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Found 6 results

  1. vit9696

    FileVault 2

    Alright, after a couple of weeks of hard work performed by: ath, Download-Fritz, slice, savvas, and myself FileVault 2 should work everywhere now. Additionally thanks to iNDi for help and initial discovery of certain FV aspects. This means that everybody gets some pros for this but mainly Clover. Everything works in test mode for the time being, so you better wreck your disk drives and tell us how much fun it was Clover: In brief you are required to install a set of drivers present at least in r3876. There are two driver categories, and each one will be addressed separately. UI drawing. Make sure that you remove all the legacy drivers implemented in the past. The list includes: AppleImageCodec-64.efi, AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi, AppleKeyMapAggregator.efi, AppleEvent.efi, AppleUITheme-64.efi, EnglishDxe-64.efi, FirmwareVolume-64.efi, HashServiceFix-64.efi Avoid OsxAptioFix1/2/3, because they may cause boot hang during recovery entrance. Use AptioMemoryFix. The following is mandatory: AppleUiSupport.efi — or you will get cursor error; VirtualSmc.efi (for VirtualSMC) or SMCHelper.efi (for FakeSMC). Password input. To do that you need a keyboard driver, which knows about Apple key aggregation protocol. There are two input drivers for the time being: AptioInputFix — my driver specific to AMI APTIO IV UEFI BIOS. Still in process of a rewrite and release. Pros: — works without keyboard reconnect or driver flash with USB and PS/2 keyboards in AMI UEFI BIOS; — fixes not working mouse input on Z87 and possibly newer; Cons: — some multisymbol hotkeys will not work (e.g. 3+2, 6+4); — key autorepeat might cause issues on some systems; — mouse might work a bit slowly on some systems (better than nothing). Recommendations: A lightweight solution that will mostly work well for some people. If it works for you and you have no desire to flash your BIOS, perhaps it is a good idea. Modified UsbKbDxe, a slightly altered version is present in Clover. Pros: — works with any USB keyboard in any BIOS; — offers completely functional Apple boot keys (CMD+V, 3+2, CMD+R, etc.); Cons: — might require a physical keyboard reconnect after driver load with AMI UEFI BIOS; — might lead to a complete freeze of the system with AMI UEFI BIOS. Recommendations: It is recommended to use this driver from BIOS or via legacy clover boot. In this case you will have no issues with keyboard connection. To solve freezing issues you will need to rebuild UsbKbDxe with a forced controller disconnect at EXIT BS. In case of Clover use: ./ebuild.sh -D EXIT_USBKB=1 In case of the original driver see these PCDs. Both should be set to TRUE. In case of Clover FixOwnership might help you, but I would not recommend this. AppleKeyFeeder — a solution by Jief_Machak for very very broken systems, for e.g. PS/2 keyboards on laptops. It does not emulate all the keys and does not support key combination, but is definitely better than nothing.Link to a binary. Hibernation is a no go for those having no hardware nvram and no StrictHibernate in clover config No solutions for the time being and no solutions planned. Shutdown button on login screen may cause a restart No solutions for the time being. Password change/reset during the volume encryption might cause issues when logging in Apple issue. Please refrain from changing or resetting the password before the encryption completes. In cases this is required use your generated recovery key to login into the system.
  2. Since the Catalina beta 9, FileVault takes about 3 minutes to request the password. I am currently in a final version 19A602 and the problem continues. If anyone can take a look, I have attached "gen_debug" before and after disabling FileVault. I noticed that if I boot in verbose, the login screen takes the same time, but at left o screen a lot of lines pop up: ERROR: LWSmcUINT8ForKey smcProtocol-> SmcReadValue failed for key '... Important: In attachments the Kexts are in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.15/ but the behavior in /Library/Extensions is the same. Important 2: Tried without UsbKbDxe.efi, UsbMouseDxe.efi, Ps2MouseDxe.efi and same issue. My laptop is from this guide that I wrote: gen_debug.zip [EDIT] Solved with https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/cre5da/filevault_howto Basically removes: AppleImageCodec.efi AppleImageLoader.efi AppleKeyAggregator.efi AppleUITheme.efi AptioInputFix.efi Ps2MouseDxe.efi FirmwareVolume.efi SMCHelper.efi And, add: AppleGenericInput.efi AppleUiSupport.efi VirtualSmc.efi Of course, replace FakeSMC kexts with VirtualSMC kexts. Now, just 5 seconds to ask password.
  3. Hunk89

