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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Gentlemens I am asking you with a great request for help with a problem I can not deal with. I hope I have chosen a good section on this topic I have been using my Hackintosh for some time now it does not cause me any more problems except for the one that irritates me My problem: the system does not recognize my monitor and detects it as a monitor monitor VGA 13,9'' (800 x 600) Gigabyte GeForce 9600 GT 512 MB My monitor model: LG Flatron W2243S As you can see in the attached picture, the system does not recognize the monitor as a built-in screen My main problem is that when the screen resolution is set to 1920x1080, black bars appear on the sides of the screen It is not very comfortable, that's why I would like to change it and make the image look the whole width of the monitor The monitor is connected to the graphics card with an adapter from the VGA connector to the DVI connector this is my conifig.plist https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kBoGpfR8ooGAm-Y9C8Qu7rZetDWI8t6w I hope that I described my problem in a comprehensible way, thank you very much for your help
  2. Good day, after searching endlessly through forums and trying various ways I now need your help. My issue is that I need to output sound over my macbook airs mini displayport, the setup looks like this: Macbook -> mini DP -> mini DP / hdmi adapter -> hdmi switch (with toslink extractor) -> Optoma hd 20 The toslink is connected to a separate DAC. Since the edid from the Optoma is telling the macbbook that sound is not supported I want to override this. So far I have dumped the projectors EDID with Darwin Dumper, then modified the dump with AWEDIDEditor, the modified output file is a bin-file. How do I use this file to override the old EDID? Looking forward hearing from you.
  3. I have a Mac Mini 2006 (upgraded) with Intel GMA950 graphics, running MLPostFactor 10.8.5. It is connected to an ASUS VS197 LCD panel using DVI-D. This is natively a 1366x768 panel that is recognized and works fine. However, the other choices for resolution are 4:3 800x600 and 1024x768, and then the oddballs 832x624 and 1360x768. None of these are useful as a low-resolution widescreen for gaming or watching DVD content. Specifically I want to get access to 848x480 or 854x480, and also 1024x576. SwitchResX makes these choices available, but it doesn't work with a "full screen" game, presumably because the game directly queries OSX Display to get a list of valid resolutions and SwitchResX is bypassing that system instead. So the solution is obvious: buy a new computer pull the monitor's EDID data, hack it to enable new resolutions, and then tell OSX to use this custom EDID instead of the one retrieved from the monitor. Following the steps of the EDID injection guide, here is where I am: * Retrieve EDID, DisplayVendorID etc from ioreg. 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 04 69 F2 19 24 94 00 00 31 16 01 03 80 29 17 78 EA F5 45 A4 55 50 9E 27 0F 50 54 BD EE 00 81 C0 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 66 21 56 AA 51 00 1E 30 46 8F 33 00 9A E6 10 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 32 4B 18 53 11 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC 00 41 53 55 53 20 56 53 31 39 37 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FF 00 43 43 4C 4D 54 46 30 33 37 39 32 34 0A 00 F1 * Use an EDID editor to enable new 848x477 and 1024x576 resolutions. (Verify with an online EDID tool, and compare to the previous version) 00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 04 69 F2 19 24 94 00 00 31 16 01 03 80 29 17 78 EA F5 45 A4 55 50 9E 27 0F 50 54 BD EE 00 81 C0 4B C0 4B CA 4B CF 61 C0 61 CA 61 CF 01 01 66 21 56 AA 51 00 1E 30 46 8F 33 00 9A E6 10 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 32 4B 18 53 11 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC 00 41 53 55 53 20 56 53 31 39 37 0A 20 20 00 00 00 FF 00 43 43 4C 4D 54 46 30 33 37 39 32 34 0A 00 47 * Create a new subfolder and plist within /System/Library/Overrides/Display/ containing the new EDID string and monitor name. * Reboot. Now the problems begin. Even though the plist file is being read (which I know because the Monitor Name has changed in Displays), the custom EDID is not being used. When I dig into IORegExplorer I am able to come up with AAPL00,EDID string and it is the unmodified one read from the monitor. I even tried a plug-and-unplug while OSX is running, and also tried to reset the SMC and NVRAM, but no dice. Do I need to start digging into DSDT hacking? Is the Intel driver pulling down EDID during boot and I need to override it somewhere else? What am I missing here?
