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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys i am releasing to you my new mac app, this app can be used to edit or create custom versions of the voodoo tsc sync kext, i have created it because i have seen many times peoples having troubles in finding the right version of voodoo tsc sync for their cpu, so i created a mac app that lets to edit or create a voodoo tsc kext and configure it for your system, i have included 3 ways to edit the kext: 1) configure using one of the existing templates (just chose one of the cpu models listed) 2) specifying the number of cores 3) manually editing the info.plist of the kext using the editor (still experimental, needs some improvements) This app uses a copy of the VoodooTSCSync in his Resourches folder, or you can open an existing version of VoodooTSC and edit it, there are some other useful features to discover, and new ideas are also welcome to improve this program, i know that with a plist editor you can do what this app does, but this is designed to be more user friendly than editing a plist file manually and just for accomplish the task of configuring this kext for your machines without looking on the web for that specific pre-configured version you need, just download this program and follow a few steps. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/68e5nd85rf3wjko/VoodooTSCSync%20Configurator.zip Download from insanelymac downloads: http://www.insanelymac.com/…/744-voodootscsync-configurator/ System requirements: Any mac or hackintosh with Mac OS X Yosemite or more recent mac os x version EDIT: New update available, new graphics design and amd support added, the link is the same as before
  2. Hey guys, working on my second Hackintosh project, and just finished the paintjob and visual side of it. Not sure what to call it: I was inspired by sci-fi movies (Aliens (1986) in particular as the attentive reader might notice). Perhaps simply "BauerCorp Mod" or similar. Anywho, this is the build so far: (Software setup still remains) • Primary use: Creative work, video editing • Corsair C70 case • Inno3D iChill GTX 1080 TI • ASUS Maximus X Hero 370 (Wi-fi, Bluetooth) • i7 8700K • 32 GB HyperX RAM • Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD • (7 SSD drives total > Will be transferred from current machine when everything else is ready. Same with lighting.) • PSU: Corsair RM750X • CPU fan: Noctua NH-D15 Let me know what you think, and if you´re interested I´ll post more about the build/painting process itself. Thanks
  3. After upgrading to High Sierra, I also converted to APFS and enabled FileVault. Everything's working mostly fine, but got a couple of minor issues: (1) Is there any way to disable the verbose boot that apfs.efi chucks out before the Clover boot menu? (2) To boot w/ FileVault enabled, I have to select a Clover boot menu icon called 'Preboot'. However, I can't seem to find a volume or path ID which will enable me to create a custom entry for it on my Clover Configurator GUI -> Custom Entries menu. Is this because it's all synthesized inside an APFS container? Any way to create a custom entry for Preboot?
  4. Hello Friends, I have installed El Capitan and Windows 10 in separated drives but i have a problem with clover, detects two entries more than El Capitan (Recovery its hidden) but it doesn't work, they are called 'HD1' and 'HD2' I suppose that i need to hidden legacy entries and create a custom for my Windows10 disk. I need some help creating a custom legacy entry for Windows. ¿Where I can find the path of my Windows 10 disk? I have 3 HDD OCZ -> El Capitan KINGTON -> Windows 10 (Legacy) WD -> Exfat for sharing info Thanks 4 all. config.plist.zip DarwinDumper_2.9.9.1_AMI_X64_3320_Cap_Thor.zip
  5. I am running clover version 3292 and trying to add custom boot entries. i have tried adding them through clover configurator and manualy. My debug log includes the line 0:109 0:000 Custom boot CUSTOM_BOOT_DISABLED (0x0) Is there something I must do first to enable costume boot options. My config is attached. config.plist.zip
