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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am using Lion 10.7.3 on an Asus P5W DH deluxe, everything works like a charm except for one thing: the built-in wifi. I've installed the Realtek 8187L driver and the OS recognizes the wifi card, but is shows up as an Ethernet connection at the Network Preference Panel, and I can't find a way to configure it as an Airport connection, in order to select a proper network and to type in the password. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. verkaufe meine original apple wireless n airport karte mit passendem pci-e adapter. rennt nativ in jedem hackintosh und natürlich auch in mac pro´s. 40€ + versand. jemand interesse?
  3. simone.preite

    wifi PCIe scheda wireless non riconosciuta

    ciao a tutti e grazie a chi mi risponderà, ho installato su una gigabyte GA-945PL-S3L iATKOS L2 (10.7.2) a aprte l'audio che sembra irrisolvibile ho installato una scheda wifi liteon di un acer x1700, per chi avesse bisogno di info in più può recuperarle dal sito di acer nella sezione download, comunque dato che non mi da in alcun modo il modello ho fatto delle ricerche online e sono arrivato su sito di ralink e da qui scaricato il tool ma comunque non viene rilevata nessuna scheda installata nemmeno dal software. una cosa credo sia rilevante è che in alto a destra non compare per niente il simbolo del wifi di airport e in automatico dalle impostazioni, non leggendo la scheda wifi, in network non posso impostare un profilo wireless. tra le applicazioni l'utiliairport sembra essere installata ma credo che sia un'altra cosa perchè quando la lancio sembra cercare dispotivi wirelless nelle vicinanze ovviamente senza successo, ma mi sembra che non sia nemmeno la stessa airport delle impostazioni network (non ho capito bene questa cosa). spero che qualcuno riesca a ad aiutarmi. grazie ancora.
  4. grisno

    AzureWave AW-CE123H

    Version 1.01


    Installer to activate the Combo Mini PCIe AZUREWAVE AW-CE123H in macOS (10.8.5+) Status: AIRPORT : OK AzureWave AW-CE123H (14e4:43b1) [Broadcom BCM94352 HMB] Mini PCIe BLUETOOTH : OK AzureWave AW-CE123H (17cf:0b05) [Broadcom BCM20702A1] USB 2.0 AIRDROP : OK HANDOFF : OK CONTINUITY : OK WOL : Not Tested IMESSAGE : OK FACETIME : OK ICLOUD : OK APPSTORE : OK SIRI : OK I want to thank the whole community for their efforts and content provided, because without these it would not be possible to create this installer. I would appreciate comments and suggestions!!
  5. Hi all, I have an Airport card from a MacBook Pro 13" and want to try using it in USB... is it possible ? i dont understand why there is 11 wire in it... if there is someone that can help i would really appreciate, thanx in advance.
  6. Hey folks, I had been running my EEEPC 1000HE with 10.6.7 fine for quite a while now, but lately some problems "occured". Firstly, it stopped finding WiFi networks, so I decided to turn AirPort Off and On again. But that did not really work so I decided to reboot the whole system. After a reboot the icon said: "No AirPort card installed" I also have no WiFi connection at all, but in the "About Mac" window, my AirPort service is still listed. The other problem is, that I wanted to connect the EEEPC to my TV via VGA. That worked well, when extending the screen to the TV. After choosing to synchronize the screen, all I get is nothing but graphic bugs. I can not even turn the synchronize option off, when connected to the TV. And after disconnecting the checkbox is gone. Maybe there's some terminal command to fix that? Thanks in advance, Sebastian
  7. grisno