    Filevault 2 with Clover

    Hey, i am a newbie here. I want to build a hackintosh soon and i would like to know if anyone has successfully implemented Filevault 2 with Clover yet? Can it be done? Thanks, Hunk
  4. Buongiorno, ho da poco messo a posto quasi tutto sulla mia prima configurazione hackintosh che va benissimo. In questi giorni è apparso l'aggiornamento di sicurezza di High Sierra come da titolo e me lo ha scaricato ma prima di partire con l'installazione vorrei avere delle delucidazioni riguardo agli aggiornamenti in generale soprattutto ai minor, per ora non ho bisogno di aggiornare a Mojave. Si corrono dei rischi ad eseguire aggiornamenti di questo tipo (sicurezza come in questo caso) o ad esempio a versioni piu nuove dello stesso sistema MacOS? Se sì quali sono e come si prevengono? Non vorrei ritrovarmi a dover re installare tutto formattando il disco partendo da zero. Qualche tempo fa ad mio amico succedeva che il disco veniva crittografato con "Filevault" e diventava inaccessibile, questo dopo un minor update, al che ha dovuto ricominciare da 0. Cos'è il Filevault? Potrebbe capitare questo anche a me? Vorrei sapere tutto prima di andare a fare delle minchiate. Grazie in anticipo a chi vorrà e avrà la pazienza aiutarmi.
  5. I think, at this point converting to hfs+ is out of the question, Apple has been pushing the apfs file policy very aggressively, so does anybody solved the missing "Boot macOS from Mojave " (this last word may be different). I have installed the latest clover in HDD and USB, but I can only see 3 Mac Os related tabs but not the one for actually loading the Mojabe mac OS. I updated high sierra to Mojave and everything went fine. My laptop (Dell E6530) booted up normally, Mojave system loaded up, I finished the setup and spent sometime exploring. I updated clover to the latest version and turned of machine. When I restarted, I noticed Clover did not have an option for booting into the system like High sierra had it. I tried adding the apfs.efi or the ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi driver to the clover efi folder in the HDD and also tried with a USB clover installation and the result is the same: No boot option for the Mojave OS. I used the recovery option and I was able to explore the partion where the system is located but that´s as far as I could go. Does anybody has an idea of what happened?
  6. Hi all, I have 5 disks including four SSDS and a 4TB HDD configured in a CoreStorage (Fusion drive) volume. I have Filevault enabled also. When I turn on my hackintosh, I am presented with the Filevault screen to select my user, enter my password and continue to decrypt and boot macOS. This works around 80% of the time with no issues at all. Sometimes with seemingly no identifiable pattern, after I enter my password it just hangs on the Filevault screen with the loading bar and does not progress. There is no disk activity either. After a while of the hanging, it will just display the prohibitory sign against a black background. I have to force shut the hackintosh off with the power button and try to boot again. Usually after I do this, it will boot the second time. I'm currently running Sierra 10.12.6 but this has also happened when I tried 10.13 too. Clover is fully up to date as of today (r4380). Does anyone know why this might occur? The only thing I have picked up on is the drives change disk identifiers and move themselves around (eg. /dev/disk1) during different boot ups so maybe it's getting confused when trying to decrypt and boot as a corestorage volume. I have no idea how to prevent this from happening either. Any help or suggestion would really be appreciated. My specs are: Motherboard: GA-Z97X-UD7 TH RAM: 16GB Corsair 1866MHZ Memory GFX: 2x Nvidia GTX 760 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4GHZ