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Found 3 results

  1. In questa guida vi spieghero come risolvere il "Missing bluetooth controller" e/o "Boot0 done" su ati 7xxx. Missing Bluetooth Controller: Per chi non avesse già installato una versione di OS X, può creare il proprio "installer" da windows seguendo questa guida; Al termine dell'installazione eseguiamo il boot da clover con le seguenti "flag": -x -v Configuriamo l'account utente e, una volta giunti alla scrivania, riavviamo; Dopo il riavvio eseguiamo il boot con: -s Successivamente digitiamo in sequenza: mount -uw / cd /System/Library/Extensions mkdir intel_back mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ touch ../Extensions reboot Una volta riavviato il sistema installeremo tutti i kext necessari. Boot0 done con Chameleon: Scarichiamo l'ultima versione di chameleon che possiamo trovare nell'area download ed installiamola; Scarichiamo MyHack (Cerca con google); Estraiamolo ed avviamolo; Selezioniamo "Installazione Chameleon"; Riavviamo. Good Hackintosh Ringrazio @carbo178 e @friscos
  2. I made my USB boot drive using #####, but when I select it as my boot device, and try to boot, it says: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: done And it just stops there, with a blinking cursor. I can't get to the installation screen. Does anyone know what problem I'm having, and how I can fix it? Thanks
  3. First things first, I won't tell you everything how I've done it, because I'm to stupid for it! Anyways, let's start that I do an educational training right now and we're working with iMac's, someday it annoyed me to work 5 days with a Mac and 2 days with a PC. So I decided to make a Hackingtosh Build. Today I want to give you my thoughts about my Build, what kext's I've used and of course, the world's most important advice, what isn't working. (Or at least I couldn't get to work, because I don't care about that one) (And I really like pixel art btw.) MoBo — Gigabyte Z77-D3H CPU — Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz GPU — EVGA Nvidia GTX660 3GB RAM — 2x Kingston 99U5471 4GB each HDD — 1x Samsung 1TB SATA; 2x Server Drives with 120GB each (unknown and dead german company) DVD-Drive — Samsung (who wants to know that {censored}, I don't) Power supply — 1000 Watts (same company as the HDD's, I own this PS for ages now , doesn't fit properly in the case tho... ) Case — NZXT source 210, white, as a Hackingtosh should be! Hot pics of are attached below Photos.zip dcai777 – for the buying advice and OS Setup Laberlohe – for the CPU compatibility buying advice keiner99 – for the Gigabyte MoBo recommendation and informing me about the Ozmosis Bios (Flashing the Bios was really easy btw.) *will be done when I'm home * Overall view ( no sexy pixel art picture of that Title D: ) It was worth buying thoose parts, in the future I'll be buying a SSD and 3 Monitors too, but right now it's ok. What does not work? USB WiFi was a pain to get working and after tons of kexts installing and removing I've found a working one. But I still getting disconnected sometimes for no reason. Sadly that you cannot use the internal GPU with the PCI one, even tho it's set in UEF. In any Linux distro that works. The Reason for the 3 new monitors are basicly that the current one's are too old and not the same inch size, in fact, they're still VGA Monitors. But the other Reason is, that the EVGA Card only has one DVI-I connector that can be converted to VGA, DVI-D isn't possible to VGA and HDMI to VGA is first dumb and second of all, not that cheap. What I'm happy with. Everything is really smooth, couldn't play any games but cinebench told me that it should be good. Also if anyone wants to know this, Minecraft with Ultra shaders works fine. (That was the only game that I could download quickly) And that's the thing why I like Unix, it can't crash and/or slow down you're PC after having it for like 3 years. If a Applications isn't responding, just force it to close, not like windows to wait for everything. I've compared the PC at work ( iMac8,1 ) and mine with some CPU/RAM/GPU intensive Apps like SublimeText (while running a python code to generate a file with 500k empty lines with a delay of 1000ms) After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Blender, Parallels and Chrome (80+ Tabs opened), the iMac clearly lost, but I was amazed that mine didn't even slow down, I even had 20% CPU free to use! So that's that - I guess, have a good day, dcai777 forced me to do this, it hurt me. My name is max by the way..