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Found 15 results

  1. UPDATE May 10, 2019 new cuda release (thanks to phi777) New! CUDA 418.163 previous releases:
  2. Hello. I've recently installed Mac OS X 10.8 ML on my custom built computer. I just plugged the USB, installed OS X on a partitioned Hard Drive (MBR), booted using the USB, worked smoothly. Just installed Audio, Network (Was already working), OpenCL Patch, Legacy USB, FakeSMC, DSDT-Free. Some problem I noticed is that it seems that my GPU (GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb) isn't working at its fullest. First, some of the OSX animation seems choppy sometimes and the computer feels slow. Secondly, I think my GPU supports OpenGL 4.1, but here in Mac OS X, it shows that its version is 2.1. Thirdly, the Adobe applications tell me that my GPU doesn't have CUDA when I try to do enable GPU acceleration in After Effects and Premiere using guide: . I already tried updating to 10.8.3 (which made the computer slower somehow), updating the Adobe apps, installing the Nvidia drivers, the Nvidia CUDA Drivers, tried the OpenCL patch, etc. Still the same. Computer Specs: 1500tb HDD Seagate Green 5200RPM Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024mb 16GB(2x8GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM ASUS P8B75-V Could someone please help me? Some pictures: http://puu.sh/2qLBi http://puu.sh/2qLCq http://puu.sh/2qLFm http://puu.sh/2qLGJ http://puu.sh/2qPhq http://puu.sh/2qPrQ
  3. Info: Version: 4.2.7 Release Date: 12.04.2012. Operating System: Mac OS Language: English (U.S.) File Size: 18.6 MB Update here: http://www.nvidia.co...mac-driver.html Or thru Cuda Preferences WHAT SI CUDA? CUDA is NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU. Greetings :wink2:
  4. barney-geroellheimer

    GeForce GTX460 and CUDA

    Hey, I'm now running my hackintosh for about a year and now I tried to use some CUDA-Software. I installed the CUDA driver shortly after the Lion installation but now I tried some software. CUDA-Z shows the Card correctly as the "GeForce GTX 460", but I tried to use Blender (with Cycles Render Engine using CUDA) and Adobe GPUsniffer, which both didn't found any CUDA device in my system. Then I updated the CUDA driver to the current 4.0.50, but no change. Also I saw now that the card is shown as "Unknown nVidia card" in System Information. OpenCL instead of CUDA seems to work in Apps supporting it. Does anyone have an idea what could go wrong here and what's the best way to tackle with this? What additional information about my system could be helpful?
  5. Info: Version: 4.2.5 Release Date: 16.03.2012. Operating System: Mac OS Language: English (U.S.) File Size: 16.4 MB Update here: http://www.nvidia.co...mac-driver.html Or thru Cuda Preferences WHATI SI CUDA? CUDA is NVIDIA’s parallel computing architecture. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU. Greetings to ALL !!! :wink2:
  6. Hi, After a successful installation of 10.10.5 on my x99 system there are still things to fix on post. I would appreciate every one's help and contribution to solve these problems. Needing to be fixed: Backlight/Brightness control Sleep/Wake (It doesn't sleep properly and doesn't wake up through mouse touch or keyboard) ThunderboltEX II isn't recognized being the great mystery of this build (devices are always plugged before booting, Bios Security ID is set to Legacy, the card is installed on Pcie x4_1 and recognized in Windows) AppleThunderboltNHI.kext was removed for faster booting Speedstep not accomplished Nvidia Driver - I can't select it at system preferences. OSX default driver assumes control. One of my software's displays the message "NO CUDA ACCELERATION HARDWARE DETECTED". config.plist.zip IoReg mac.zip SSDT-1.aml.zip 001_2016-04-15_22-27-13_MacPro6,1.zip
  7. NVIDIA CUDA 5.0 FOR MAC RELEASE Version: 5.0.36 Release Date: 2012.10.01 Operating System: Mac OS Language: English (U.S.) File Size: 53.2 MB New in Release 5.0.36 Adds support for GT 650M. Support for MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion CUDA Driver for MAC Archive
  8. alex95sv

    Images are blank?

    Hi, I installed my OS X 10.6.2 today, installed my Video card driver, ethernet and all, and now when I open image files, they appear blank. Same when I make a screenshot with Grab. Why is that, and can it be fixed? My laptop is Acer Aspire 5738. Video card: nVidia GeForce® G105M If you need more info, just ask. Thank you in advance!
  9. JorgeMenderp

    GTX 760 3mb VRAM?

