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Found 16 results

  1. WhatTheTech

    WhatTheTech's Trading Outpost

    Ok, so I have an over-abundance of tech-related items. So...this is where I'm going to post said stuff. Please excuse me while I list several boxes of stuff...this list will update. ----------------------------- CURRENTLY FOR SALE ----------------------------- 1) 2 x Scythe Slipstream 120mm Slim Fans (link) - Really nice fans, reasonably quiet - Perfect for HTPC/Low Profile Coolers 2) 2 x Apple Pro Keyboard (black/silver) (link) - In decent shape, definitely 100% functional 3) 2 x Apple Pro Mouse (black/silver) (link) - Perfect for completing that vintage mod 4) 2 x Powermac G5 Hard-Drive Caddy (link) - Continue the stock look and still add HDD slots! IMAGES OF ITEMS FOR SALE: ----------------------------- ----------------------------- PM me or email with your offers! Don't worry too much about the amount you're offering - I'm not looking to make my money back on these things and will definitely work with you! I will ship internationally as long as you're willing to pay for it. I can also go through eBay if you prefer - I have 100% positive feedback over there.
  2. Vendo case di un Mac Pro. Il case è in buone condizioni generali (qualche graffio qua e la, a volte esaltato dal flash nelle foto), l'unica pecca è che il piedistallo posteriore è leggermente schiacciato (a destra guardando da dietro) e nella parte posteriore il case si è leggermente aperto, questa foto dovrebbe farvi capire le condizioni ---> https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Il case viene venduto con tutti e solo i componenti che vedete in foto: manca la scheda frontale, per usb, audio e firewire, ma è presente il pulsante di accensione con il suo connettore. VENDUTO Priorità a chi ritira a mano. Tutte le foto Francesco.
  3. Atilla101uk

    complete mac pro case

    Hi looking for a mac pro case (not the g5) in the UK would need to be complete with drive bays etc and psu(working or not) cheep as possible please peeps I'm in Liverpool but would pay for postage if people are willing to take the time to pack it up. Oh btw doesn't have to have any logic boards etc in or if it has doesn't have to be working
  4. Up For grabs is an unmodified Late 2005 PowerMac G5 case with all fans and most dividers cables and other accessories. Also Included is an Early 2005 and Prior Front Panel Board to allow plug and play wiring with cables made here on the forums! Price: $60 OBO + Shipping (PLEASE: Submit Best Offers Via Personal Message... I will review your Offer and provide an answer within 5 Business days) Bought this as an extra parts case when I bought mine, Selling my other off now and I don't need this guy anymore. If you have any questions please let me know!
  5. Hey, i currently have an iMac and im planning on building a Hackintosh. I need it to be as silent as the iMac and also if the case has any LED lights or such i need the case to have a 'switch off' feature as it is very important to me (leaving it on and going to sleep). I really liked the Corsair 600T White and was planning on buying it, but then i saw a post saying that its loud. I dont want the case to be too plain nor too fancy ; somewhere in between. So do you have any suggestions?
  6. Hello, i just want to show you my Modded G4 MDD http://thesupport.deviantart.com/art/Apple-powerMac-G4-MDD-Modded-365420654 How do you think about it ?
  7. I dont know if to build with mini itx or matx. Which box to choose? Mini itx (Prodigy, phentom) matx (Define mini, DS Cube or Prodigy M) (These ones also work like with mini itx) Is DS Cube compatible with hackintosh? I dont see on tonymac website. I want a small case with good efficient cooling and silent. My possible hardware is; Intel Core i5-4570 Gigabyte GA-H87M-D3H // H97N-WIFI Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600 8gb Samsung Evo 250 Corsair CS 550 or RM 650 WN881ND // Nothing If everything works fine, I like to buy for future extensions +GTX 770 +8GB +HDD 3.5 +SSD 250 (Windows exclusive installation) I suposse, Im forced to buy Corsair RM 650 or some higher W? any advice?
  8. a buon prezzo contattatemi in pm
  9. Salve a tutti ragazzi, volevo condividere con voi questo mio progetto di modifica del case di un mac g5, link al video link all'articolo spero vi piaccia
  10. SpiderMonkey

    Newbie question...

