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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to install the driver for EP-N8508 to be used on Yosemite, but all the drivers get installed, the Wireless Utility App crashes without launching. Any idea what is happening and how to fix it?
  2. Whaka

    applications 32 bits crash

    hello, et oui... toujours entrain de me battre avec ce bon vieux leopard des neiges mais là, c'est sur amd (faut bien varier un peu ) alors, je résume en tres gros : la machine : HP DC5750 microtower. amd athlon 64 X2 4200+ chipset ATI 4 Go de ram en 10.6.8. la machine fonctionne assez bien (j'aurais d'autres questions, mais ce sera dans un autre sujet) j'ai donc un systeme qui démarre en full 64 bits, mais, les app 32 bits (ou en mode 32 bits) ne fonctionnent pas, elles plantent des le lancement. j'ai essayé avec 2 kernel, celui de anv et celui de nawcom, c'est pareil. j'ai essayé en elenvant 1 Go de ram : c'est pas mieux. j'ai essayer de patcher avec "amd_insn_patcher V2" : c'est pas mieux. voilà, donc est ce que c'est possible d'avoir un systeme full 64 bits qui soit fonctionnel avec ces kernel ? ou est ce qu'il existe une solution à ça ? j'ai un peu googlé, mais c'était pas tres fructueux... merci d'avance
  3. So i've been using my hack for over a month now. I thought I had success but alas I haven't. It keeps freezing at random intervals (usually anything from between 1 - 3 hours apart) and then restarting. Is there anyway I can find out what could be the cause of this? Like a log report or something like that? I feel like I've come across something like this while installing OS I just can't remember how it worked. A bit of information: [even though I guess I need a log report if anyone's gonna have a chance of helping me] SPECS: Using Yosemite 10.10.4 Gigabyte X99 UD4P BIOS version F2a i7 5820K MSI GTX 970 Using Clover. Only kext I changed was the HDAaudio kext which I replaced with Toleda's one, but have since put back the original as I bought myself a usb audio device. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can provide! I desperately need it.
  4. Hello, Currently I have two hacks that I have assembled. One is a GA-H81M-H + i7-4770K + HD 4600 combo running on a RAID 1 500GB array; this runs headless. The other is a GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 + i7-4790K @ 4.5 Ghz + GTX 770 4GB OC; this is my main computer. I will refer to them by their chipsets (H81 and Z97). I also have a 4 year old MacBook Pro 15" with a 2.2 Ghz Sandy Bridge quad core for comparison; this never, ever crashes. I run rendering and BOINC (@home distributed computing) on the machines. They are both adequately cooled; H81 never breaks 70°C and Z97 I manually control the fans as I see fit. The problem is that under moderate load, H81 freezes up quite easily. At first I thought this was an issue with the graphics driver, so I went ahead and enabled QE/CI for the HD 4600. Other than the stutter from when it fades from black to desktop on boot, it works quite well. But the freezing still remains, both through headless operation via VNC and monitor out via HDMI, when the CPU is taxed enough. By enough I mean the H81 barely breaks 50°C. Under full load in Compressor, it freezes in 1 minute; under limited load in BOINC, it lasts a couple minutes. With no CPU load the build is otherwise stable, but I do run Unison in the background to keep a RAID 5 6TB array in sync with an external backup, which uses ~8% of the CPU. Also notable is the fact that the freezes occur more often when running headless via VNC than via a monitor. Under tom.bridges's suggestion I investigated power management as a possible solution, but it is running Piker's script successfully and still freezes up. More notable is that the same CPU used to be in my old build, running solid stable at 4.3 Ghz under full load in Z87. So the CPU itself is not damaged for sure. The Z97 build is much, much more stable, with power management also enabled through Piker's script. It lasts 30-80 minutes under the same limited load of BOINC, and I have yet to see it freeze up under Compressor. It does ultimately freeze up when taxed enough, though, regardless of temperature. Which begs the question: Why does the H81 freeze so often, and are hackintoshes inherently unstable under heavy load? The temperatures are low enough and power management works as intended. Is it my power supply (only 250W, powering 6 hard drives & 3 fans), or does anyone have any idea on why this is so?
  5. Hello, This is a relatively new issue I have encountered in the past 24 hours and has proven to be persistent. It first presented itself under ALXEthernet.kext packaged with Rampage Dev's Haswell DMG. It was working fine for the past two weeks, full gigabit duplex mode etc. but yesterday I came across some troubling issues regarding local filesharing and Mac App Store downloads. My board is a Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5 using an Atheros E2201 NIC and GTX 770 4GB OC fully enabled under Yosem 10.10.1. Appropriate DSDT patches have been applied as well as Rampage Dev's SSDT and Piker's PM SSDT. UUID and serial are all cleared and unique. Whenever I tried to write to my local AFP share (hosted by netatalk on a Linux box), it would crash the computer without any error codes or shutdown causes. Strangely I could read from the share and delete files on it without issue. This happened more often, almost always, with large transfer sizes than with smaller files. The second problem is with updating apps from the MAS. When I click "Update" it instantly crashes my computer, again without any error codes. Sometimes it lasts long enough to show the user verification login window before it crashes. As a fix I tried to work with Mieze's AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext instead of ALXEthernet. The version on the forums here did not work with my board; I had to recompile it under Yosemite build environments and then it worked. I have this copy of the kext for anyone who requests me for it, and it's completely Mieze's work as all I did was switch SDK from 10.8 to 10.10. This kext solved the AFP issues; I was able to copy a full 8GB file from local storage to AFP share. However, the MAS update crash issue remains. What's even more baffling is the fact that there is no coherent error code associated with the crash. I'm not sure if this is caused by Atheros ethernet, but I do remember encountering a similar issue with the AppleIntelE1000e.kext with my old build, especially with the AFP shares, and that's why I'm posting under here. System Information and IOReg both show the E2201 as fully recognized and enabled under both ALXEthernet and AtherosE2200Ethernet. Can anyone here help me out? Thanks.
  6. when i updated to 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 i get programs that won't open but rather i get the unexpectedly quit message and thats on itunes, msn messneger, yahoo messenger, even skype. i dont know how many other programs are like this. when i update safari to the lastest version i get issues with that as well where when i try to view some websites or pages i get the page doing an automatic reload several times then i get an error stating this page cant be viewed or whatever it is. what is causing these things to happen and what can i do. without a fix my computer is crippled at this time. the only thing i can do is run safari 5.0.4 under 10.6.7 also when i updated to 10.6.8 and the latest safari flash player wont show any video but only allows the audio to work. the video is blank but u get working audio. what am i to do?