  4. HOW TO: Advanced EDID Injection Hi guys! I recently discovered with EDID injection how to add optional features: New Resolutions and Apple MBP Display Injection! ~Requirements: PlistEdit Pro EDID Injected Ok, let's start: Firstly, you need to inject your screen with this useful guide. Make sure you have injected it successfully. ~Apple MBP Display Injection: 1. Open your display file with PlistEdit Pro 2. Add this key in the Root of the file: <key>dmdg</key> <data> AAAAAg== </data> 3. Rename the string DisplayProductName as this: <key>DisplayProductName</key> <string>Color LCD</string> 4. Click ' Sync outline ↑ ' to sync the keys added to the file. Proof: ~Adding New Resolutions: 1. Open your display file with PlistEdit Pro 2. Add this key in the Root of the file: <key>scale-resolutions</key> <array> </array> 3. Now, add a new Sibling in scale-resolution 4. Change the class from String to Data 5. Open a Hexadecimal Converter/Decimal Converter (you can find some online) 6. Now we must change the value to add a new resolution: Example: That value will add the resolution 1280x800 : 00000500 00000320 00000001 Let's examine how it works: 00000500 (Hex) > 1280 (Dec) 00000320 (Hex) > 800 (Dec) 00000001 (Hex) > 1 (Dec) <-- This one is not important 7. You can add all the resolutions you want, from your max resolution of the screen to 800x600 . 8. Click ' Sync outline ↑ ' to sync the keys added to the file. That's my display file: (it's for reference only) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>DisplayProductID</key> <integer>8074</integer> <key>DisplayProductName</key> <string>Color LCD</string> <key>DisplayVendorID</key> <integer>1711</integer> <key>IODisplayEDID</key> <data> AP///////wAGr3SAAAAAAAEQAQOAIRV4Chz1l1hQjicnUFQAAAABAQEBAQEBAQEBAQEB AQEBxxsAoFAgFzAwIDYAS88QAAAYAAAADwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgAAAA/gBBVU8KICAg ICAgICAgAAAA/gBCMTU0RVcwOCBWMCAKAEU= </data> <key>dmdg</key> <data> AAAAAg== </data> <key>scale-resolutions</key> <array> <data> AAAFAAAAAyAAAAAB </data> <data> AAAFAAAAAwAAAAAB </data> <data> AAAFAAAAAtAAAAAB </data> <data> AAAEgAAAA2AAAAAB </data> <data> AAAEgAAAAtAAAAAB </data> <data> AAAEAAAAAwAAAAAB </data> <data> AAAEAAAAAlgAAAAB </data> <data> AAAEAAAAAkAAAAAB </data> <data> AAADIAAAAlgAAAAB </data> </array> </dict> </plist> Tell me if these methods work for you. Maybe you need QE/CI (or multiple resolutions only) to add resolutions into display file. -giofrida
  5. Vi illustrero' brevemente come poter correggere le informazioni relative al monitor del vostro hackintosh in pochi semplici passaggi (in giro ci sono miliardi di guide più o meno ben fatte io semplicemente mi limiterò a semplificarla il più possibile) 1. Aprire Terminal 2. Sudo -s 3. Password (inserire la vostra password) 4. ioreg -l -x -w0 | grep IODisplayPrefsKey nel mio caso il valore è : ioreg -l -x -w0 | grep IODisplayPrefsKey | | | | | "IODisplayPrefsKey" = "IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/P0P1@1/IOPCI2PCIBridge/VGA@0/NVDA,Display-A@0/NVDA/display0/AppleDisplay-e14-1465" in questo caso i valori che ci servono sono: AppleDisplay = DisplayProductName e14 = DisplayVendorID 1465 = DisplayProductID Teniamoci Bene A Mente Questi 3 valori e torniamo su terminal 5. ioreg -l -x -w0 | grep IODisplayEDID nel mio caso il valore è : bash-3.2# ioreg -l -x -w0 | grep IODisplayEDID | | | | | "IODisplayEDID" = <00ffffffffffff000e1465140000000022120101802115780a1d6d975b518e252f505400000001010101010101010101010101010101ab22a0a050841a30302036004bcf100000190000000f00000000000000000028c8053200000000fe004350540a202020202020202020000000fe00434c4141313534575030354120004b> in questo caso i valori che ci serve è: 00ffffffffffff000e1465140000000022120101802115780a1d6d975b518e252f505400000001010101010101010101010101010101ab22a0a050841a30302036004bcf100000190000000f00000000000000000028c8053200000000fe004350540a202020202020202020000000fe00434c4141313534575030354120004b (attenzione solo i numeri come indicato) e sarebbe l'informazione EDID del monitor 6. Creiamo sul desktop una cartella scrivendo DisplayVendoID-xxxx (xxxx è il numero che avete ottenuto al punto .4) nel mio caso quindi ho scritto DisplayVendorID-e14 7. Dentro