have the OS X and Applications on the SSD, and a 2TB HDD divided into 2 partitions, one for Time Machine, which backs up all my content on the SSD, one for Data like movies and downloads. I am considering moving to the Fusion Drive.
  3. Hello there, i have a Problem with my new installed System. I installed with clover. I have a Fusion Drive Set up with a 256GB Samsung 840 SSD and a 3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD. I noticed that i forgot to enable trim. So i did that but there is no change. Rebooted several Times. I only get about 30-40 MB/s write on my FD. Its writing the my SSD (looking at it with "iostat disk0 disk1 1") I don't know what to do. Could it be a bad clover config? I attached it. Or does it take some time to get it fixed? All drives show up with SATA 6Gpbs connection and the SSD now has Trim enabled. Greetings Julian config.txt
  4. Long time no see everyone, I'm trying to upgrade my Sierra installation to High Sierra via vanilla installer. Upgrades never caused issues before (minus Pascal web drivers) until now. It seems the High Sierra installer cannot boot from a Fusion Drive. Clover says it encounters errors loading the kernel cache, with code 0xe. I believe what the installer does before rebooting into the file copy process is try to upgrade the JHFS+ partition to APFS from what I saw on a verbose reboot, and that might be the issue. But from what I read from the Apple support documents, Fusion Drives should not be converted and indeed my drive is not (since I can reboot to Sierra after the error). Or it could be that the installer itself has compatibility issues with Fusion Drives. *note: I've also tried a createinstallmedia USB, which shows the hack can boot High Sierra via USB but not from a Fusion Drive. I'll try installing with the no conversion flag through the terminal. In the meantime, can we think of any other reasons why this might be happening? Update: no luck with the no conversion flag. It doesn't look like it's related to APFS at all, but rather an issue unique to Fusion Drives.
  5. Thinking to Fusion Drive of two internal SSD. There are some interesting cases: On iMac Fusion Drive: The original Fusion Drive SSD replaced with SSD NVMe PCIe plus adapter, and SSD SATA in replace of HDD. On Mac Pro: One SSD SATA with OWC Mount Pro plus a SSD NVMe with PCIe card adapter. This configuration allow a Mac Pro (2006 to 2012 models) to take true benefit from NVMe PCIe SSD: Since The Mac Pro can not boot from NVMe (there are rEFInd and Clover "patches", but Fusion Drive give us better data integrity and usability, and is the easier configuration) Concerns: NVMe SSD can be more fast (and more big) than the original Apple's Fusion Drive on iMac. NVMe SSD can be more big than the HDD drive on Mac Pro. Both cases contradict the Fusion Drive argument supposed to be: "SSD is always the small disk and the faster one, HDD is always the big disk and the slower one" So, how does Apple Fusion Drive technology to detect the fastest drive and to optimize the resulting logical volume? Any detailed Apple specs document of how fusion drive technology optimization works? (Please share documented answers, thanks!)
  6. Apologies in advance for the long post; this is a summary of about a week's activity. I had a very stable Mavericks running on an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO. It was booting with Chameleon from a fusion drive. I needed to upgrade to Yosemite to be able to run the latest Xcode. I used the latest Chameleon to upgrade to Yosemite, but ultimately I had to give up on it because Chameleon would fail on boot with a "Can't find mach_kernel" message and could not get it to go away no matter how much goggle advice I applied to my configuration. I had been meaning to try Clover anyway so I downloaded v2k_r3021 and created a working USB installer. I was able to boot the new Yosemite install, I ran the clover installer on the fusion drive and rebooted. However, If I tried to boot directly from the hard-drive, I would get the Chameleon boot screen instead of the Clover one. Looking at the boot option at the UEFI screen, I notice that the only UEFI device is the Clover USB stick, the HD is listed as BIOS bootable. (Much) more googling ensued to no avail. I went so far as to repartition the drive using DiskUtility (note that I did not re-fusion the drives,) and reinstalling Yosemite. I then did a newfs_msdos of both the SSD and HD EFI patrons and copied the EFI partition from the USB install drive. Still the situation remains: I can boot Yosemite from the fusion drive using the USB installer, but if I boot directly from the hard drive I get the Chameleon screen. An the SSD drive still does not show up as a UEFI bootable device. Obviously I've missed a step or 2 and some vestiges of Chameleon remain. Can someone advise me on what to do next? Thanks.
  7. Apologies for the lack of information (and for posting in the wrong place), but I can't even boot into Clover so screenshots of verbose mode aren't even possible. I've been running the beta of 10.14.2 for sometime (-using this excellent guide ) without any issues. When I tried to apply the new update for 10.14.2, my pc downloaded the update, shutdown but applied some updates then rebooted into a blank screen. I've tried several things since then. Specifically: * Booting from the installation USB created using the above guide - same blank screen * Booting from an external HDD - successful launch of OS. From here I have tried different versions of Clover including the one on my HDD r4644 (all have been unsuccessful). I have also tried different memory management options osxaptiofix (1, 2 & 3) The only other information I can provide is in the screenshots below (including a brief of my drive configuration) Please let me know if and how I can get more information to help resolve the issue, or if I have to rebuild from scratch. Many thanks in advance