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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I've just bought Giga Z390 Ultra (+8700k) because I read a lot of people reported this mainboard will easily work. I create a USB boot drive following the post on Olarila forum. It booted and get through the verbose but then the installation enters the black screen. It seems that it's still going on but there's no signal. I read some topics here and there but still can't figure out how to get HD 630 works in Mojave. I've been using 10.12.6 Sierra on Z77X-UD3H + 2600K for a very long time, so I know I have to update some news info to get this work. But could you please lead me to some of helpful topic because there are a lot of them out there. Thanks so much!
  2. Hi I used to have P8P67 / 2600K / HD6970 / Apple Cinema Display, system running 10.9, everything was working with dsdt i dumpped with everest under windows. generated ssdt with revogirl's script. iMac 12,1 smbios.plist sleep / wake works just fine. I can use power button to sleep/wake, also wake with keyboard and mouse. it's nearly perfect. recently, I replaced my video card with Two MSI R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC Radeon HD 7850 2GB crossfired. and added the device id into retail kext, then video card is working. to make it 'perfect' I also inject rampagedev's 7xxx dsdt patch into my DSDT, in IORegExplorer, under PEG0/PEPG, it show up under display@0. however i'm starting to have sleep & wake problem after this. it looks like it will go to sleep, ether with power button or waiting, however after it went to sleep like 2,3 minutes, the computer will wake up when i press keyboard or mouse, yet the display will not wake up. And I have to power cycle (unplug the power cord from tower) in order to get display back. reset button will reboot the computer but I won't get any video on display. I attached my /Extra..I did some clean up in DSDT.aml, but there are still tons of junks in there, probably not gonna affect anything...what do I need to patch to resolve this problem? Thank you for helping. Extra_12192013.zip and IOReg imac.zip
  3. guys my building intell i3 2120 GA-P61-USB3-B3 Nvidia Geforce 210 512mb Ram 4gb ddr3 i get black screen after boot to install mountain lion instilation black screen how can i fix that ?
  4. Hi Geeks, I Had a very annoying Message while booting the iAtkos v7,i just capture a snap-sort of the display message which i had attached with this post, and also a video that will define when the message is been displayed, please help me guyz if anyone had this issue before or know how to get rid of this issue please share. Thank You in Advance & Sorry for Low resolution attachments. Link to the Video : https://www.dropbox....01112_12.32.3gp
  5. Hello.... I really really I would appreciate all your help... My System is Ok, Mavericks install perfecto, everything works great, but Video... I Purchaced a EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 610 2GB DDR3, Because I read on OSX86wiki that runs OBB, but Nothing... I have already 3 days trying and Nothing... I tried all boot flags... the only ways the OS Start is with NV_DISABLE=1... all others boot flags are useless... I really would appreciate all the help you could gave me... mail: estampador26@gmail.com Thanks...
  6. Hi I hope om in the right subforum here. Yesterday i accedently upgrade my hackingtosch to latest sierra version. After reboot it had switched back to the osx display driver, which looks awfull. I vent to the nvidia driver settings and updated the driver and changed the display driver to the nvidia web driver. After reboot just where the login screen used to appear the screen goes black. I can remember when i installed it i ran some kind of nvidia / graphics hack / fix, but i cant remember exactly how i did it. i this a common problem with black screen after upgrade, and is there a fix for this ? Hardware is core i7 7700, asus z270p Let me know if you need any further information to help out. Any help is much apriciated :-) Have a great weekend everyone :-)
  7. Hi I have a problem with the video card hd5650m once made the whole process to get ci / qe and boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and AtiConfig=Hoolock gives me a blackscreen and if i input the external monitor it works but not my internal display. Howevere this are the specs of my notebook Processor intel core i5 2,400ghz 450m Video card Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1024Mb Ram 4096Gb Hard Disk Drive 500Gb Sorry for my english i'm Italian
  8. Hi guys, wanted to install OS X El Capitan on my desktop PC using the Clover bootloader. That worked with a slightly modified standard config.plist from TonyMacx86 guide for Yosemite with Clover. Just for your information, my hardware components: The used config.plist is appended. The installation worked, but when I come to my desktop after a short period of time always the screen turns black (not when I am in safe mode, but I can not mount partitions in this mode, etc.). Well, obviously this seems to be a GPU related problem so I tried already different things to solve this issue: 1. In Clover configurator I added the Fake ID "0x67B01002" under devices in "ATI". 2. Under "Graphics" I enabled "LoadVBios" and pasted my .ROM (I exported that for my video card approx. 1 week ago with GPU-Z under windows) under EFI/CLOVER/ROM in the right format (in my case 1002_67B0.rom) (also attached). Unfortunately, all of this measures could not solve my issue. Would appreciate your help, thanks! EDIT: I could solve that issue. For my GPU it was necessary to insert under "Graphics" in "FBName" "kBaladi" and now it works. configPlist.zip GPU-UEFI.zip