    Atheros QCWB335

    Version 1.00


    Hi people, This is a preliminary installer to activate the Combo Mini PCIe Atheros QCWB335 in MacOS. I want to thank the whole community for their efforts and content provided, because without these it would not be possible to create this installer. I would appreciate comments and suggestions!! Status: AIRPORT : OK Atheros QCWB335 (AR9565) (168c:0036) Mini PCIe * BLUETOOTH : OK Atheros AR3012 (0cf3:3121) USB 2.0 ** AIRDROP : Not Tested HANDOFF : Not Tested CONTINUITY : Not Tested WOL : Not Tested IMESSAGE : OK FACETIME : OK ICLOUD : OK APPSTORE : OK Known Issues: - Partial support with a maximum speed of 10Mbits (10.11.0+) * - Don't support Bluetooth Power Off/On by Software (10.10.0+) ** Sources: Insanelymac
  8. Hi everybody, I have a problem with airport, I have installed ralink kext in my 10.6.8 osx86 when I plug in the usb wifi, airport detects my network but when I try to enter the password the input field is disabled. Says: The selected airport network requires apassword to join. Wireless security (looks gray as disabled) Password: cannot click inside to write the password. My usb wifi tp.link TL-WN321G Sorry my english, Thanks in advance
  9. Hola a todos, aunque he leido y aprendido mucho gracias a vosotros, este es mi primer post aquí así que os haré una pequeña presentación. Siempre he sido usuario de Windows, aunque también he probado algunas distribuciones de Linux. Hace unos días me decidí a instalar OS X (Yosemite) en mi portátil para probar la experiencia. Me costo muchísimo hacerlo funcionar, desde la creación del USB (que tuve que hacer probando 2 máquinas virtuales ya que no dispongo de Mac) hasta el arranque, la instalación y configuración. A día de hoy lo tengo perfectamente operativo y casi al 100% salvo por 2 problemas, uno mayor y otro menor. 1- El mayor problema es que no tengo acceso a mi ID de Apple y por lo tanto no puedo acceder a la cuenta me.com/icloud.com, tampoco descargar aplicaciones del Store ni usar 100% iTunes con mi iPhone (el 6 de 64Gb) ya que en todos los casos me pide el login con mi ID. En la máquina virtual me funciona perfecto. Por lo que he estado leyendo el problema reside en que no he conseguido hacer que Yosemite detecte mi tarjeta ethernet y actualmente estoy funcionando con un USB Wifi (Dlink go N-150) y al parecer es necesaria una conexión ethernet ubicada en "en0"... cosa que yo no tengo. He probado varias soluciones que se comentan por la red y ninguna me ha funcionado, ahora estoy "peleándome" con el NullEthernet kext de RehabMan (https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Null-Ethernet) que instala un driver fake que simula precisamente eso, una conexión ethernet en "en0"... pero no tengo claro como hacerlo funcionar. Si alguien lo conoce, lo ha probado y le ha funcionado, le agradecería enormemente me echara una mano. 2- Me gustaría que me apareciera el icono del wifi en la barra superior (las barras en abanico o icono de Airport), con el Dlink go N150 que uso ahora me ha desaparecido. He probado con otro (Dlink DWA 140) y si conseguí hacerlo funcionar y que apareciera el icono del wifi arriba mediante una aplicación Ralink... pero con este N150 no funciona. ¿Hay algo parecido para este dispositivo? ¿alguna alternativa válida?. El segundo problema es sobre todo estético ya que el wifi funciona perfecto pero el primero... es muy importante para mi ya que este será mi ordenador principal, lo llevaré a todas partes y necesito el acceso a los servicios Apple en mi día a día. Por favor, si alguien puede ayudarme le estaría muy agradecido. Muchas gracias a todos
  10. * The purpose of this guide to provide perspective on a different adaptor (Hexin 108A) than what I have typically seen used. Airport Extreme Wifi Mini-PCIe from MacPro to PCIe I decided to re-use the Airport Extreme card (bcm94321MCA) from my old MacPro in my latest build. After perusing the net for a suitable Mini-PCIe to PCIe adapter, I came across the Hexin 108A on Ebay. It seemed like an affordable option. I was attracted to it because it appeared to have significantly less of a profile than others. When it arrived, I realized that it did not come with the support posts. My first inclination was to use the shield to keep it in-place. This would mean that the antenna ends would be in direct contact with the conductive shield. These ends are grounded; however, I thought it best to come up with a better solution. I stopped by the local hardware store only to find that they do not stock hardware smaller then M4. My next stop was Skycraft. If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, I strongly suggest stopping by (http://www.skycraftsurplus.com). They have just about any piece of hardware or electronic component you could dream. I have gotten lost in this store for hours creating a mental inventory only to walk out with 35 cent worth of parts… Being close to the Space Coast and with all of the aerospace manufacturers in the Central Florida market, they have amass quite an interesting collection of machinery. I especially like the missiles, rockets, and bombs that hang from the ceiling. I came away with with a bag of M3 stainless steel cheese head screws and nuts. I also found some nylon spacer. Mini PCIe card in-place. It looks like a perfect fit! The metal shield was a bit tight around the Mini-PCIe card. It appears to be clearing the shield on the top of the Mini-PCIe card, as well as the antenna connectors. With regard to antenna placement, I considered several variations. The bottom antenna holes is a physically imposibility with the shield in-place. I guess you could bend the wire at a 90 degree angle and it would work. I opted to go with the two shown above. There is also no space above or below the Mini-PCIe card to hide the cables. I folded them as shown. I doubt they will get in the way. This should tigh me over until the next project. Being curious about the manufacturer of this adapter, I checked out their website and other stores and saw several other versions. One version, which I would recommend to others who are interesting in doing this, is the one that I have seen described in other blogs. It is a larger card; however, it give more room to hide the wires. The most interesting discovery is an adapter that also includes a header labeled Bluetooth. It is likely that this requires a combo card to be installed; however, it would be interesting to find an adaptor that has compatible USB functionality and the ability to power the 3.3v Apple Bluetooth Module. This guide is mirrored here: i.sligh.us Ill try to keep up the posts with regard to the new build.