    Hi there, Just joined the forum and loving the posts. So many different ideas.... Would anyone help with my query: Got a Power mac G5 with all the insides and would like to do a G5 case mod with it - gut it all out and fit with up-to-date motherboard, CPU, etc. Looks not important, functionality and price are. The problem is, as mentioned before, I am a complete newbie. Where do I start? Thanks in advance.
  11. Come da titolo vendo case di un mac g5 modificato per inserirci un qualsiasi sistema con mobo atx. vendo causa passaggio a nuovo case, il case è fantastico, incluso nel case oltre al cavo del pannello frontale (link), il rack per contenere gli hard disk, e 2 ventole (una che soffia sugli hdd 120mm, 80mm che aspira accanto alla cpu ). spediizone a carico dell'acquirente, prezzo non trattabile, per qualsiasi info o foto non esitate a contattarmi, di seguito il link della modifica del case http://www.ceribbo.com/2013/06/powerpc-mac-g5-case-mod/ di seguito le foto: per qualsiasi info o altre foto non esitate a contattarmi. in vendita anche su altri canali. Prezzo: 150€
  12. So, I decided to finally put my hands on Powermac G5 case, and build my dream computer / cooling system. For years i was trying to find used case on our local cragilist-a-like website, and pretty much there was no super deals. And finally ! Few days ago, there it was, one ad got my attention, Powermac 7.3, with LCS, non functional ( LCS drained out all over the PPCs and PSU ), i was happy as hell , instantly got on my e-mail and started communication with seller, i was keeping my savings for situations like this Aaand in less than 36hours, here it is, DHL knocked on my door, yeeeeeeeeei LCS was of course malfunctioned, but no worries my friends! Pump is still functional... Great deal, considering only pump would cost me much more than i paid for delivery + item. So here it is, sweet little DDC guy As i was talking with seller about our deal, i worked on 3d sketch for my project in the same time, and here it is. Front Back Renders My dream is to build as quiet as possible, yet well cooled and re-usable case / cooling system that will fit to any motherboard / gpu / cpu configuration in future. So, what are these compartments inside of it ? Well, i had in mind to use only 3 fans to cool whole pc, and to achieve maximum airflow / cooling effect without any additional fans except these on water radiator. So in this build i will go with fanless PSU, 3 x 120 NoiseBlocker Bionic eLoop fans on pwm and i will try to make thermal zones, so fans can speed up individually if there is a problem with temperature arise in one of the compartments without need to speed up another 2 fans. Apple Powermac case is perfect for build like this, as his perforated front and back side are ideal for vertical radiator placement and it will enable me to do what i want. Also i think that build quality is well known, this thing is built like a tank * reserved * ----------------------------------------- HW * Other parts are still unknown * RAM: Avexir Core A Type PSU: Silverstone Nightjar 520 ----------------------------------------- LCS HW Laing DDC-VC pump Watercool HK CPU Rev. 3.0 LC Watercool HEATKILLER® GPU-X3 EK-CoolStream PE 360 3 * 120 mm radiator ( 19FPI double fin ) Noiseblocker NB-eLoop B12-PS Bionic loop EK-XTOP DDC - Acetal (Original CSQ) Alphacool tubing AlphaTube black Monsoon 13/10mm (ID 3/8" OD 1/2") white fittings IceModz cable managment - white, black and grey sleeve combination ----------------------------------------- I decided to pull out all things from it, and leave the rest for tomorrow, but Battlefield 4 servers were swarmed with children that day, so i decided to take a closer look on LCS pump, and to see if that machinery is still working. Ewwwww I had to clean that {censored} out What the heck? What kind of Laing pump is this ? Well, it is DDC-VC, model with volumetric compensator {censored} that got stuck inside pump, some debris, rust and who know what... I actually found something that was similar to pineapple chunks ( i don't want to know what that is xD ) Case is 90% cleaned out, I'am waiting for my Dremel tool to arrive to continue work on it ( old one wasn't in use for 6 years, and decided to die when i powered it on to do some cut-outs on that case ) And for the end of that night, random workplace pic, i was 50hours awake because of some other projects / work, and that was all for this night. Time to sleep Current status: * Waiting for Dremel tool delivery * Waiting for some cash to buy remaining LCS parts / HW parts * Waiting for sponsors to arrange parts sponsorships ( Don't worry, i have this project 100% covered by myself, but sponsorships are always welcome ) P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language
  13. Since the outer "C" shell of my my G5 enclosure was in bad shape (eBay seller wasn't entirely honest), I hired a friend of InsanelyMac's own AlohaCab to re-anodize and bead blast it to give it a new, clean look. Unfortunately, the acids he's using in the process will damage the grey Apple logo on that side. Because of that, I just asked him to remove any evidence that it was there in the hope that I could later re-create that logo. I still have the logo on the removable side panel, so I'm thinking I can use that as a template for size/positioning when getting a new logo on the other side, but I'm not sure where I should look for someone that can provide this service to me. Does anyone here have any ideas where I should look in order to get a quality, perfect/near perfect (looks original when standing a couple feet away) logo applied to my enclosure? I've done as much as I possibly can by myself, but the detailed cosmetic work requires a lot of equipment and know-how that just aren't within my reach as a garage hobbyist. I've basically completed my G5 mod at this point, getting a new logo applied to that side would basically be the icing on the cake for me in this project.
  14. MightyMackinac

