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Found 5 results

  1. Alright. I have a PNY GeForce GT 630 as stated in title. I got the card a few weeks ago and switched from a Radeon 4450 (or 4550.. doesn't matter). Naturally, I had to remove the GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag and the computer ran great. Eventually I installed the CUDA driver and it seemed to do its thing correctly. All was good. One day, I booted to a black screen in the morning. I wasn't sure why, so I tried again and manually added GraphicsEnabler=No. It booted fine. ...ok! For almost a week the machine would boot just perfect if I did a "restart" (as opposed to power-off shut down) and sometimes would boot fine if I shut it down and turned it back on promptly. Otherwise, I would have to manually enter the GraphicsEnabler=No at my Chameleon prompt. When I checked Chameleon Wizard's bdmesg, it showed that I was booting with GraphicsEnabler=No TWICE at this point (I had added it manually to the .plist and then, as stated, would have to manually type it in a boot in the mornings, etc). Eventually this stopped working and I was magically able to limp along with the same methods except adding PCIRootUID=1 every boot. Adding this to the .plist, just like GraphicsEnabler, would show that the machine booted with the flag but it would only work if I manually inputted it into Chameleon when selecting the drive upon booting. A few days after that, I was absolutely unable to boot no matter what. Black screen. I could VNC into the machine and see the desktop. According to Kext Wizard, the nVidia kexts are in fact being loaded. In System Information > Graphics/Displays, my card shows up as "Nvidia Chip Model", device ID 0x0f00, 128mb. I don't know if I have any hardware acceleration at this point since I'm only VNC'ing into the machine and it's a little slow and crappy anyway. I don't seem to get any glitching that would be apparent when I booted with nv_disable. Oh yeah, nv_disable will boot fine, as you might expect, with the subsequent crappy graphics performance and glitching and all of that. Of course this makes sense as the nVidia drivers are not loading. I currently run the machine on my old ATi 4870 which works just great with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. A little old for my needs and also gets hot and sucks a lot of power (I think it's around a 200w card or something silly!) I have tried nearly every combination of the following boot flags GraphicsEnabler=No (and Yes) PCIRootUID=1 and 0 PciRoot=1 and 0 npci 2000 and 3000 (whatever those were) I made a flash drive with Clover on it and was able to boot to the same black screen. I kept my Yosemite USB stick and never touched it after I first successfully installed, back when I was using the Radeon 4450. I cannot boot from this USB stick using any combination of the above flags either. I plan on making a Mavericks stick with MyHack soon and seeing if I can get that to boot. There is a thread on Hackintosh.Zone (I hope it is ok that I link to there) where a person has the EXACT same problem with the same comptuer (well, Precision T3400 at least) except the thread was never resolved (heck, nobody but him/her replied) and they stopped posting at the point where the boot flags seemed to be completely random as to which one would work any given day. https://www.hackintosh.zone/hackintosh-topic/2474-must-always-type-graphicsenablerno-to-boot-even-though-its-in-plist/ They, however, were using an old Nvidia Quadro 1700 which was based on the 8600GT - very old card, completely different drivers as far as I am concerned. I assume they were running Mavericks (april 2014). Any ideas!? This seems to be an undocumented problem, I've been searching around for over a week now while banging my head against the desk or giving up and using my old Radeon. My computer: Dell Precision T3400 Intel X38 chipset Xeon x3363 (with 771->775 conversion) 6gb DDR2 Yosemite 10.10.2 Everything ran totally perfect, as I mentioned, for a while. I have looked through my BIOS and found no settings that would seem to hint toward solving the problem. There are no onboard graphics and the only video settings in BIOS are to make it prefer PCIe or PCI (both options of which I have tried). I reset the BIOS many times. The BIOS clock does set itself to GMT time (I think, 6 hours ahead from my USA Central time which is -6GMT I beleive) whenever I shut the computer off. The ONLY thing that I can remember changing during the genera time period when it first stopped booting was that I added a second hard drive (main is 500GB and additional was another 500GB) so that I could run a 100% Time Machine backup. I am so lost.
  2. alex95sv

    Images are blank?

    Hi, I installed my OS X 10.6.2 today, installed my Video card driver, ethernet and all, and now when I open image files, they appear blank. Same when I make a screenshot with Grab. Why is that, and can it be fixed? My laptop is Acer Aspire 5738. Video card: nVidia GeForce® G105M If you need more info, just ask. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey there, i tried to install osx mountain lion using vmware 8 ... Ich bypassed the vertualization becuase my computer doesnt support that and when i start the machine i get a blank grey screen with a blocked sign inside it and then the window closes ... I would be very greatful if someone could help me! I really love to get that os! Thanks a lot!
  4. cosmosexschool

    Legalities question

    Can anyone tell me the legalities involved in changing a apple device logic board serial number? Granted I have yet to see a public way of changing the serial number without it first being a replaced logic board with a blank serial. But if there was a way, and the software was produced by the manufacturer, distributed via the GSX site and required no modification just proper "configuration". Would apple rain down my legal parade? Thanks
  5. I would take a screenshot, but there's not much to show. It's the gray (textured) Mac login screen, but nothing appears on the screen. No apple logo, no buttons at the bottom, no users, no password box, no clock or airport. Nothing. I've let it sit here for about 15 minutes, but nothing. This happens after apply the battery fix (from here: http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2284, note that this is not the same as the one from http://www.insanelym...howtopic=259702, which didn't work for me). The battery fix from osx86 actually worked, but when I rebooted, I get the problem above. What could cause this to happen? Am I missing any kexts that could cause this? I'm running Lion 10.7.3 on a Dell Studio 1558.