questa cartella spostiamo il file che ho messo in allegato DisplayProductID.zip (e cambiamo solo il numero ottenuto al punto .4) nel mio caso quindi ho rinominato DisplayProductID-1465 9. Scarichiamo PlistEditPro e apriamo il file DisplayProductID appena rinominato: Ci troveremo di fronte a 4 Key con i relativi Value (all'inizio di ogni colonna) Andate su qualsiasi sito online per il la conversione da Esadecimale a Decimale (esempio http://easycalculati...x-converter.php) Convertite i due valori DisplayProductID e DisplayVendorID da "esadecimale" HEX a decimale "decimal" nel mio caso : 1465 (esadecimale) diventa 5221 (decimale) 5221 lo inserisco al posto dell 0 su plisteditpro alla chiave DisplayProductID e14 (esadecimale) diventa 3604 (decimale) 3604 lo inserisco al posto dell 0 su plisteditpro alla chiave DisplayVendorID 10. Copiamo e incolliamo in plistedit pro anche i valori DisplayProductName e IODisplayEDID che abbiamo ottenuto in precedenza rispettivamente nei punti 4. e 5. e salviamo il file 11. Andiamo nella cartella Sistema/Libreria/Displays/Overrides cancelliamo tutte le cartelle tranne ''Contents'' e spostiamo dentro la cartella che abbiamo creato sul desktop e riavviamo il computer DOPO LA MODIFICA PRIMA DELLA MODIFICA Nel caso al riavvio dovesse riscontrare dei problemi avviare mac da chemeleon scrivendo -s appena si ferma scrivete mount -uw / cd dev cd volumes cd Nome Partizione (se il nome della partizione ha degli spazi scrivetelo tra virgolette es. "Mountain Lion") cd system cd library cd displays cd overrides rm -R *display*
  6. Hey there, I want to ask about a problem in my hackintosh. The screen of my hackintosh is weird. The color of the screen is very weird as you can see in the picture. In the picture is my laptop. But it's very weird, because the problem is only in my laptop. In my second monitor, which is connected to my laptop with HDMI cable, the colors are normal. The second picture is for comparison Please give me some advice. Thanks for your help
  7. Hello folks! I've been working on this issue for a few weeks so I guess it's time to ask for your help... My Context I've got an very strange glitch on my laptop built-in display. GLITCH VIDEO: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9u_U2zduVk1MzhXVWh6TkdBWm8/view I believe it's not an issue on my graphic card settings since I've got full graphics in a external monitor plugged in my HDMI port. So I guessed that the EDID of built-in monitor is not being grabbed correctly. Even with EDID issues having a different behaviour, I tried overriding the display EDID with EDID grabbed from windows. Also tried FixEDID with no luck. One thing to note is that DarwinDumper output some warnings that may help: EDID block does NOT conform to EDID 1.3! Missing name descriptor Missing monitor ranges Detailed block string not properly terminated My Questions For those with more experience, this really looks like an EDID issue? If not, what else can fix this? An IMEI DSDT Patch?! My Specs Lenovo B490 - i5-3320m - H77M - HD 4000 OS X 10.10.1 Video Ports: Real Ports: 1 LVDS, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA(still disabled) and this model has no MiniDP port Using 0x01660003 1 LVDS, 1 HDMI, 2 DP My config.plist is attached EDID grabbed with DarwinDumper is attached IOReg is attached Specification of the built-in LCD: N140BGE-L22 --------------- Update #1 My conclusion so far is that this monitor has a broken EDID EEPROM. I just need to know how can I build my own EDID based on the monitor specifications... --------------- Update #2 I've also tried to create a EDID from scratch with this very nice tool: http://www.analogway.com/en/products/software-and-tools/aw-edid-editor/ The attached override was under path `/S/L/Displays/Overrides/DisplayVendorID-dae/DisplayProductID-1470`. However it was not loaded (the display name doesn't changed) and I don't know why. I've checked the file permissions and it was identical to the others overrides. --------------- Update #3 So, it's probably not an EDID issue, since the built-in display works properly when QE/CI isn't enabled. Please help... config.plist.txt ioreg.zip DisplayProductID-1470.txt DarwinDumper EDID.txt