    [SELL] Five (5) G5 cases and parts

    I have for sale: 5 Power Mac G5 cases of varying quality. I will post pictures of all of them tomorrow. Some have parts, some are completely empty. All of them have the door. They are a little roughed up, scratches and scores on the casings. A couple dings and dents, here and there. You will understand once I get the photos up. I was thinking about USD $150, including shipping (more if you want the parts and such; those cost extra to ship as they weigh more), but I am willing to negotiate or trade. I will clean them up, scrub them down, make them sparkle again, and attempt to buff out any huge scratches or dents. Please let me know if you are interested so I can begin preparations for shipping and packaging, etc.
  15. Vendo scheda video praticamente nuova. Ovviamente se siete di Roma possiamo organizzare per incontrarci. [case venduto] Scheda video ATI Radeon XFX 6870, perfettamente funzionante e compatibile con os x, acquistata a fine febbraio. 113€ + 7€ di spedizione con corriere. Essendo stata acquistata da poco la scheda non ha subito nessun danno, è come nuova, fornirò ovviamente completa di scatola e tutti accessori inclusi in essa. Su richiesta posso fornire anche ricevuta. Di seguito le specifiche tecniche della scheda. Connettività Tipo interfaccia PCI Express 2.1 Quantità porte DVI-D 1 Quantità porte DVI-I 1 Quantità porte HDMI 1 Mini DisplayPort quantity 2 Processore Risoluzione massima 2560 x 1600 Pixels Processore grafico Radeon HD 6870 Velocità processore 925 MHz Tecnologia di processo parallela CrossFireX Risoluzione (analogica massima) 2048 x 1536 Pixels Risoluzione (digitale massima) 2560 x 1600 Pixels Processore stream 1120 Processore grafico / fornitore AMD Memoria Tipo memoria adattatore grafico GDDR5-SDRAM Ampiezza dati 256 Bit Velocità memoria 4200 MHz Memoria grafica dedicata 1024 MB Altre caratteristiche Dimensioni (LxPxA) 262 x 111.2 x 38.1 mm Dettagli tecnici Sintonizzatore TV integrato N Modi di raffreddamento active Fonte della scheda Icecat.biz Video Versione DirectX 11 Versione OpenGL 3.2 Versione modello shader 5.0 Dual Link DVI Y HDMI Y Versione HDMI 1.4a Requisiti di sistema Minima alimentazione di corrente 500 W Packaging Peso incluso imballo 1190 g Profondità imballo 160 mm Altezza imballo 321 mm Larghezza imballo 98 mm Gestione energetica Connettori supplementari di alimentazione 2x 6-pin Dimensioni e peso Numero di slot 2 Contenuto dell'imballo Guida utente Y
  16. Is there any plans for BitFenix to make a micro ATX version of there Prodigy mini ITX case http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/products/chassis/prodigy/ Or is any motherboard maker planing on a 32GB ram version of a mini ITX board or a bios update that would allow two 16gb DDR3 sticks to work. Or any micro ATX board that would fit with some mod din to this case and run osx?