    I was hoping someone could help me out with an issue. I've got Yosemite running fine on my PC now, however the graphics are quite bad. There's extremely slow redraw, and sub HD resolution. About this Mac was listing my card(ASUS GTX 760 2GB) as having only 3mb VRAM. I've tried using GraphicsEnabler as a flag, as well as nvda_drv=1, I've installed the CUDA drivers, as well as the Retail drivers, which I'll include a link to at the end. Still, nothing has changed, except About this Mac now lists a GTX 760 with 0mb of VRAM. This is the last step to me getting my Hackintosh running beautifully. Help is appreciated. Specs if needed: CPU: AMD FX-6300 MoBo: Gigabyte 970A-D3 FD Graphics: ASUS GTX 760 2GB Installed on a Sandisk SSD Dual-booted with Windows Link to drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/80070/en-us
  10. Hey guys, new to InsanelyMac, seems like a great community. I recently got a EVGA GTX 780. I do a lot of gaming, which was my primary reason for that choice, but I also do some Adobe work on my OSX install. Understanding the known bugs with this card and 10.8.3, I determined that they would not affect my work that much (really just wanted that CUDA!). So I got it working on OSX, and obviously W7 fine, using the nVidia web drivers. OSX recognized it by name a details in system info and I was getting excited!! Then reality set in...After trying to enable CUDA using terminal commands I found on several sites, I realized even though the computer knew it was a 780, it wasn't truly recognizing it. When I would use GPU Sniffer for enabling CUDA for AE, I wasn't getting the same info as many others. It wasn't giving me the dialogue "Name: GTX 7xx...." but rather something like "Engine: Nvidia GTX 780 OpenGL Engine....". So I was unable to get that working and could not find a real reason or anyone else experiencing the same issue. Then on Windows, thinking it might be a BIOS or GPU firmware incompatibility, I tried installing the latest firmware for the 780. In the prompt for installation, at the "finding devices..." it determined I had no compatible devices....even though I had the latest GPU drivers installed and could max out all my games and tweak the card using the nvidia control panel. Now, my question is...Is this in fact a motherboard/BIOS incompatibility? My current MOBO is the GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 w/ UEFI U1h. They released an updated UEFI, U1l, in march '13, but I can't find any info if that is a GPU/7xx series compatibility update or something. Does anyone have any info on this matter? Really don't want to have to upgrade my MOBO and potentially my CPU if I don't have to. Thanks! P.S. This might also be a clue to the culprit....since upgrading my GPU, the MOBO splash screen hangs for about a minute or so on boot until finally going into the normal selection screen...I can't access BIOS either, if I try, my screen goes black once the spalsh screen moves on.
  11. Hey-ho hackintosh scene! There is a need for us to test a lot of Mac configurations of a really stressful GPU-based app. The app contains cool GFX, tons of metrics, it can crash your GPU, CPU, Mac, etc. Of course if drivers are fine then nothing like this will happen. If not.. then we really want to help Apple fix those drivers by giving them feedback using special channel that's open to us for some time. And we need you guys to help us. So - the app is called FractalArchitect and you can download it for free from MacAppStore. Also if you want to test CUDA be sure to mail support@fractalarchitect.net for your special exectuable. The test cases are pretty easy. Download app. Start it. Click 'Free GPU trial', and try OpenCL/Metal/CUDA rendering with 4 sample fractals. If everything is fine you can capture your performance metrics (when you render fractal second time, as first time it also counts compile time). if not - please leave bug-report in this topic. For people with iGPU/descrete - do tests of both GPUs. Any cool cases (eGPU) are welcome. Let the tests begin. P.S. You can share any super cool fractals you created here as well. P.P.S. Just to clarify. This is _not_ my application. I just serve as a proxy that will channel the bug-reports to the right people inside Apple. The author of the app will keep an eye on this post as well but in _no_ way this is an advertising. The app is a Rosetta stone for compute testing. And that's it. P.P.P.S Do not search bugs inside app. You guys are _not_ beta testers of it. You test your GFX/Compute drivers.
  12. Hello there! I'm considering updating my trusty nVidia GT 640 for a newer pascal card. I've found one that seems to be recommended for its good support with nvidia web drivers: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI 4GB GDDR5 128BIT, GV-N105TD5-4GD The question is, does anyone knows if CUDA and cudNN works with the web drivers? I'm currently working on neural networks using TensorFlow and that would be a requirement for me. Anyone using CUDA with a pascal card? Thanks a lot!
  13. Vengeance1020

    CUDA for GT 130M?

    I have a GT 130M in my notebook and I am running full graphics just fine in native drivers and GeForce drivers (GeForce work better in my system) and I was wondering if there is any CUDA drivers or support for my model GPU? My GPU supports CUDA but in System Settings > CUDA, it shows that the GPU is not supported. I am running my GPU under DSDT (works just fine without the DSDT patch for the GPU, I just added it for better performance, but it seems to work the same either way, just the detected name is different and some data isn't detected [without DSDT patch device comes up as "HP GeForce GT 130M" and with DSDT it comes up as "nVidia GeForce GT 130M" with device ID's and PCI slot connection]). I don't really need the driver YET, but since I am gonna want to do video editing and 3D animation, I'm sure CUDA would help very much. If its not supported or there is no way to get it to work, then please guide me on how to uninstall?
  14. NVIDIA CUDA 5.0 FOR MAC RELEASE Version: 5.0.24 Release Date: 2012.09.10 Operating System: Mac OS Language: English (U.S.) File Size: 40.8 MB ADDITIONAL INFORMATION New in Release 5.0.24 Adds support for GeForce GT 650M. Support for MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion CUDA Driver for MAC Archive
  15. E-Chris

    No CUDA on Yosemite with GTX580

    I have Yosemite booting and running fine, but I've noticed that my GTX580 card is no longer being recognized as a CUDA capable card. If I launch CUDA-Z it says not CUDA Hardware found, and the same with Adobe apps. CUDA use to work under 10.8. What's changed that's preventing it from working now? Is there any way I can re-enable it to function? Does anyone have CUDA working on other nvidia gfx cards?