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Found 9 results

  1. So i'm trying to install OSX 10.4 Tiger (patched for intel cpus) on a 9 year old laptop, so far i've burnt a DVD and tried to boot from it, when not starting with -v it loads and then a prohibited sign shows up, and when starting with -v it keeps saying "still waiting for root device", i've tried multipile fixes and none of them work, and im sure there isnt a problem with the computer as it also fails to boot on my core 2 duo machine, so is it possible one of you guys knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello guys, I've got this laptop here, which works quite nice, especially since I've installed Windows 8 (RP) on it. But since I've always wanted to try Hackintosh on a laptop I decided to do it. Downloaded iAtkos L2, burned it on a DVD. Tested it, went straight to HDD boot after having set DVD boot as 1st prio. Then I disabled all other boot priorities but DVD. The screen appeared to turn on and off continuously. I let it do that for a while till I just stopped it. I think the whole laptop was restarting, because the bios procedure is really fast when you restart or stay on the same OS, regardless of OS I'm using (W7/W8), so I imagine some problem with drivers? Anything you guys know about? I've searched all over for anyone having the same issue. Thanks in advance. Something keeps chrashing, but I'm also trying to say my desktop can boot from the disk and the laptop did boot from W7 and W8 disks and usb.
  3. Buongiorno...ho un problema con il mio notebook samsung...è da un po' che provo a installare montain lion ma non ci riesco...ora ho provato con niresh, ho avviato in -v e ad un punto mi da un errore: bootcachecontrol unable to open /var/db/bootcache.playlist 2 no such file or directory non ho trovato nulla che mi aiutasse in giro...potete darmi una mano? grazie
  4. i happen to have an intel s5000xvn board and i have read around that installing on this board has issues with sound and such. i have seen someone on youtube hackintosh the board but when i contacted him i got no response back at all. the board has the 5000x chipset and it has Intel 82563EB dual gigabit ports it also has a Realtek ALC260 hd audio chip. also i am running an nvidia 8600gt on it and i have 3 hard drives 2 sata and one ide. also there is 16gb of fully buffered ecc ddr2 ram and 2 quad core xeon e5430 processors. what am i to do to make this install work. what would i sellect at time of install
  5. Salve a tutti, poco tempo fa ho installato iAtkos L2 sul mio portatile Acer Aspire 5740G, sono riuscito a far funzionare tutto apparte la scheda grafica (ci sto lavorando) però mi sono accorto di un piccolo problema: quando apro il pc il lettore dvd Slymtype A DS8A4SH funziona ma dopo un po' che utilizzo lion non funziona più e premendo il bulsante di espulsione non succede nulla (rimane chiuso)! Ho pensato che fosse un problema dei kext installati quindi ho reinstallato iatkos ma il problema persiste Qualcuno ha qualche idea per sistemare questo problema (fix,kext,ecc)? Ringrazio chiunque potrà darmi una mano AGGIORNAMENTO: Guardate qui come risolvere
  6. I have burned literally thousands of DVDs in my 3 1/2 year old MacBook Pro. However, recently I have been unable to do so in Disk Utility and iDVD. It goes through the motions but apparently fails to close the disc. You can hold it up to a light and see that the disc has been burned, but it is unreadable. I thought my optical drive might need to be replaced until I tried to burn straight from the Finder one day. If I highlight files and/or folders in Finder, right-click and tell it to Burn, it works fine. So it's obviously software related. Anyone have a clue on how to fix it without a reinstall of OS X? I have already tried to repair permissions but it didn't help. Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Salve a tutti, dico subito che ho un NETBOOK ASUS X54H e che, sto provando ad installare MAX OS 10.8 ML dalla distro NIRESH. La mia installazione procede bene, termina con successo, ma al riavvio, terminata l'installazione, quando mi carica il sistema, ovvero mi chiede le ultime cose (lingua, nome account, password ecc..), il touchpad ed il mouse usb non vanno più, nemmeno la tastiera. Devo dire però che la fase precedente, ovvero dove uso l'utility disco ecc..i driver ecc mi funzionano. Penso proprio manchino i driver nella niresh, alchè ho scaricato i kexts per il mio pc che, ricordo è un NETBOOK ASUS X54H, ma non so dove inserirli nel dvd iso, cioè vorrei caricarli in fase di installazione e di conseguenza modificare l'ISO. PS: lo sto installando su una partizione a sè, nessuna macchina virtuale. Qualcuno sa dirmi dove inserirli? si accettano consigli su tutto. Grazie
  8. Ira Aduro

    [How-To] Remove the DVD bezel on a G5

    Thanks to Baudouin for explaining this originally. Ok here is a photo guide and short tutorial [How-To] The pop-down DVD window is held in place by an aluminum shroud which is in turn held in place by four tabs. If you look at the first photo I have labeled the tabs 1-4. All of the tabs must be popped out of place if you want to remove the DVD window. The bottom tabs (1,3) have to be pushed in farther than the top tabs (2,4). I found it is better to loose one side and then the other. Once all four tabs are out you can slide the entire assembly out. Once out you can easily remove the aluminum shroud. Reinstalling the DVD window is as simple as following a reverse of the above listed proceedure.
  9. Hello. I need help with some strange issue. I used my home hackintosh for a long time without DVD drive. Disabled it at one moment to free sata connector. Now I need it and when I plug it in, clover won't start. Just underscore cursor stay on screen. What it can be?