  6. Hello Everyone. I'm new to the forum and after a successfull install of Osx 10.x (Mavericks first, then Yosemite using one of the available 'distro' out there) on my PC, I'd like to put togheter a custom usb installer for the latter Os using Clover. I've already experimented with the original app from Apple Download Center and the last Clover build to date, following one of the guides available online (tonymacx86.org, if i am correct), but although the bootloader starts succesfully it seems to hang after a while forcing me to reboot the Pc. I've followed the faq to the letter, so, in my opinion, it's either it missing some detail, or my install environment missing some kext. My custom system specs are as follows (well, mostly): Cpu : Intel Core Duo E8400 @ 3Ghz MB : Asus P5Q Pro GPU: Shapphire Radeon HD 6450 1GB Net: Atheros AR8120/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E Ethernet Controller Audio: HDAudio (ID: 0x10EC0888 - Realtek ALC-1200 i think!) Bios settings: AHCI, VT Enabled (worked fo me!) etc. Kext added to clover after usb install : FakeSMC, NullCPUManagement, AtherosLc1Ethernet plus HFSPlus.efi (no DSDT, SSDT) Lastly, to be more specific on what i'm asking here: do i need to put some extra kexts on clover install to let it recognise the system it is running on, or that's a more post-intall related issue? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, and thank you for reading. Can I dual-boot Yosemite with Windows 7 on these specifications? If not, what other version? Intel i5 750 Quad-Core (x64, 2.67 GHz) Dell Precision T1500 Motherboard 4 Gigabytes of RAM AMD Radeon 6570 Graphics Card Please tell me, I am interested in trying it out.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 I am selling my Hackintosh custom G5 modded Case this is a complete working computer, with the following. specifications CPU: i5-3450 3rd Gen. 3.10ghz (brand new condition) original box included Motherboards: GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 (brand new condition) original box included RAM: Gskill 8Gbs DDR3 1600 (New Old Stock) original box included PSU: XFX Pro 450watts Power Supply (New Condition) GPU: Intel HD Graphics 2500 (onboard) HDD: 250GB (Used Condition) DVD: original dvd burner out of G5 (this drive is IDE this motherboard only has sata so it will not work with computer, but is included) WiFi: wireless card adapter with genuine apple extreme WiFi, with supported airdrop 450MB/s (not included but i can include for a small sum) $60.00 Please let me know if interested in checkout G5 Modded Case (Like New Condition) G5 Modded Case The computer will come professionally packed with all specification components pre installed inside, and ready to use (operating system not included) complete computer, with front panel wired, and the fans (also original G5 fan's), plus specs described, very clean inside computer and out. The modifications for this case are completely unique, look at pictures for a more detailed view. please contact me if you are interest. pm me or email me at curt0012@gmail.com, if would like to talk on the phone just pm or email me & I will send you my cell #. I would sell this off Ebay for 840$ OBO no fee for me, so you can save $$ too! payment by paypal or credit card, I have "paypal here".
  9. Hello everyone. Recently I've been interested in trying out and using Mac OS X. However, neither my PC's nor my laptop's hardware allow for a Hackintosh installation. Fortunately, I will be buying a new custom built PC soon and I will try to install Windows 7, Mountain Lion and Xubuntu on it. I don't have many options as you cannot find many pieces of hardware over here, however using guide found on hackintosh.com, I think I have found the optimal PC I can build with it. Here it is: Case Fazn-A18 Piano Black - Midi (A1008) Power Supply Turbo-X-650W Value Series CPU Intel-Core i5 3570K (s 1155 , 3.4 GHz , 6 MB) Cooler Xigmatek-Gaia SD1283 Heatpipe Cooler 120mm (Intel 775, 1156, 1366 & AMD AM2/AM3) Motherboard Gigabyte-Z77MX-D3H (s 1155 , Z77 , DDR3 , HDMI) RAM Corsair-Vengeance 8GB Quad 1600 C9 Hard Drive Seagate-Barracuda 1TB HDD 3.5" (64MB Cache, 7200RPM, Sata 6Gb/s) Graphics Card MSI-GT 640 (PCI Express 16 ,2 GB GDDR3) DVD Reader Samsung-DVD-RW SH-222BB Sata Black Bulk I was wondering if this PC would be capable of running Mountain Lion... Also, this is my first attempt at a Hackintosh system, so I have to ask that: Will I be able to access networks through ethernet cables fine, or is it mandatory to get a WiFi adapter card to? Thanks for your help, shamanas